. This sort of thing is a very important first step to improving the IP situation overall in China, and I understand a lot of you are skeptical, but I really think were starting to see some progress., But I understand if you take a wait and see attitude. Anyway. Umidigi was such good sports about my shenanigans and within a few days, posted the entire code and became fully compliant. After they did the other dominos started to fall. I contacted Realme and Ulephone and they released their source also, and I think Ive convinced two other companies as well, but I dont want to count my chickens before they are hatched. Anyway. Umidigi really helped open the floodgates so when they tentatively asked. If I would mind having a look at one of their rugged phones, of course, I said you got it Because any friend of open source is a friend of mine.. I love working with Chinese companies that are trying to change the way things work here. The lease I can do is put it up on the bench., So today were going to take a look at the UMIDIGI Bison X10 lets unbox it and see what weve got So. This class of rugged phones is a pretty well established commodity product here in Shenzhen.. Theyre, a solid low cost phone that can take a beating.. The Bison X10 costs a bit under 220 dollars, which is a great value.. It does 90 of what a phone three or four times the price does the difference between this and that kind of flagship phone is going to be camera quality and how well it runs more processor intensive games.

If you dont play really fancy games and dont. Take pictures of every meal you eat, the only difference most of you are going to notice is in your wallet., Ok specs, my favorite part Just kidding you all know. I dont think much of specs. I mean they matter, but some people treat them like the full picture and with Chinese products they really are often less than half of it.. Anyway, the X10 Pro has an Helio, P60 Processor, a nice size, 6150 milliamp hour, battery., Which they say lasts 550 Hours on standby and gives 52 hours of talk, time. Id say in the real world. You can charge it every other day or so with reasonable use.. The fingerprint sensor is on the side, along with two user configurable buttons., The main camera is 20 megapixels. The secondary is an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera. The selfie camera is eight megapixels also.. It has a Bosch, altimeter barometer, dual SIM card slots, four gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage.. Okay, as far as I know, the Bison is running stock. Android 11. Powered by Android. English, start.. Okay, lets take a look at their settings. See if they have the yes, the screen record. Great. I am going to use it.. You can choose to record your audio at the same time.: Okay, start.. Okay, this is the Umidigi website. The first thing it pops up is the giveaway notification. And lets go to Baidu, ok same speed.

, But I want to check their Bluetooth connection. Also. Ive got this cool little cool LED glasses, called shinning glasses.. It can display words and animation on it.. I was charging it lets. Take a look. Lets, connect it with the Bison phone and see hows. The connecion of the Bluetooth. Lets turn on our Bluetooth.. Okay, the glasses is on lets, take a look., Oh, it finds it instantly.. Its Glasses 00F198. Lets turn it on connecting.. The interface is pretty cool, but the background noise is as if it were designed by a kid. Lets, go to the text and lets write: UMIDIGI BISON, X10.. Okay, lets change the color to red. And whats this. This is the background. I dont want that.. I cant see the words then, And the scrolling order. Thats ok., Okay, sent., Alright lets put it on and take a look., Pretty cool. I can still see through the glasses.. The scrolling words doesnt affect my sight at all.. Let me see. Wow Thats, pretty cool. I think this is good for Makerfaire or cyberpunk parties.. I would definitely wear this out. Alright., Ok, final verdict, if youre looking for just a basic rugged phone at a low price with pure stock Android 11. This is your best option at the moment., Its so basic. This review was pretty quick.. It works the way it should and is a good value for the price not much more to it than that.. I will say that the thermal camera or extra large battery sizes, some other rugged phones, have are very useful for certain use cases and something to consider before buying a basic model.

. They do, however, add quite a bit to the price for value in a rugged package. Right now, you cant beat the Bison X10. Thats it for today.