This is ahmed dhan of Today i will have another episode of unboxing and review video and ill open, a smartphone gimbal, which is awesome, smart xr. So this gimbal just arrived today – and this is specially made for a smartphone. So im going to open up and see whats inside and then you know ill use it there. A few days then ill. You know, give you my opinion. So the first thing im noticing that it doesnt have the manufacturers name anywhere on the box and thats kind of surprising, but you know ill put the name actually uh. Sorry, i can just see the name right here, but you know i was expecting a big name somewhere. So it looks like you know, very simple packaging and i believe, thats how we spell it or im. Sorry pronounce it ocean, but you know well just open it up and see whats inside so im going to just uh open the box right now, and so we have a storage, pouch product manual and lets take a look. What we have here, then im going to you, know, look at the gimbal. This seems to be working okay, so this is just a pouch for the gimbal and its not actually bad, looking and ill just you know assess it set it aside here and then we have a manual or brush here and looks like this actually looks like a Nice, you know small manual, very cute, looking so ill.

Just you know set it aside here and so here we have the gimbal and let me just you know, take it out slowly so remove the gimbal here and then you have a small mini tripod for the support of the gimbal, which is right here and then We have power cable, which is right here and then we have looks like you know. This is to hold on your arm or just kind of like you know, to hold, attach it to the gimbal so ill. Just you know set this aside here and then lets. Take a quick look at the gimbal, so here it how it looks the first thing im noticing is that its very light and small its it looks like it falls, and at this point uh one thing i can tell you just by holding it that you know It feels really uh, it doesnt feel cheap at all, and it feels like a you know: well made product, so im going to charge this up and learn a few things, hello, everyone i took my time to use the gimbal for a while – and this is the Second part of the review, so im not going to you know, go through all the uh buttons or how to operate the gimbal. Instead of what ill tell you that you know the one major flaw, i found that this gimbal uh has, and only for that reason i wouldnt recommend this gimbal or you know i wouldnt buy the same brand uh in the future if, if they do not fix It so i have no problem: uh balance, balancing the smartphone or uh.

You know a smooth footage on the smartphone uh ill. Just you know, add a short clip, so you can see that you know how it works. It works just fine uh when it needs to uh, give you the smooth, uh video clips uh, attaching to a smartphone theres, no problem with that. But the problem is that you know you cannot unfold this gimbal, so the gimbal is supposed to fold and it will take less space in your backpack or bag. You know to give you a compact size, but what happens when you fold the gimbal? It breaks uh. What i mean by that so lets say: im going to fold it right here and this part right here comes off. So if you take a look here, you can see that its slightly coming off and then later on this part, the whole thing comes off and you know the gimbal looks like this. So this is a major flaw. This gimbal has, but it may not come off like you know, every time you fold or unfold, but it happens and for that reason, im very afraid to fold this gimbal – and i just you know, keep it like this way. So i dont have to uh fold, but that thats a designing flaw. This gimbal has, and another negative thing is that it doesnt have any quarter inch thread which would come in handy if youre, attaching, like you know, a separate uh lets, say mic or cold shoe or anything.

So, for example, if you look at this gimbal, then you can see that it has an additional thread. So you can, like you, know, attach a cold shoe or a mic or other attachments very easily uh you dont have to like you know, have an extra plate on here, but for this it doesnt have anything like this. So what you have to do? You just need in a separate place of coal shoe and you have to kind of mount it right here and then here you can put the like, you know mic or any other additional piece of equipment you like to use. Is this gimbal so, except that the gimbals works? Fine, the smoothness is okay, but for this default or for this uh, you know uh issue. I wouldnt buy this gimbal and even right now you can see that probably didnt fit properly. So i think i need to like you know, press it or do something so thats and then again, when i kind of fold it, you can see that its not all, though attached to the this base, so im not going to uh return this ill. Just you know, keep using it and im going to be. Definitely like, you know, think twice in the future. If i need to buy the same brand right.