They can even start competing with some mid range professional cameras. Of course, big cinema studios will never be using iphones to shoot their films, but for a regular user an iphone is fully capable to replace a need of having a separate camera device. Why should you buy second camera if you already have one in your smartphone, but there is one huge problem built in standard camera. App is very limited in features and its almost impossible to change settings inside. So you have a phone that is capable shooting cinematic footage in 4k quality. It has powerful lenses, multiple cameras, but you are not able to use its full potential because of its poor built in camera app. But there is a solution. Filmic pro is a mobile, app designed to turn your smartphone into a professional video camera, and it comes impressively close by the way. If you want to see an example of video that was shoot entirely on filmic pro, you can check out my short movie that was recorded with filmic pro and my old boy iphone. 10.. The final result is quite impressive check out links in the description, so lets talk more in details about filmic pro features and what it offers for its price. This app costs 15 euros in the app store and for this price you will have better formats and quality settings more sophisticated interface, color correction, full manual, controls for exposure, eso, shutter, speed, focus and zoom live scene, analytics log format, support extends dynamic range.

Several aspect ratios frame rates and bitrates third party hardware support better stabilization, advanced audio settings, color some of filmics, most impressive capabilities, involve color. Unfortunately, some of these require an app in purchase for an app that already costs a lot more than any average iphone app. The three color overlapping icon opens the temperature tone and color behavior tools. As you can see, you can control temperature and tint from sliders or both at once by picking a point on the color square. Note that there are also presses for different light conditions like sunlight and so on, and well as auto white balance. The tone tool lets you adjust, highlights and shadows, and it also lets you pick a gamma curve for natural, dynamic, flat or lock. The first use the iphone default color mapping and the rest are proper tyrae to filmic log is the most interesting as it widens the dynamic range of the video bringing out shadow details that you couldnt get without it formats and quality settings. You can choose from 8 aspect ratios, including less common cinematic ones like 2.76.1 and 2.’.1. In addition to the more typical 16 to 9., you can also choose different resolutions from 240p up to 4k 60 frames per second, you can also manually adjust the frame rate from 1 fps up to 240. Basically, you can film time lapses and slow motion videos, as well as regular ones, with 60 frames per second or even cinematic ones, with 24 frames per second anyway, you can adjust everything you need to make your picture.

Look like you want another capability. Filmic offers that you wont get with the built in iphone. Shooter is control over bitrate quality, the apps filmic extreme quality captures more information and video files are bigger. Even the default filmic quality setting has 33 percent more information than apples default. Bitrate its ability to record log format is something normally only found on professional video cameras. Interface filmic displays one of the most powerful camera interfaces i ever seen in any photo or video app. Its manual focus, zoom and exposure controls are particularly well done. These use large arcs at the side of the screen to let you more easily adjust those parameters. It works in both horizontal and vertical positions, also suitable for social media platforms. A gear button takes you to a tile menu for the various formats options and even more deeper settings and control. There are in viewer controls for focus and exposure, a zoom rocker simulates, the kind of zooming you see in professional productions as good as on screen controls. Are they still cant substitute for hardware controls you get on a video camera or dslr? That said, those cost thousands, while the app only sets you back 15 euros or 15. One thing to note about the app is that it doesnt obey your screen power of settings. It keeps the screen on as long as its open. I found my battery running down faster than usual because of this, and my iphone is getting really hot, while filming in 4k for about 10 minutes or longer exposure and focus theres, also an arc control on the left that lets you manually adjust eso and shutter speed.

Another slider in this control group lets you set an acceptable eso range. These features gets you into real pro movie and tv style effects. This can smoothly transition from one focus point to another or increase or reduce exposure. The app delivers some advanced features that pro videographers care about, for example, live analytics. There are four showing under and overexposed image areas, one of the more interesting of these zebra stripes. It indicates overexposed regions with red and underexposed, with blue stripes audio pro video isnt. Much without good audio controls, filmic lets you choose, which of the phones microphones to use front bottom or rear, as well as letting you use an external mic. You can record in different audio formats and you can even use your bluetooth airpods to capture audio. The app includes a couple of special features, automatic gain, control and voice processing, and it can even process a frequency of human speech. Conclusion filmic pro is a new way to film. My overall opinion about this app is quite positive. Yes, indeed, it offers you a lot of features and it unlocks full potential of your smartphone camera, but dont consider this app as mind blowing. Neither well the most important thing in filming movies and videos is your idea and your story that is behind the camera. You can film something interesting on a calculator and people will be willing to watch it anyway. Filmic pro takes some impressive steps towards turning high end smartphones into movie cameras with its many features expected by cinematographers push controls frame rate choices, aspect, ratio, options, lock, format and high bit rates its no wonder that high profile projects have used it.

If you are serious about shooting video on your iphone or android, you need filmic pro note that its not intended as a post production tool. However, if you need to do your editing on phone, you can try apple, imovie or final cut on your mac, but for the ultimate in shooting controls. Filmic pro is the best thanks for watching.