My channel is actually about music, especially beatboxing, because i am a pro beatboxer ive been beatboxing since 2016, and also um some of the audio engineering things uh, because i love to learn about audio and also the technology. The tech means that i will do some gadget reviews and also explain to you some technology terms that um, maybe some peoples do not understand it and if you are both music enthusiasts and also technology, entities or just music entities and just take a look into cs, You are come to the right place because my channel summary is about that and in this fourth episode, fourth, videos of the old gadget reviews um series: i will um what do some reviews on these, this not disease, but it discontinued products, and it is this one. This is samsung battery. This is discontinued because nowadays um especially in the past two years, there are none of the i mean all of the smartphone. Now his non roof has non removable battery, so the removable battery like this is not available anymore, but sometimes you could find it on the store, although its kind of hard – and i will show you this battery its actually the battery for my galaxy note 4 – that I will review later in the same series as this. You could see it here, so this is samsung ebbn910bbe Music. So you could see. This is the charging part. I mean the parts where, when you need to plug it in in your phone and also um, it has the specification here.

So this is the the iron battery and it has the 3220 mah the voltage of it, so its actually. How how large the mah here um will determine how long the battery should live? I mean um. My note 4 do one the smartphone that using this um type of battery has the i think about 12 hours usage before it needs to be charged and thats mean the 3 of 220 mah. While my new phone, the samsung a52, has 4 500 mah um. It has a longer and large larger battery capacity uh and it it translated into the longer usage of your phone. I think about 24 hours for my new phone um, and actually it also depends on the processor of the smartphone itself and how to how you use the smartphone itself. I just want to do this reviews because now there are no battery smartphone battery anymore because all of the type of smartphone in the past two years uh using the non removable battery. So if youre a new attack guy that never see this, then you you always buy the non removable. Maybe you will amaze when i explain this, so your smartphone battery. It actually exactly looks like this, but the difference is nowadays it cannot be removable while the old days you could remove this battery and it translated to the me i, the battery is always the first one to that i mean um, the first one to break.

If you are uh a user of anythings, a piece for the laptop for the smartphone, the better will be that first before uh have any uh kind of the um error and the battery will dead first, and maybe they use them the non removable technology nowadays because They want if your phone break and you just need to buy the new one, but in the old days you could repair it by just changing the battery yeah this its kind of sketchy, i think, uh, to review the battery and thumbs up.