So this is realmes first budget smartphone priced around 199 euros to actually feature an incredible 120 hertz ultra smooth display, so no idea how they managed it at this low price point, but im pretty sure this smartphone is going to sell like hot cakes. So, first of all inside the box you will find user manual a usb, a to usb c cable, an 18 watt fast charging, brick a clear dark silicon case and, of course, the real me 8i itself. Now this phone is constructed from a metal frame going all the way around and what feels like a plastic back cover. The color itself is called space. Black and youve got this two tone finish going on, so the color can be described as black, with a very slight touch of brown, so yeah theyre calling it space black im actually liking the color. It looks really nice, but no doubt it is a fingerprint magnet. Now, furthermore, the phone is 8.5 millimeters thick and it weighs only 194 grams, so quite a thin and light smartphone now quickly go through the ports at the bottom of the phone. You will find a headphone jack microphone, type c charging and a single speaker on the side of the phone. We have a two in one power button and fingerprint sensor built into one, and you can see how fast that fingerprint sensor is a very good fingerprint sensor built in the phone does also support, face, unlock and again super fast face, unlock included on the top.

There is nothing and on this side we have sim eject tool and volume. Rocker quickly show you the sim tray, so its a triple hybrid, sim tray. It can take two 4g nano sim cards at the same time and a micro sd card up to 256 gigs. Very little compromise so far from this budget smartphone at this price point now on the front, we have a generously large 6.6 inch, ips lcd display with a 120 hertz refresh rate and the screen refresh can be set to automatic, or you can manually, select 60 hertz Or 120 hertz screen resolution is 2400 by 1080, that is full hd, plus with ‘9 pixels per inch. This phone does have google widevine level one certification, so that does mean netflix is supported in hd. Now, under the hood, the real me 8i has some pretty decent specs real me has teamed up with mediatek to launch a brand new chipset, the mediatek helio g96, which is a 12 nanometer octa core chip clocked at 2.05 gigahertz, and i do have the six plus One two eight variant here, which offers five gigabyte of virtual ram to further improve the ui performance and the virtual ram technology is only available in the six gigabyte variant which i have here so just want to quickly. Show you the graphics. Cod mobile is supported, maximum medium graphics and the frame rate can be set to high and lets quickly check out some gameplay.

The starting temperature was around 37 to 38 degrees and in case youre wondering we dont have stereo speakers in this phone. It is a single bottom firing speaker. This is the only mediatek g9 series chip that can support a 120hz recess and it also allows the screen brightness to reach as low as one nit, and the gaming performance is also pretty good for the price. I played a few rounds of call of duty domination, so around 30 minutes of gaming and after my gaming session i checked the temperature again and it went up to around 44 degrees and felt very slightly warm to the touch so decent enough gaming experience. Without any overheating issues, as usual, realme doesnt mess around with battery life, this phone has a massive 5000 milliamp hour battery and can give you 28 days of standby 47 hours of talk time and around 11 hours of non stop youtube streaming, so very good battery life. 18 watt fast charger included in the box, and it promises 50 charge in just 36 minutes, and you also have the option to switch on power saving mode. You will get a massive boost to an already great battery life and the realme 8i is running android 11. With real me, ui 2.0, on top so first thing to mention about this: ui is yes, you do get a whole bunch of pre installed, apps, which youre probably going to end up uninstalling anyway. However, the software itself is very smooth and fast in operation.

Youve got lots of customization options, so you can play around with the home screen, which includes icon, layout themes, lock, screens youve even got convenience tools for navigation gestures and motions. You got assistive ball, smart sidebar, split screen and lots lots more now. The software ai also learns your user habits, so it can predict the next app youre likely to open and the ai learns and notifies the system to load that app much faster, increasing the overall user experience. Realme ui 2.0 is quite advanced, its enjoyable to use highly customizable. It means you dont even have to bother with those external launches the realme ui does it all, but one thing i do want to mention is: i hope they cut down on the extra pre installed. Apps theyre just not necessary, let the user decide what apps they want to install. Now coming to the cameras on the back, we have a triple camera setup, so 50 megapixel primary. We have a 2 megapixel black and white lens and a 2 megapixel macro lens and on the front we have a 16 megapixel ai front hole, punch camera all right. So quick, look at the camera menus weve got night mode. Video photo weve got portrait mode 50. Megapixel mode and if you tap more, you have a few other options to play around with including ultra macro dual view movie and so on so forth. Now, if we go straight to the photo mode and were just taking indoor shots ill, give you a few examples.

Weve got one times two times and five times and under video mode. The maximum resolution supported is 1080p, so no 4k video recording and if we switch to the front facing camera, you can see maximum video supported is 1080p check out the samples, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, so Music Applause, Music now for connectivity, realme 8i supports dual Band wi fi, you have bluetooth version 5.0. Unfortunately, this phone does not have nfc or 5g and when testing the ufs 2.1 internal storage speeds, we achieved 420 megabytes per second read and 241 megabytes per second right. So that brings us to our benchmarks. We achieved a geekbench multiscore of 1627 and we achieved 290k in the antutu test, and if we have a quick look at our smartphone benchmark, ranking chart of 2021, you can see that the realme 8i has ranked position ‘ on this chart with a benchmark score of 290K, now you can view the full versions of all my charts online at and read them at your leisure. There. You have it guys that was the realme 8i, a new budget smartphone, offering incredible value for your money. The display itself is super smooth and a pleasure to work with, and 600 nits of peak brightness was good enough for seeing the display outdoors. Media streaming also looks very nice on that large 6.6 inch full screen display cameras are decent for the price and nothing groundbreaking, but you can surely take some decent looking photos with minimal effort.

So from my experience this smartphone has been quite good. The phone offers super bang for your buck. So if youre not too keen on spending a thousand euros on a flagship smartphone, then this one is only 199 euros and offers some very good features and specs for the price and, of course, with the added bonus of 120 hertz refresh and that massive 5000 milliamp Hour battery and somehow still manages to look premium and slim in the hands. So no doubt real me has proven itself to be the peoples brand and this phone minus. The nfc is still an impressive budget, offering which definitely should not be ignored. Highly recommend this one. Real me, ai people, realme 8i.