Truly wireless earbuds. Now its been a little while, since i last reviewed anything from padmate but theyve quickly become a big player in the earbud space and they offer a wide variety of super affordable products. These retail, for a really nice price, 69 bucks and i think its easy to think that something so affordable might have a ton of compromises, but the z1s are actually jam, packed with plenty of features. Im gon na go over all that in this video, of course, but if youre just looking for the tldr, these earbuds are a great, affordable option to consider and for the price i do think youre getting a ton of value so inside the box. Of course, the first thing you get are the buds themselves tucked away in their charging case now. Well, take a closer look at them in just a second, but right off the bat. They definitely have a unique design. Theyre super small and lightweight and spoiler alert. They actually provide a really decent fit, which ill talk about. As far as everything else inside the package, you do get a fat stack of paperwork which actually is helpful, theres a qr code for the app a breakdown of the touch controls and some other useful information. Also included is usbc cable for charging. The case, though you dont even need to use it because the case itself can be charged. Wirelessly theres. Four extra sets of different sized rubber ear tips for the earbuds, which is great to have thrown in.

Not only are these easy to swap out sort of universal ear tips, but with the four extras and one additional set already on the buds, you have five different options of tips to choose from to ensure that you get the right fit and last but not least, Theres, a little drawstring bag to toss in all the accessories and things as well with all that stuff out of the way here are the earbuds once again and no, they arent pink thats, just a little sticker that peels off there i got mine in white. Obviously, they also come in gray and blue, and black and whats also kind of cool actually is the charging case is sort of customizable. This center band with the pamu logo can be swapped out and padmate offers this three color set of extra bands that you can pop on and off, and this is kind of cool, its sort of like swapping out a face plate or housing and giving your buds A fresh new look theyre easy to pop on and off theres a piece for the front and for the back of the case, its definitely a unique touch, and i appreciate the extra effort in offering a fun customization option for the case here. Ive never really seen that before so lets dive into the important stuff now first off. Obviously, the charging case is where your buds will live most of the time and size wise its a little bigger than similar, truly wireless earbuds cases, but not by much still very much pocketable down at the bottom.

Youll find the usbc port for charging, though, like i mentioned, you dont even need to use that because the case can be charged wirelessly via a qi charger, and that, i think, is one of the first features on these buds that you maybe wouldnt find on some Other similarly priced ones, whats also kind of nice is what padme did with the indicator light. You can see theres this clear, pamu, tab sticking out of the side and when the buds are on and ready to go or if theyre charging this little logo illuminates quite brightly. I might add, and its an interesting take on the led indicator. Just another sort of unique little touch. The buds themselves, of course sit nicely inside the case, and you might be able to tell that there are those magnetic little charging points on the buds that help them fall into place. You can drop them in really from a distance and theyll attach pretty flawlessly, and the magnetic charge points are certainly strong enough to where the earbuds arent going to go anywhere once theyre in i know most earbuds have this magnetic charging setup nowadays, so it isnt particularly Special, but i just like to make sure theyre easy to drop in and everything stays secure and thats exactly the case here. So i think you can probably tell that the z1 earbuds sort of have a unique design in one sense, but are also a very universal fit.

The buds have sort of a half stem on the outside thats, where the pamu logo is printed, theres, a microphone hole and the whole front flat part is touch enabled which ill demo in a second theres. Also a couple flashing led lights there too, on the buds. Its sort of tough to see on camera, theyre very dim but thats your indication that theyre on or charging or in pairing mode on the flip side, the earbuds themselves, like i mentioned, have that traditional rubber tip. So you can swap them out really easily and it looks to me like you could theoretically use any rubber tips. You might already have, or perhaps even some third party foam tips if you want too so theres a lot of potential at these in finding the right combination of ear, tip and fit for your unique ear with the setup. I had no issues just connecting them right up to my phone, basically just open the case, and i started pairing right away once they were all synced up. I didnt have any issues with them getting disconnected either or like one earbud dropping off. It was totally flawless. Every time i played my music and thats honestly what i expected these are bluetooth 5.2 earbuds, so they offer about as good of a connection as you can get, and i didnt have any issues now popping them into my ears. I found the default ear tips to be the right fit for me and a couple of different things stood out when i was wearing them.

First off the more traditional rubber ear tips are more comfortable. I can wear these for a lot longer than say: regular air, pods or other one size fits all buds, so thats already a plus also while they do stick out a little bit with that half stem, i guess pointing down away from your ear, theyre still small Enough to where they dont feel uncomfortable in or on my ears, nothings being pulled down, they dont feel like theyre gon na fall out. The design just makes a lot of sense, theyre lightweight the ear tips allow for a snug fit and no matter what i was doing, walking running weightlifting just sitting around shaking my head. I never experienced them falling out so overall, the fit and the feel of these is pretty solid and, like i said a million times already, with the interchangeable tips and more straightforward design, theres a lot more potential in finding the right fit for you. The touch controls worked pretty well, not a hundred percent accurate, unfortunately, and thats. Actually, my only slight gripe with these earbuds, but once i figured out the right touch, area and tempo for touching, i got it down. You can customize the taps and touches in the app to play and pause music adjust the volume answer phone calls and do a whole lot more too, and i personally prefer the touch controls versus like a physical button like some earbuds, have its just much more comfortable To lightly tap on the earbuds and it doesnt feel like im jamming them into my ear canal.

Every time i need to change the song, and i do think touch controls are a nice add on with earbuds in this price range, in particular. As far as the sound quality, i was pleasantly surprised with what these earbuds produced. I consider them to be pretty bass, heavy, which i know some people, like some people, dont thats, what i enjoy at least, and they were thumpy and punchy without much distortion. The highs lacked a little bit, but vocals are crisp and clear. They get plenty loud and theres an option to make adjustments to the sound via the app as well. So some minor tweaks could get you an even better balance if theres, something in particular, you prefer with your sound all in all, though i found the z1 to deliver really decent sound for what they are, but it goes even a step further than that. These buds do also offer active noise cancellation, which is yet again just one more extra feature, not a whole lot of cheaper earbuds will have, and you do have to keep your expectations in check here. With this, the noise cancellation, doesnt rival, say airpods or galaxy buds. If those block out 80 or 85 percent of the noise, these cancel out 50 or 60, but thats still pretty good in my opinion and for flights or train rides youll, definitely block out enough to stay focused on your work or catch some sleep. A couple of other things to note: if youre sweaty like me, dont worry, the z1s are ipx4 certified, so sweat a splash of water rain.

None of that should matter and the earbuds should be able to handle it with ease. As far as battery life, the earbuds themselves for me have gone about six and a half hours on a single charge, with anc turned off a bit shy of five and a half hours with noise cancellation enabled and thats pretty decent battery life. All things considered, i listen to them a bit louder, closer to 80 volume, because im deaf evidently but paired up with the case. You can also juice up the buds another three or four times for theoretically 24 full hours of use without ever needing to be plugged in and all in all, i feel like ive said this a bunch of times already, but for the price. I was honestly surprised at all the things that these buds had to offer. The big things for me are the wireless charging case, of course, and the noise cancellation especially two features in particular that are often left off, of cheaper, truly wireless buds, but theyre here on these and theyre great additions on top of that theyre very comfortable. The fit is easy to customize and they sound really good too inexpensive. Earbuds have really gotten good, and these pamuzi ones are a prime example of that im: pleasantly surprised by what these were able to offer and for 69 bucks. I definitely recommend them so there you go. Those are my thoughts on these super, affordable, pamu, z1 earbuds.

What do you guys think? Would you consider them? Let me know in the comments down below id love, to know your thoughts. Of course. Hopefully you guys did enjoy this video, though, be sure to follow tech daily on twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel.