We review cryptocurrency, we review apple review income program, so this is a home for a lot of review. Okay today well be reviewing an app or an application, which is known as both so um, if youve not subscribed to youtube channel. Do that now by hitting subscribe button that can get lots of information were showing you how to use this app on your mobile device. So you can book some rides: okay, um. We are currently on the google play store where you will get some information before moving towards the app or can get some other information. You can see um. You can see easy, affordable right, um yeah youre, going from such a destination where youre coming from, and you can also see low price fast arrival time. So they claim that the price for this is low. Um lets see paint the app you can make payments in the app and the rest of them. You can also make comments of liberating of your experience, invite friend and get free ride. Okay, you can see that so theres your opponents, also in this app um lets click on was new. If you update your version, there are a lot of new things, design and performance and the rest of them might choose both comfortable the price. You can see your price before you order and the rest and the rest of them. You can see theres available in 30 countries and 150 cities around the world um.

It was um rebranded from classified to both in march 2019. So you can see all that. Currently, the app has 10 million download and you can see thats not kind of cool, also, okay, i havent seen all these lets check peoples review of this app before we go into um checking how to go about using the app. So it would be nice. So you can see that a negative review or critical review against that discounts are good but completely useless. If you cant get a driver driver can so constantly in central london ive made eight to 10 driver cars in euro. After confirming some minutes away from pickup. Okay, there needs to be something in place to stop this drive. I get to look at a better job and just cancel on you, after confirming, with no seconds and circumstances, sorry consequences rather um. You can say i live in london and bose really has driver available. Then, when it bears me after a few minutes, i get the very unknown message. Oops all drivers are busy causing me to have to use uber and pay three times the fed cause its very frustrating. When im planning my commits, as i havent as im having to pay much more than expected to use uber anyways, i dont, using both as far um, it is so far unreliable. Okay, all these are critical comments like check some positive comments, also um. You can see some positive comments about the stop.

Okay, now lets go about how to use the app, which happens to be very, very easy. Once youve downloaded the app on your mobile device, the next thing is to enter the app and youll, see your logo board. So youll see that logo. Now you then check um some. There are some things you have to get, but some navigations you have to know on their application. One of the red flags im seeing on the app is that it takes them. Like ive, been noticing this um, you can see. The time is taken to just open an application wow. I dont really know the reason for this, but it is taking time truly okay, once its opened um im, already average theyre using the app thats. Why youre seeing all this okay, you can set your location or you can set it later. Let me just click on set later um. If you want to set it nice to just click your um on point on stuff, um, okay, you can see um a boat. Is um kind of connected to your google map on your location? Also, you can see currently im in nigeria. I can see the cities in nigeria. You can see all that the maya keeps zooming. You can see the states um. Now you are now seeing the countries around university youre not seeing the map of the whole world. So how do you go? You can see this left um token.

You can see um payment, for instance, you want to make payment, you click on payment and you click on maybe catch or you want to use your bank um your mdbits card um. Let me see your debit card. You just put your card in details here, its like im using your card as one you can lets check the next one promotion enter promo codes, you can get free ride, enter promo code and the rest of them. Um lets check the um the next stuff. There walk right, um its easy expensive for your walk, ride, different payment for walk ride and v80 um received by email for and the rest of them its nearly this kind of walk right when youre going for work on um. This ride history now how to sign up um up sorry how to book a ride. For instance, you can just click on um. Let me see get from lets face the green yeah. Okay. Let me the green. The screen means you are booking like where youre coming from or where you at the moment and the other place is your destination. So, for instance, let me say im at um university of attack, cuts in river state. So click on that – and let me see my destination – is um university university um real estate university. Now all of a sudden should then show me the price. Now you can see the price here: um. 101 1400 for the um lights, um seats.

You can see the next one is premium, you can see its here, so this is the price because of this im sorry im just registering its not so long, so they are giving me a discount and you can see its there. Okay. What does this graph mean? Theyre saying it needs to be here: what does this graph mean? If you can see on this graph, you can see cars around the graphs um around this map. Rather, you can see cause. This shows the number of boats drivers available at the moment or close to my arm location. So you can see some of them are moving. So currently these are the drivers, so they are so they are spread everywhere, so thats how to book both on this app. It is too too easy once you enter the app you can put a book, your um destination and in few minutes theyll be there wanting to pick you you can leave your um your review or your comments in the comment. Section lets also know what you feel about this application.