As a budget friendly gaming smartphone across your 230, us dollars theres no plans to release it directly into the uk, but you will be able to import it and for that price point you get some reasonably premium specs, including a 120 hertz display. You get a 5 000 milliamp capacity battery with fast charge, support all kinds of good stuff theres, even apparently a telephoto camera lens, but is the infinix note 11 pro? Actually any good. Well, lets whip it out the box test out that gaming uh performance check out the camera tech all that good stuff and for more on the latest and greatest deck. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up what do you actually get inside of this impressively green box? Besides the infinix note, 11 pro well, youve got yourself a slightly chunky power, adapter a bit of usb type c action, a rubbery condom case to keep your note 11 pro in tip top condition. You also get what looks like a dollar bill randomly, but its actually an invitation to join the x club, which sounds like pure filth, as it actually just seems to be some sort of a virtual fan club, where you can mingle online with fellow tech nerds and Instead of a pre installed screen protector, you do actually get one just bundled in the box there, so you can decide whether you want it on or not at all. Whenever i try and put one on myself, i always end up with bubbles everywhere, and i just get cross and smash things and thats it everything that youll find in there.

So the infinix note 11 pro is, to put it mildly enormous. This is a 6.95 inch godzilla of a smartphone, just like its predecessor. The naught 10 pro certainly got a good heft to it, and you will want to use this thing with two hands, because one handed uses good. Freaking luck. Youve got a plastic back with a matte finish, which has got a sort of a slightly textured vibe to it as well, which just helps with the grip, which is always good, and that matte finish also means that you dont get greasy prints all over this thing Seconds after you lay hands on it. This is the not particularly exciting mythful gray model, but other more colorful hues like haze, green and mist blue are also available. So overall yeah, the infinix note 11. Pro is a beast. I would definitely prefer it wasnt. Quite so big, but i understand obviously some people do like him, a rather palm filling shall we say, but i do like the uh, the overall design here on the infinix note 11, pro its very simple and straightforward, but it looks rather smart as well. Its quite understated, in a way the camera lens doesnt jut too far out of that arse end uh the likes of the headphone jack present and correct, which is always a bonus. So it may be a whopper, but i quite like lets just give the infinix note. 11 pro a quick pork and see whats lurking inside the sim tray and its actually really good news on that front.

Because not only do you have space for two sim cards at the same time, side by side but youve also on the flip. Reverse side got space for micro, sd memory card to expand that storage and no gorilla glass for that display. Unfortunately, but at least you get that screen protector, bundled in the box alrighty, so the infinix note 11 pro all set up ready for action and it is an android device. But android is a very different beast indeed, under that xos 10 launcher its pretty heavy launcher. Share some similarities with me, ui on the xiaomi smartphone. So, for instance, you can drag down the notifications bar from the left hand side. But if you pull down from the right hand, side you pull down this kind of control center type thing fast, access to all of your main toggles and completely customize, that to throw in any features that you uh really adore and that you access quite a bit And, as you can see, there xos does add a lot of additional tools on top of android. So, for instance, youve got the likes of the one handed mods, and this is particularly handy when youre dealing with a 6.95 inch beast, like the infinix note, 11 pro and theres an incredible amount of customization. You can do here on xos as well. So if you dive into the menu, for instance, youve got all kinds of settings you can play around with including the page effect change up the grid size, the folders, the text color, so its not quite as in depth as a launcher like nova, for instance, but Its pretty damn good and as with custom launchers, like nova youve, got plenty of gesture support thrown in there as well, which you can fully customize and like a lot of other launchers.

Youve also got your own themes, app, which you can use to completely change up. The look and feel of your desktops in just a quick tap and then also, if you flick right from your main, desktop youll, see you dont get the google discover feed you get a custom set of widgets, basically allowing you to quickly start. A bit of exercise shows your recent apps youve got the smart scenes as well, which could show you upcoming events and all kinds of shenanigans check out. The latest news headlines read about people expelling blood from lower body orifices, and this is just the tip of the iceberg ready. There are so many different bonus features and other bits chucked in here that you dont get on standard android, far too much to even begin to go into, but of course, rolling with a heavy launcher like xos also has its downsides. For instance, god knows how long its going to be before this thing gets an android 12 update and also where you get standard staple android features like the apps tree and everything if you actually flick into the app stream is an absolute horror. Show because look how much crap, where you get pre installed on this bloody thing i mean itll. Take you the best part of the day, just to uninstall all the stuff that comes on here, your party, no idea what that is, oh and i cant get rid of it. Excellent, not without some jiggery pokery anyway.

Best, i can do is disable the bugger and some of the third party stuff. Like wps office. You can actually uninstall, which is good but uh yeah. Quite a lot of the other stuff is stuck on here and, as you can see, they got generous 128 gigs of storage bund inside the infinix note 11 pro, but a hearty portion of that take it up with all the shites that comes pre installed ill, probably Put about five gigs of my own apps on there. So, as you can see, yeah a big old chunk is taken up, so it is just as well really that youve got that micro, sd memory card support uh, so you can expand that quickly and easily knuckle. Blades on the security side, though, youve got an edge mounted fingerprint sensor, just mounted here on the right side as usual, as you can see, theyre, nice and nippy, and that is despite the fact that it is super. Super tiny and youve also got some face. Unlock shenanigans as well so lets just give that a go as you can see just as nippy as that fingerprint sensor. Now, if you like them, large, youre, probably going to enjoy the infinix note 11 pro, with its 6.95 inch ips screen thats the same dimensions as the note 10 pro the previous generation same resolution as well. Full hd plus the visuals, are still reasonably crisp. Despite the fact, this is the size of a freaking tablet and so far seems like a solid panel, just a tiny little bit of a light blade and not too bad at all nice strong viewing angles on top brightness youll easily be able to see this thing.

Outdoors, i had no problems with visibility. Colors are sort of reasonably punchy for an ips panel as well. The contrast isnt too shabby, and it goes all the way up to 120 hertz refresh as well up from 90 hertz in the previous generation, complete with a good bit of auto refresh action as well. So it can automatically scale from 60 to 120, depending on what youre up to annoyingly. At the time i shot this video there was no support for netflix or disney plus on the note 11 pro thats, probably because its pre launched, hopefully that should be added soon. On the audio front, youve got a stereo speaker set up here on the infinix naught 11 pro so lets just bump up the volume see if its actually on the list of great any please do pop subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers right now on that Top volume, the infinix note 11 pro – is proper loud as out. That should be absolutely fine, even if youre like next to a construction site with non stop drilling, you should still be able to hear this bloody thing. Cloudy is all right on that top volume as well, not bad at all and yay verily. You do, of course, have a bit of headphone jack action as well as bluetooth uh to uh to do use headphones. Obviously, if you jump on into the audio settings as well, youll see youve got full support for a bit dts action as with the previous generation, so you can have it on the smart mode where it just changes up the audio config, depending on what youre up To or you can have a specific setting on the go or if you want to you, can even bugger around with an actual equalizer.

Now the note 11 pro is powered by the mediatek helio g96 chipset, the ultimate gaming processor, as infinix itself, puts it, backed by eight gigs of ram. Now the helio g96 is another 12 nanometer chipset, just like the g95 that it is succeeded, which means its not particularly energy efficient, actually uses the same cpu as that g95 and a slightly lesser gpu for reasons. So the infinix note 11 port, actually spasts out very similar geekbench scores to the infinix note 10 pro the previous generation. This dont exactly expect a huge uplift in the game and performance. In fact, one of the main benefits of the g96 is that 120 hertz display support so thats. One of the reasons. I guess why infinix decided to go with this one, but lets get a bit of gaming on the go here on the note 11 pro and see exactly how decent it is. As usual, youve got fast access to all your games via the x arena app, and this also gives you access to the daw link engine gaming features as well. So, as you can see there, you can basically block out the entire world. While you are gaming and youve also got the optimized game graphics option, this is basically meant to keep the visuals nice and smooth and prevent any weight like ghosting happening when you are gaming and suddenly i didnt notice any weird visual battery uh when i was playing A bit of call of duty, mobile action here on the note 11 pro, unfortunately, i was limited to the medium graphics quality and the high frame rate here on the note 11 pro in call of duty mobile uh, but it didnt really impact the gameplay.

For me, the main thing was that the frame rate stayed consistently smooth, no real, jutters or drops, which made it more likely that was going to get my head blown off by a bloody teenager on their school holidays. The screen was plenty responsible, as well, with its 180 h, touch sampling, support and uh yeah that nice big, wide view of the action certainly helped out as well. So with my knack at all peepers and the infinix note 11 pro also has a built in graphite. Coolant system, and even after several frantic games of call of duty mobile with my sweaty hands, clutching this thing tight, it was only just ever so slightly starting to warm up so yeah. I enjoyed my gaming experience here on the infinix note. 11, pro, sadly not really much of an upgrade at all over the previous generation. I was hoping for a bit more beef in this one, but its a perfectly great way of getting into your call of duty. Mobiles, your pub gs, all the good stuff and also another disadvantage of the g96, is once again youve got no 5g support here on the infinix note 11 pro. So if youre gon na want a bit of 5g at this sort of budget price point youre going to have to look at the likes of the nokia g50, the moto g50. I have rounded up my favorite uh 5g budget smartphones in 2021. So go check out that video for an idea of what you can get now battery life and the battery tech hasnt changed up at all here on the infinix note 11 pro compared with the infinix note: 10 pro its once again, a 5 000 milliamp capacity cell With 33 watt fast charging and thats absolutely fine by me, because the battery life on the infinix note 11 pro once again, absolutely stellar youll easily make it through a full day of use, even with lots of screen on time.

Media streaming. Camera play all that good stuff. As an example, i got up just over two hours ago. Ive had this thing turned on pretty much non. Stop ive done gaming on call of duty, ive streamed youtube. Trailers had a play around in the ui, taking some test shots. All that kind of stuff, and its only down to 88 percent from 100.. As for the camera tech, well, that has changed up a fair bit from the previous generation, although once again it is spearheaded by a 64 megapixel primary sensor. Now the xos camera ui is uh very much like xos, very much love it or hate it. Its absolutely dense with different tools, features toggles like just up top youve got a toggle for your hdr. You can boost it up to a 64 megapixel shot. Otherwise, it is 16 megapixel by default, using four in one pixel bin. You got your various filters that you can play around with naturally, and the auto mode is basically the ai cam mode, and this does change up the settings and swap to different modes based on what youre actually shooting at four to. Also, as you can see there, it shoots in a portrait shot because its detected a human face, not quite human, obviously but shes human. To me, i love you veronica theres, also bugger tons of other bonus moves being swapped to if you want, including the obligatory beauty mode lets, just leave that well alone.

Whats, good old portrait mode youve got a super night mode as well for when things get dark its like most of the uh smartphones these days, just plenty of things that you can play around with. If you like and considering this is a budget smartphone, it does a respectable job of uh spaffing out decent family picks, so you know, can capture pets and kids at play uh as long as the lighting isnt, too dim, fairly natural, looking colors as well, you get Occasional saturation, when youre shooting in bright light, high contrast, this thing is definitely not a fan of and any kind of motion in low light. Basically, all of the usual budget smartphone was, and that super night mode really does help to brighten up a snap as well. It doesnt really add much in the way of clarity or anything as well, so youre definitely going to want to get some good lighting on the go if possible. But one of the major changes for the infinix naught 11 versus the old temporal is the fact that youve now got a 13 megapixel telephoto lens, rather than an ultra wide angle. Shooter and, as you can see there, this seems to offer a two times: optical zoom. You could also punch all the way in up to 30 times with the digital zoom yeah telephoto lens, pretty rare at this sort of budget price point so its great to see it here on the infinix note 11 pro.

But of course it does mean you dont get an ultra wide angle, shooter as well, so uh just bear that in mind and then that final lens here on the back end of the infinix.11 pro, is just a basic two megapixel depth sensor: uh for your portrait. Shots so nothing terribly exciting there and then last up around front, you do have a 16 megapixel selfie cam as well. If you happen to like your face – and you want to take photographs of it – and this again is slightly perturbed by strong light and in low light, it does struggle a little bit. Although you do have a screen, flash features, sort of help out a bit of the white just makes me look a bit like a kind of a benevolent specter. I guess but its all good. So that, in a nutshell, is the fresh new infinix note 11 pro and while its not really a massive upgrade over the original note 10 pro in many areas, such as performance and battery life, you do not have a 120 hertz display, still an absolutely gargantuan bugger And, of course, that telephoto camera lens as well, if you need to get a bit closer to the action, xos is still laden with crap air, of course, and theres still no 5g support on this thing. But you know those minor grumbles aside: youve got pretty much everything on here that you need the likes of expandable storage, a headphone jack.

So what do you reckon itd? Be gritty your thoughts on the infinix note 11 pro down below. Please do poke subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest deck and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week.