It offers almost everything that anyone could ask for on a mid range device, meranjang high quality, super amoled, display background processor and a battery that will charge your device from zero to one hundred percent in just about thirty. Five minutes, but the question is: should you get and buy the real mgt master edition lets find out hey guys, its your taco neri and welcome back to our channel on our previous video. We did not talked about yunkanyang pricing and, of course, availability to those who doesnt know yet um presh upon real gt master edition. I eighteen thousand nine hundred ninety pesos entry level variant, which is 128 gig measurement storage. You might want to get the 256 gig version which retails for twenty one thousand nine hundred ninety pesos. So yes, its definitely less than do on surprise na in expect call at cena, because i know the ones at an unboxing video, so meaning guys. This really says a lot Music Applause. Music is, of course, in unique, suitcase inspired design or this grey version, which is designed by naoto fukazawa. I think nita talaga papa kyung smartphone when it comes to its uniqueness compared to manga competitors, the same price segment dead. Like majority of the phones, these days from other brands, hindi, who prefers design over anything else, the phone also doesnt pick up that much scratch the past few days in its great for enjoying media and, of course, its also relatively lightweight languaging at 174 grams.

I also like the placement of the volume rockers on the left most smartphones, these days, guys nasa khan and palaga mas, madalinga screenshot, probably because masanaya gt master edition. It supports high resolution audio. The output is loud guys well, okay, when it comes to water drops, but anyway, in terms of its price point demand a smartphone, 18 990 pesos Music, reliable in display fingerprint sensor, yeah 91.7 percent screen to body ratio and guys again, is the full hd plus super Amoled panel produce colorful images and pleasing contrast and since my drawing young device outdoors under direct sunlight, youll, definitely experience human glare, but in terms of the content, details on between picture and battery life go for the auto select para indiana. Lock your attention to 120 hertz, which will drain your battery quicker by the way nakalimo point out since the edition Music gt master edition, which is again the qualcomm snapdragon 778, with up to eight gram and 256 gig of storage parasagan. It really is a good and capable chipset in real world use, provided that youre not planning on playing top tier on mobile games. Lito real me gt master edition impact. I mean dont, get me wrong, guys. Playable, naman and genjian impact surreal master edition. It is not the smoothest review from gameplay me, which is again the real me gtiname qualcomm snapdragon 888, but considering me flagship, chipset, casion again, surprise heating was also not a problem. Gt master edition, probably because meranjang vapor chamber cooling system, nanaka long talaga guys to keep things cool during testing across gaming and, of course, intensive applications and charging.

Now speaking of charging, this is where the real me gt master edition, really excelled and performed well. Polishing wireless charging pero, it is capable to charge up to 65 watt of fast charging guys in 96 of battery charge, atom device nathan in 30 minutes flat. Now, on the other hand, napansen code that the real me gt master edition is a kind of phone or you want this. Your real me gt master edition, painful 4, 300 milliamp hour in the battery capacity, yet Music, guys to control the video resolution and frame rate colors are not too overblown, which is again good, clear and kanyon textures and very detailed nominal photos performance when it comes to Low light photography majority of the photos, guys i taken by its 64 megapixels main camera details – are very sharp, guys and again. Colors are not too overblown. Although me miyamoto parts langna overly bolcha means knife taken on a bright sunny day. Now, when it comes to its low light photography, the photos are okay, but again it isnt. The best for my kitten is a sample photo snap in my defense. When i take night shots, i make sure guys before you will be able to get nice and decent night shots, but hey when it comes to real world use, nagisan smartphone guys. How often do we actually use the camera of our smartphone for night images and again to upload it on social media? We really do guys, but again its worth pointing out young front facing cameron.

You guys it did a good job, capturing details and textures, which is something useful. Of course, if polygamy came on smartphones during video calls, on the other hand, will happen ois or optical image stabilization, but may mentioned eis or electronic image stabilization to help the videos be smooth kite now time on a bit better tripod with us when it comes to Software in the marantis real me gt master edition its actually not bad guys la la la lana. If youre used to android decay, my rap and my shadows are usually interfaced with real me. Applications set timers and limitations for those applications made do not disturb function. The entire my main complaint lang, talaga guys, is jung, number of bloatware orion app clutter in america, which can say is dont unlikely use them. Fortunately, on the brighter side, if you want more room for your own applications download in the future Music. The quick answer for me is, of course yes, but for a longer answer the processor may be a downgrade to some la some of its competitors really excel when it comes to its benchmark, scores and real date usage. If it is for gaming, but then again not everyone is buying a smartphone for gaming.