It is what oneplus calls as the core edition. It basically stands in between the original oneplus nord and the oneplus nord n10 yeah. The naming scheme is pretty confusing, but essentially this phone has pretty decent specs. To start with, it has snapdragon 750g adreno, 619 gpu, and for this one right here it has 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigabytes of non expandable storage. Yes, you can get better specs from other companies like poco or xiaomi for the same price, but what you wont get with other brands is oxygen os, although they have changed it quite a bit recently, but it is still one of my favorite operating system. It runs really well, it looks great and, most importantly, it doesnt try to shove adds down your throat yeah. It is almost weird acknowledging no adds as a feature, but unfortunately thats the truth for these mid to low range smartphones, so the oxygen os paired up with this pretty great 1080p 90hz panel helps this phone to feel really smooth. It does hold up quite well, but i did notice a few frame drops while im pushing it towards its limits, but this is more than acceptable at this price point right, but i do also notice that youtube refuses to run at 90 hertz. I use youtube a lot and i notice it every time i launch youtube. The frame rate immediately drops to 60.. I have tried a bunch of things, but it never worked.

For me, i mean this might be youtubes own problem, but nevertheless its there, and hopefully someone could fix it in an update. Oh by the way, this problem still persists in the oneplus 8 pro so thats, weird anyways, if your main priority is gaming. Well, this is not the phone youre looking for there are better phones at this price point with better gpus, but but still dont get me wrong. You can easily play modern games with this. Just that you might not be able to push the graphics as much. You know look, i love the fact that they have the headphone jack in this phone yeah. It really does have one, but what are they even thinking when they removed the alert slider i mean that has been a oneplus trademark and everyone loved it. Well, that is one of the things i am not happy with this phone, the lack of the amazing alert slider and the not so great sounding model speaker, i think we took stereo speakers for granted these days. Going back to the speaker really reminded me the past for context. It just sounded a little bit better than the old samsung galaxy s8. If you would even remember how that sounded like Music but anyways, the overall design and feel of this phone is just decent, because you know, after all, it is made out of plastic, but it is quite thin, though, in fact im actually surprised that they could fit A 4 500 milliamp hour battery in there, and naturally this gives me pretty great battery life.

I can get easily a day out of it and the inclusion of a warp charge 30 adapter in the box, and the free case is also a huge welcome. The cameras you get in this phone is really not that great. To be honest, it is one of the weakest point on this phone im. Not gon na go in depth with this camera, but, as you can see, yeah there is not enough sharpness. The colors doesnt, look that great i mean it works. Fine if you just want a camera to capture and keep stuff anyways. I think, judging by these photos, you can see that this is not a camera oriented phone. So then, what does this phone do better than its competitors? Well, as i said, software and user interface having a clean, fast and good looking user interface might actually be more important than you think, but theres one problem, though, and it is from oneplus themselves recently they released the oneplus nord. Two and honestly speaking, i think you should get that one. If you want something that has a decent camera, i mean you might need to save a little more money, but hey it is a better phone. All around the price difference may vary from one region to another, so that is something for you to keep in mind or you can just skip all that and get an older flagship killer device from oneplus that will just outperform both of them anytime of the day.