People make money online. Trust me that a lot of ways people make money online and this channel is difficult to train. You reviews on inferior subjects, so, if youve not subscribed to that number hitting subscribe button like im, getting lots and lots of information on the real subject: okay to be dealing on the platform or a cryptocurrency that happens to be im pumping at the moment, well be Having a review about those coins and ill be showing you how to buy this coin, using your trustworthy trust me, it is very easy, but there are things you need to know about this coin. Okay, well be dealing on for more bb token. Okay, lets go to their website for more baby dots app to get some information for move to um, tron um coin market cap to get all the information okay for more definitionary. Basing token with an automated liquidity features, kitchen option and fts unlucky draws are written. Um official is mathematically structured to increase the price which will cost per um the chart to constantly stay green, okay, thats information watching on the platform. You can see the current price of the currency. You can see um all this information and this is their um website. You can see all this lets check if there will be the um, the sea, of those platforms spotted on their website. Okay, we are still going down to check if we can see the sea of this platform um, but no, we are not seeing anything at the moment, so the sea of this platform, its not known – and this is their road map.

So this is the road map of the screen with the cryptocurrency in september starts now 21. The contract was created. Okay now lets go towards um on coin market cap now to get a real information about those coin. Okay, coming down to coin market cup, we discovered something um you can see down here. Sorry, this No, we are not open to nws a coin market cup. Okay. Now we are checking for a market cap. Now you can see that the coin has increased. One thousand six hundred one sorry, one thousand sixty eight percent at the moment with missile vessels. I wanted to get the coin or sell the coin. Now that it has increased, you can see the current price of the coin 0.001697 dollar at the moment, and the coin is built on final smart chain, so thats one vital information. You should know this is the um the chat of the coin. You can see its in a bullish run um where its kind of just pumping pumping and it keeps pumping so thats a vital information. You need to know. Okay now lets check how to buy the coin. How to buy. The coin is very easy. Just um go to your browser and click on from um for more baby token and you click on result. When you click on that, you then copy the contrast address in bss scan. You can see that 10 000 um addresses or 13 000 holders of the coin, but one thing that um, you can see that 100 and 6 000 transfer at the moment, which means there has been some using of the coin recently so to copy the contrast address And boom well move over to truss wallet, well, be getting um information.

Okay coming to just wallets. They would then click on the icon up to add the coin now list of friends on just well lets click on this icon, its not here at customs. You can change this to smart change, basic contract address and click on done. Then youll be buying this through or maybe exchanging bnb to this currency. So you click on dabs then go to um pancake, swap then from pancakes. What we will be exchanging bmb, so thats all on how to buy this, going very, very easy. If you need any question, you can drop it in the comment section. So i cant help you answer. Question dont forget to subscribe to this youtube channels like im.