This is by hohem very popular for making gimbals for your smartphone and action camera. This is called the i steady stick and it is a single axis gimbal that has a remote control, an extendable, selfie stick and a tripod lets unbox. This thing well go through all the accessories and all the key functions. Previously, i review hohems three axis gimbal, the icd x2 made for smartphones and in comparison this is gon na be much smaller and more portable, as you can see in the picture, so lets go through everything inside the box is pretty small. It fits the gimbal and thats about it. We have a little box here inside we have a carrying case and, i believe, a usbc charging cable. So here it is, oh him right. There says it and it is made just for this gimbal the size is just enough to fit the gimbal very snugly. So here is the usb cable. So the other end is a usb a for you to charge it either with your pc or a power brick. So theres the qr code, if you need to download the app well go through all the functions in this video, so lets compare the size of this gimbal to a 6.1 inch opa android phone. You can see its actually shorter when you have it folded up like this, so very small, very easy to put in your pocket so lets check out the pouch. Like me, youll probably find it kind of hard to put inside the pouch, because it is just so small and barely fits.

You can fit this and maybe the usb cable and thats about it. So nice and small you can fit this in your pocket easily. All right lets check out the gimbal, so the first step is to unfold it just like this, and we got a little stub there that actually fits into the other part of the gimbal. So it holds it in place when you have it kind of folded up. Heres, the tripod and to use the tripod you have to push the selfie stick up a little bit so that you can place it on your table all right. There you go so for it to stand on the table. You have to have the selfie stick up about an inch or two and then the stick itself will extend to about a foot and if you add the tripod area, youll get about a foot in four inches. So you can get a lot more into your selfie shot with this. This feature here, which is really nice heres, a remote control that slides out on the back. We can access the battery the power button on the top, with the hole for attaching a lanyard. I recommend that a lot, because this thing is extremely light. Even the wind will blow this away. Everything is made from hard plastic, except for the stick that thats made from aluminum its very sturdy and the handle and the the clamp for the iphone is made from softer silicon.

On this side, we have one button to turn it on just hold it down. For us for a second or two, and on the other side we have the usb c charging port and the light indicator. That shows you how much battery you have left and the lock here to keep the motor from spinning around okay. So now its locked lets release it. Now this thing can spin around. As i said before, the clamps have a softer silicon on the inside, so it keeps the phone from getting scratched up. It can fit most modern phones, i would say a four inch phone to a seven inch phone. So this is the upright position lets try it with this 6.1 inch, oppa phone, so clamp it and then balance the phone make sure it doesnt spin around like this. Okay, you wan na make it as balanced as possible, so it gives your motor the least amount of stress. So so you dont burn out your your motor okay, once its pretty good were ready to turn this thing on and check it out. Remember only after youve balanced the phone should you turn on the gimbal, or else the motor will burn out. This is a single motor right here, its the most important one, its going to balance this axis. So, no matter how you move your hand, its not going to change the horizontal leveling of the phone well lets turn this on hold it down and well see the lights.

I made a mistake earlier saying: the battery indicator light is next to the usb charging port. That is actually the reset button for the gimbal. The indicator lights are actually on the same side as the power button. All right lets check out this gimbal. You can see that it really does its job balancing the phone on that one axis lets turn on the remote and check out some of the functions. So as soon as you turn on remote, it will pair it with the gimbal in this mode. If you tap on the left and right button, it will rotate the phone, and this way you can take some of those inception shots where the object is spinning upside down. If you double tap on the right bottom button, it will bring the phone back to a default position. Single tap will switch between landscape and portrait mode lets, say youre kind of off at an angle. You can double tap to go back to the default position to straighten out your phone and likewise, if youre in landscape, it will go back to straighten landscape mode. As you can see, it keeps the horizontal level steady, but its not going to stop the phone from moving in other directions, since this is only a single axis. Gimbal next were going to turn this off and check out one of the most interesting and unique features. I have not seen in other single axis gimbals before theres a joint here.

You can twist this joint and it will snap into place. Therell be two clicking sounds and when youre done its going to go into what they call a desktop or tabletop mode. So this mode is going to allow you to do some interesting things and well go through them together. First, set up your phone just push your phone down until it goes in those grooves. It might take some practice, its pretty snug, but its not going to crack your screen. There are silicon padding, so dont worry its going to work for most phones. Unless you have a really really bulky phone, this will work so now. The first use for this is obviously zoom calls or face time or line chat, video chat and you can remotely control the gimbal. You can turn it 360 degrees for panoramic mode, panoramic view or picture or video or just show your your friends online. What youre looking at – and the second thing you can do is enable face tracking, so lets say youre, making a cooking show. You can walk around the room and this thing will track you and follow you. So i definitely think this is a unique feature that other single axis gimbals are missing. So in this mode, youll notice that the functions of the remote is changed a little bit. You will no longer be able to stabilize it this way, because the motor is now used just for spinning it around like this, its not for balancing the phone anymore.

So when youre done twist, this back dont worry its not going to break. You can twist it in any direction as many times as you want its not going to break and then snap the lock back. So it doesnt let this piece spin around freely and then finally close it up. I put the remote back close. This up, clamp it together and we are ready to travel with this. I think theyve done a good job. Designing this. It has a very premium. Look compared to other single axis gimbals out there, especially at the same price point now lets compare its size to other gimbals. We have a dji osmo mobile 3, which is pretty big if youre going to attach a tripod or selfie stick to it to the left. We have hohems, i still x2, a much smaller 3 axis gimbal for smartphones, and then we have inky falcon, which is a gimbal for action cameras. So its obvious. The i steady stick is much smaller, especially if you consider you already have a selfie stick and a tripod built in youre also going to get the widest selfie mode view, because you have an extended selfie, stick built in, which is very useful. So lets test out the desktop mode, the face tracking object, tracking feature. You can see its moving very quickly, no issues at all next for walking test. This is an iphone 10s without the gimbal very shaky, even with its optical stabilization and with the gimbal, even though its just one axis its looking much better, you can still see some shaking because its not balancing the other axes like a three axis gimbal would but Its still pretty decent, especially if you walk at a slower pace last, were going to test out the app so after watching a 30 second video that shows you how to operate this gimbal.

You can start to connect it to your phone so tap on the x when it appears it takes about like 30 seconds. I think so. You can tap this to close it and start pairing. It so make sure you turn on bluetooth, on your phone tap on pair and were done now tap on start and it will launch the app now. You can use the controls on the remote to control the phone okay, so single tap to change between portrait and landscape mode, tap on the lower right, lower left button to start recording and stop recording okay, double tap to go back to the default position triple tap. Itll go into the inception mode, its going to spin it for you. So here you can take a video and it will make the object spin upside down for that cool inception effect once its done its going to rotate back to the default position. So we have some filters here: you can mess with those filters and gesture control. If you turn this on, you can use a p sign or a smile and the camera will capture a picture or start the video recording. Now we have object tracking, as i showed you earlier and finally, i want to show you the pre design modes. This is called inception mode tap on start, it will start recording for you three two one and its recording, so this is gon na make it easier to capture those inception videos, but obviously you should have better things to film than a sofa okay, once its done.

Itll stop recording. There are other pre made templates that you can use with each update. I think they add more so expect to see more and more templates to play with all right. So, overall, i think this is a pretty nice single axis gimbal if youre looking for one. This is definitely something you should check out. I think it goes for about fifty dollars, so the links will be in the video description below.