5 enhanced edition impressions. Is this the software update of all software updates to finally make my mi 11 ultra, the smooth and stable device ive been wanting it to be lets have a look so here we are folks that is correct for the last three days. Ive had meanwhile 12.5 enhanced edition on my me, 11 ultra and ive been wanting to give some time to this video to really have had some time to use the phone and share my impressions of what this software has been like. But i can preface this by saying o m g, what an improvement it has been folks and you can see there. It is miui 12.5 enhanced. What is new with this software theres a lot. You have an increased security patch, but then you have improvements to the lock screen to the ui and to all the other aspects and below the hood, improvements to the status bar notification, shades themes, but, most importantly, to the overhaul of the system that has truly breathed New life into this mi 11 ultra and is really the update ive been waiting for. It is legit guys. So, just to give you an explanation, this is the global me 11 ultra that im using and you can see the three main areas where miui 12.5 enhanced is looking to improve experience. You have liquid storage, atomized memory and focused algorithms, but let me tell you the whole point of this. Enhanced edition is all around optimizations liquid storage, which basically is supposedly going to improve storage capabilities, read, writes and even after months of use, it says performance will remain strong.

With the storage capabilities of this phone, you have atomized memory, which focuses on ultrafine memory management, making ram usage more efficient and focused algorithms that are supposedly going to allocate system resources based on your usage scenarios and heres a list of all the phones. That should be getting in q4. This update, but sharing guys after three days of use my experience, the immediate thing i noticed guys was just a snappier, more responsive phone, everything from the touch inputs to just the entire system. The way that you navigate has just this extra level of immediacy to it and its not to say that this phone was, you know janky before, but you can definitely tell that. The optimizations under the hood have improved the swiping, the navigation and just the touch inputs. The entire experience feels a little bit snappier now. Is it as good as on the day that i picked up this phone, i would say its actually better and theres something to the immediacy of the movements of the ram and the storage capabilities that just make using the phone now so much more seamless. My experience has been that the phone has not slowed down, but in daily use. Apps like twitter im definitely seeing an improvement, and you can definitely even just tell there as you swipe through that theres a lot less jutter than there used to be its almost like. The phone just got an overhaul and i do think now.

The 120 hertz is very much felt and is much more appreciated with this update than it was previously, but what about the all important battery life? What is the deal with this phone? Well, i intentionally guys after playing around with it, have been keeping this phone in a standby state, and let me tell you standby, on this, me11 ultra got really bad within two days. The phone would be pretty much dead, whether i had used it or not. Its been three days coming up to four days tomorrow and im at 19 battery, and that means, as you can see, that this phone is lasting far better on standby than it used to going from around 50 percent to 19. In three days, the battery standby performance improvements on this m11 ultra have been astounding, and i got to tell you, as this phone has been more on standby, because ive been using it less and less its been an issue, but not anymore standby. On this mia 11. Ultra has gone from okay to average to really really good, and so in terms of release schedule. As you can see, this first batch of devices will receive the enhanced update starting from q4. I think the m11 ultra global version is one of the first to get it, but you will also see it on all these devices, including the mi 11 x, pro the mi 11 x and the mi 10 and me 10 pro as well.

So a lot of great devices getting this update and it will definitely be worth it. I cant wait to get this enhanced update. Also on my poco f3, the redmi note 10 pro and every xiaomi device that gets this update, i think, will be better off for it. Miui 12.5. Enhanced edition is exactly what i needed to get excited about using this meal 11 ultra again and one more thing guys. The camera ive definitely noticed that the shutter is improved, im, not saying that it was slow before, but it used to be even slower than that. So you can definitely tell, under the hood, improvements have even come to the camera shutter and just the general speed and fluidity of the device has been improved with this update, but hit me up in the comments. Have you received the miui 12.5 enhanced edition on your phone and if you do have a me11 ultra with the enhanced edition? What has your experience been like hit me up in the comments id love to hear about it and thats it for this video? If you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon for future updates. Great new products coming folks next week is going to be exciting, with a pixel announcement with the apple unleashed event, a lot of great stuff and some other exciting devices on the horizon from this company stay tuned as well so thats it – and this is where i Leave you by saying this is frankie tech signing off have a good one.