This is nirmal here and in this video well be doing a detailed review of the new samsung galaxy m52 5g, so samsung, galaxy m525g is the latest m series device and samsung has done a pretty good job in terms of packaging. A good hardware into the m50 to 5g. Now this device comes with a super amoled display full hd plus resolution display 120 hertz different, shade uh, you get the qualcomm snapdragon 778g octa core processor, 64 megapixel triple camera 5000 image capacity. Battery great design and looks are also pretty good, so its a good all around package and the pricing starts at 29.99 for the six gigabyte ram and 31.9 for the eight gigabyte ram. So how good is the device lets find out in this detailed review? So if this is your first time on, this channel do hit that subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so lets begin. So first lets have a look at the design and build quality. Now, here, samsung has done a pretty good job actually in terms of design. This is very slim device, just 7.3 mm in thickness and around 174 grams in weight, and this is one of the lightest and slimmest m series device out there, even with the 5000 mah capacity battery. This actually feels pretty good in terms of overall uh design. You can also see the front panel looks really good. The bezel less experience looks good.

You also get a punch hole, selfie camera, which is again pretty small. So, overall, in terms of design elements uh the samsung galaxy m52 5g is definitely a looker and it feels quite good in terms of usage as well, its lightweight slim and even with a large capacity battery and a big display. It doesnt feel bulky thats. One of the good aspects about the samsung galaxy m50 to 5g. Now, on the back panel, you get a typical camera layout. You get a pattern on the back panel. Now the material quality could have been better. This is a plastic material, so polycarbonate material. So it is prone to scratches, so you can get a case in case you are using without that this is prone to scratches, but otherwise, overall, the design and build quality feels quite okay, so thats the samsung galaxy m52 5g in terms of design. Next lets talk about the display, so the samsung galaxy m525g comes with a super amoled display the same oled display from samsung and one of the really good displays out there. You get a 120 hertz refresh 8 and its a really good experience. The colors are vivid punchy display, the contrast is good and the overall uh the quality of the display is definitely good. You also get covering gorilla glass 5 support, so overall, we feel display is good, even when watching movies or for multimedia experience. This is one of the really good displays out there now its its a, namely display.

So you get a vibrant and punchy colors and overall, the sharpness levels are also really good, so its one of the good displays out there in this price segment. Now next is the software. Now this device comes with the one ui 3.1 on top of android 11.. Now one ui 3.1 is a full fledged experience on the samsung galaxy m525g. You also get the nox security and samsungs pay application that is via nfc. So its a fully loaded software experience with the samsungs one ui, you get a really good experience. You get a lot of additional features included. Now, if you go to the settings panel, you can see some additional tools are included. You can actually change the display brightness and even the screen vivid mode. You also cannot get the option to have the edge panel. Then you get the option to change the refresh rate. Then additional options are also included. If you go to the advanced features, you get. The link to windows, which is a really good feature, android auto, is supported, motions and gestures. One handed mode, uh game launcher dual messenger panic mode, so everything is a full fledge here. The knock security brings in the secure folder as well, and apart from that, you also get the samsung pay with the nfc support. So if you are a person who allows to use cardless payments, the samsung galaxy m52 5g offers that uh with the nfc and samsung pay, so its a full fledged experience on the samsung galaxy m52 5g.

So its really good overall. So next lets talk about the performance, so this device comes with the uh snapdragon 770 hd octa core processor. Now this is a really good chip out there and you get 11 band 5g support as well. So snapdragon 778 is one of the newer processors and its a really powerful chip out there and in terms of day to day experience. We hardly came across any issues, its really smooth experience. So its a really good experience with the samsung galaxy m525g and uh. We would say the performance is top notch. We hardly saw any sort of issues and the app response time as well as the memory management was also really good. Now the gaming experience is definitely good uh. You may not get a really very high f uh fps, but its still a decent performing chipset in terms of overall experience, the software optimization for gaming could have been better but overall, its a its a decent experience. So, in terms of gaming, now talking about the other aspects, this device comes with side mode and fingerprint scanner you can see. The performance is quite good here and also face unlock is supported and again this device comes with dual voltage voltage and voiceover wi, fi and carrier aggregation is also supported here now this device has a single speaker, its not a stereo speaker, so its not a very Loud speaker, but again its a decent performing speaker out there.

Now we have done a detailed faq where we are shown the speaker performances. So in case you want to try that uh. You can see that video, where we have shown the speaker output now with respect to core quality again very good 5g support, as i said before, 11 bands, 5g supported so its fairly well equipped in terms of 5g as well im talking about the camera, so this Device comes with a 64 megapixel triple camera setup and you get a 32 megapixel selfie camera as well. Now, in terms of camera, experience its a really good experience, we have done a detailed camera review, found the camera to be really good daylight. Shots are really superb. Excellent dynamic range, a good sharpness levels, vivid and bright images are offered, and apart from that, you also get a good uh ultra wide angle, camera in the form of 12 megapixel shooter, which does a really good job. Now the macros are also quite okay, uh and uh. The portraits also look really good on this device and the low light experience is above average. We feel there is slightly room for improvement in low light experience, but nevertheless, at this price segment, its definitely good experience and also the selfies turned out to be pretty good. But the video recording needs a bit more fine tuning, especially in terms of stabilization, but overall as a camera smartphone. This is definitely good now, finally, the battery life, so this device has a 5000 mah capacity battery with a 15 watt charger included in the box, but it supports 25 watt charger.

So if you can spend around uh 1200 rupees, you can get the samsungs 25 volt charger, which will speed up the charging process because with the 15 watt charger, it is definitely on the slowest light now uh the battery life is really good. You can get easily six to seven hours of battery life uh. That is for our usage. Again, it depends upon person, dear person, if you are a moderate user, you can even get more than that 728 can be got at the screen on time, but overall it is definitely good in terms of performance and the battery life is really good. So that is a detailed review of the samsung galaxy. M52. 5G. Now the pricing, as i said before, 29 for the six gigabyte run and 31 triple line for the 8 gigabyte ram and you can get with festive offers and as low as almost like. A 23 500 on amazon sale, but again that is a limited time offer now the pros and cons the pros include a great uh design, slim form factor and lightweight design. Aids to that and the excellent display and 120 hertz refrigerator makes it even more smoother good. Ui experience one ui 3.1 is really good and uh the performance is again, good cameras are really good. Battery life is also good. Now, the downsides, the build quality could have been better.