It is a newly released rugged smartphone that entered the market which caters to people who are regularly active or require a high battery capacity, smartphone for longer usage and standby time. The packaging looks pretty minimalist and simple lets dive into what is inside the product packaging inside the box. You will find one okitel wp17 rugged smartphone packed nicely in the product packaging. Also included. Is a user guide to guide you on how to get the device set up? A usbc cable is provided alps with a sim card tray, pin and charging adapter to get your device charged up on first impressions. The okitel wp17 looks very sturdy and solid. It comes with a transparent, tpu casing, with a phone, so i dont have to buy a casing for the device. Since it comes with it. It looks quite slim and versatile in its design, not overly bulky on the right side of the device. You will find the power button and volume keys to control the devices volume on the left hand side of the device. There is a sos key located so that, in any case of emergencies with a press and hold of the button, i can activate the sos key to contact a set number to seek for assistance pretty useful function. There is an sd card and sim card slot behind a rubber cover on the side which i can access it by using the pin provided with the phone on the sim tray.

It has two sim card slot and sd card slot, which i can use for memory. Expansion and multi sim feature at the bottom of the phone. I will be able to access the headphone jack for music listening in the charging port to get the device charged up when battery is low. Lets power it up. It should finish booting up in a few seconds on first look: the user interface is quite user friendly and intuitive. I dont see much bloatware and it is responsive and free from lag lets. Try out the camera interface, it has a pretty simple camera interface. That is easy to operate. Lets, try snapping some pictures on it. There is auto focus and it gets the job done pretty quick. There is multiple shooting modes on the camera interface, like 64 megapixel, main camera night vision lens to activate the infrared night vision to see and capture images and videos, even in complete darkness. It can be your eyes when you are out on the camp trail, even in complete darkness cool feature. There are also other modes like macro lens panorama, mode or custom professional mode, with three different cameras on the device. There is multiple modes of capturing your shots: the phone is equipped with a 64 megapixel ai main camera, a 20 megapixel night vision, camera and a 2 megapixel macro lens camera on the rear, good option of cameras lets check out some of the shots captured on the Okitel wp17, the still shots are clear and colors are vividly captured and portrayed on.

The photos lets check out a video recording recorded under bright daylight conditions in the video colors look vivid and clear too thanks to the sharp main 64 megapixel camera, even in night conditions. The camera is still able to capture videos and pictures in vivid detail. There is a 16 megapixel front camera which is innovatively fitted on the screen. Play store is available on the device with it. Users, like me, have access to a wide array of apps available in it. Lets try running a game on it. As you see during gameplay, it is really responsive and there is no lag whatsoever during my gaming trial test. This can be attributed to the mediatek hello processor within it to keep the device stable and fast, even when multitasking or playing games. It is also really quick with the 90 hertz super high refresh rate to keep graphics moving fast and responsive during use. Now i will try streaming videos on the phone. As you see it has an impressive 6.78 inch full hd screen, so users can enjoy streaming their favorite videos and movies on it. It works as a great option for my video streaming and gaming needs. It runs on android 11, which is pretty new version of android, so users can expect it to be updated with the latest updates. When its available, it has an 8 gigabyte ram and 128 gigabytes storage to be able to store a decent amount of data like caps, phone games and more, it is pretty rugged with three rugged certifications to it.

Like the mil std shatter resistance, cert and ip69k and ip68 waterproof ratings to ensure it is well protected from external elements. Overall, i find the okitel wp17 rugged smartphone a really innovative option released by okitel at an affordable price point. The camera function and design is what captivates me the most really modern, looking and high spec. It has a massive 8 300 milliamps battery inside to allow users to get more use on their device on a single full charge. The full view display is also captivating and allows users to get a good immersive experience during use. If you want to know more about the okitel wp17 find out more about it. With the link in description.