My name is garrett, and today im going to be stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit thanks in part to movo. Now what movo have done is sent me out. Their new ivlog 1 smartphone video kit featuring the vxr 10 pro mic. The reason i say this is out of my realm. As you guys know, i shoot little to no mobile, videography or mobile photography, but i dont want to take that away from anyone who does who follows this channel or someone who has come across this video. I want to give this kit a fair chance and i was excited when mobo sent this out, because once again this is this is a fun challenge for me now to keep everything fair movo does not get to see my review before i post it here on Youtube, so you guys will see my raw thoughts. What i like about it, what i dont like about it im going to go ahead and pop open the case, see whats inside and go outside and do some test shots come back and give my final thoughts lets. Go ahead and hop into it: Music, okay, guys! So now that we have the case open im going to show you everything that comes in the ivlog kit, starting in the top left hand corner, we have the phone clamp, it will mount horizontal or vertical. Depending on what platform you need it for whether it be youtube, instagram, tick, tock, to the right of that we have the bluetooth remote, very good for starting and stopping your video footage or taking photos.

You have the movo vx r10 pro mic, its gon na be better than any of your onboard phone mic. We have a three powered led with a little bit of diffusion on the front of it, so that its not such a harsh light source. It also has a cold shoe mount on the top of it for mounting extra accessories down to the left of that we have the three legged desktop tripod, very similar to the manfrotto tripod they make for desktops. This little tripod is actually built very well its a metal construction, very sturdy. We also have a stubby grip if youre not wanting to use the tripod. This is just a little shorty grip that screws into the bottom of the clamp. The movo wide angle lens. I believe this is an 18 millimeter lens. Dont know how i like that. Yet my iphone actually has a pretty wide angle lens on it, but well give it a whirl either way down to the left of your screen. We also have the extension tube for the three legged tripod. You can actually thread this into your mount here and youll get a little bit more height out of your phone, and we have the audio cables over here. In the right hand, corner 3.5 millimeter, audio cable mine came with a lightning adapter for my iphone and then up at the top of the case, and you cant see it because its out of frame, but we have a dead cat.

We have the shock mount for the mic and we have a cleaning cloth plus the clamp for the wide angle lens, and i really like this case its lightweight its got good phone protection for all the accessories in here and movo packaged it all very nicely. So lets go ahead and rig all this up to my phone and were going to go outside and do some real world testing Music, all right guys. So i have my iphone 11 rigged up here and already i can tell you that the weight difference is significant. I weighed both rigs before i left the house and the eos are fully rigged out as youre seeing right there with the gorillapod uh rode videomicro and the beastly tamron 24 70 weighs right under six pounds and the iphone with the little movo tripod, even with the Mic, on top only weighs just under two pounds, so thats about a four pound difference between the two rigs, which, whenever youre hand holding everything and if youre, trying to vlog thats a significant amount of weight. And with that. I really think that movo have knocked it out of the park with this kit. I think that it caters to a crowd of mobile videographers mobile photographers, who dont want to fool with big rigs with editing log footage. They just want to pull a phone out of their pocket, throw it in a cradle and go. I think this rig really caters to that crowd.

It even inspires me a little bit because one of my biggest hold ups as a creator is if the shot doesnt look perfect or if i dont get my colors right. If ive not exposed my footage right, i get pretty frustrated and it slows my content down. It slows my ability to put content out fast and thats, something that whenever youve got a setup that is fast its easy you hit play you edit, whatever mobile software, you prefer and then put it out there. You can put out content so much faster. One thing that ive not gotten to test with this kit is a little three powered light, its a small light source, its gon na do the job whenever youre in the dark, its not gon na, be obviously a beautiful soft box by any means like we would Use in a studio, but once again mobo knows the demographic theyre catering to with this kit and thats, going to be something thats more than sufficient. If youre doing mobile photography finally found a bench ive not done cardio in a long time, all the audio that youve heard so far has been coming from the vx r10 pro mic. I am going to unplug it really quick just so. You can hear the phone audio. This is an audio test using the onboard mics with my iphone 11 pro. One thing that i dont really like about phone microphones or the speakers that are built into the phones is everything, sounds kind of muted, like youre.

In a bucket, so its definitely good to have a pro style mic and once again this is the audio with the vxr 10 pro mobo mic. Mine does have the lightning adapter for my iphone 11 pro, and hopefully you guys can tell a difference. Ive got the dead cat on top, which really cuts down on a lot of wind noise. This is something thats so important when it comes to good. Video is good audio and i know ive been guilty before of having bad audio and that will kill a good video in a heartbeat, alright guys so im going to head back to the car. I think this walk is over right. Now i have the 18 millimeter wide angle lens on there once again, not sure if its really my forte, because my phone does have a wide angle lens on it. But i think if you have an older phone, that doesnt have like a 15 millimeter or 20 millimeter wide angle lens, not a bad deal, its actually pretty cool ive got it over the. I think the 28 millimeter lens right now im not sure what all focal lengths are on the iphone. Actually, i think the normal lens is a is a 28mm though, but anyways were gon na head back to the office to get my final thoughts. Okay, so im gon na be upfront with you guys and say i was actually pretty surprised at how enjoyable it was to use my phone and thats, something i hardly ever say, but i think having a kit like the ivlog.

One kit definitely helps with having the cradle with you not actually having to handhold your phone with it having a good mic. That makes such a difference when it comes to shooting video, not really a big deal on the photo side and also having a neat little tripod as well, to be able to set the phone up wherever you need to set it to shoot your shots. So with all that being said, who do i think this kit is for? Like i said earlier, i believe this kit is for someone who is just starting out in videography in photography. Maybe you want to start a youtube channel. Maybe you want to start a tik tok channel instagram whatever it is. I think this kit definitely accentuates a phone nicely and you have some stability with a tripod. You have a bluetooth remote, so you can start and stop your video. You have a good mic for audio things that most phones, dont, come with right out of the box. Definitely think this is a kit that can help somebody get inspired to go out and shoot and not worry about having just a phone. Now a couple of pros with this kit – and i was actually once again surprised – are the build quality number one. The desktop tripod is a metal construction, its very sturdy, i didnt have any problems with it. Nor did i have any problems with the ball head. Sometimes, with your smaller tripods, the ball heads are a little bit loose, but with this one i had zero trouble at all the vx r10 pro mic.

I cant speak highly enough about, as you guys heard in the test, it made my phone audio sound 100 times better than my stock iphone speakers. The last pro with this kit is the price point now mobile currently have this kit priced at 130 dollars, which, for a complete mobile kit, is not a bad deal at all. If you think about it, most of your smaller mics that you go out and buy on amazon or even directly from these mic providers are anywhere between fifty and seventy dollars for a good, desktop, tripod youre, going to spend anywhere between 20 and 40, depending on the Brand and im talking quality stuff im, not talking about plastic stuff, thats, 15 thats going to break every three weeks, quality stuff. So those two things right there alone are already at the 100 mark and i think the extra accessories that movo puts in there, along with the nice foam carrying case, definitely make a difference and definitely make the price well worth it. Now there were a couple of cons with this kit. In my opinion, i do wish that the cradle for the phone was also made out of metal. I understand why its not obviously thats going to save on weight and it could save on production costs too, even though it is plastic, its built decently well, but there are some times where i wish everything that was in that kit was metal. The other graph that i have with the kit are for me personally.

I do not need an 18 millimeter fisheye lens. I know i said that already i wish movo would instead take that part of the kit and do maybe an nd filter, holder or some sort of nd for the phone that would be sweet im. One of those people who i dont like using the stock phone app whenever im shooting video. I dont really think it gives you a lot of flexibility with settings and being able to control your own exposure control your own shutter speed. I would like to see movo create some sort of mobile nd kit and include it in this, for people who do want to have a cinematic look even on their phone, but with all that being said overall, it was a very enjoyable experience. My arms are thanking me and im thinking movo once again for sending this kit out for review. If you want one for yourself, im gon na drop a link down below in the description now. This is an affiliated link. Anything that you guys purchased does help the channel out a lot, and i greatly appreciate it. Thank you guys so much for being a part of this community.