I just want to mention the video is not sponsored by the company. I purchased it on amazon, as you can see over here, so lets get into the unboxing. So this out the box looks like uh its sealed with uh this foil on top. This is the site, and here at the back, we have information about the product and the qr code, probably to get the company uh and lets open this one and see whats inside usually im doing like this. With my finger on the side and because i have difficulties in opening these boxes with the foil and apparently came out very fast, okay, so remove the foil and to open this one were just gon na hold it like this and basically yes, thats it so uh To open this on just pull a bit the foil: here we have uh uh, there is a card and inside uh we have the pin tool for the sim card. Then we have uh the user manual and some instructions, and i, as this one is the warranty certificate, and here is the the phone lets see how it looks and we have also some other accessories but were going to open this one first, oh so the first Thing that we see is that the phone is in fact quite big. This is the size of it compared to my hand and lets see what other accessories we have in the box. There is a charging cable, i suppose yes, its usb type c and uh.

Here, surprisingly, compared to other phones that ive reviewed recently, there is the uh socket the plug. Sorry and surprisingly, this one comes also in the pack, but the most important thing is the phone, so uh lets get into this. So this is my first um. No, so this is my second phone from this company okitel uh. This is how it looks at the back. Here is the speaker here the cameras, and i think this is the fingerprint which is located over here. Yes, it is a bit strange in my opinion, because you have to press this one to unlock your phone and its close to the camera, so you can leave some marks on the camera. Okay, surprisingly came. It comes with um with a case clear case that you can easily remove just hold the press firmly, and then it comes out. This is how the uh the case looks like some other thing that i would like to show you about the case. As you can see here, the at the corners, it has these bumpers, so these ones will uh uh protect your phone just in case you drop it, which i consider to be really cool so now lets talk about the ports. Uh, here is what we have on one side: we have the power button and the lock button. We have the volume button uh. On the other side, we have only the same slot at the top. There are no buttons and on the other side, we have the microphone and we have the charging port and this how the phone looks like at the back.

There is a foil that you can remove and also you can get this information about the email. So here at the front on the foil, we can see the specifications of the phone its a 8 megapixel front camera which is located over here, its a quad core phone. The battery is 5 000 milliamperes uh any face id scanner, uh fingerprint at the back and uh. There is a four giga ram phone with uh 32 giga of memory and uh lets power this on and see. How fast is the booting so yeah? It took around 40 seconds to load and obviously because its an android, you have to set it up and were gon na, skip this and then were gon na set it up offline and were gon na continue and we have more and then were gon na accept And were gon na skip the lock button, the basically the fingerprint at the back or the code on the screen? This is how it looks when its turned on uh. The screen is quite large. Um quality build. It sounds my opinion quite decent for the price that i paid for. I dont know if you guys can see, but there is also foil on top of the screen that you can remove from here. I just saw it now and lets connect it to the internet and see how fast it opens the apps. So now i have connected the phone to the internet and lets see how it performs so far from what i can see its a bit slow and laggy.

In my opinion, so were just gon na open youtube and youre gon na scroll se, as you can see its a bit strange in my opinion, doesnt go that that is not so responsive as i expected and lets play. For example, any video were gon na play. This one to see how fast its gon na open it its quite decent, so im just gon na put the microphone a bit closer to the phone, so you can hear the volume things dont go as expected. Do you think crocodiles are always successful when they hunt others? What about big cats lets find out together, as we count down 15 times, crocodiles and alligators messed with the wrong opponents over here? If you keep the phone on plane surface, considering that the speaker is located over here, the sound is not that great, but if lets uh make a test and see how the sound is, when you hold the phone in your hand, so now were going to play A video with the phone in my hand: well, they would fare the attachment between a mother and her newborn. Baboon is quite profound and they have a daily pattern that is like ours. So this is how much space you get on your phone memory. As you can see, the system takes uh, seven giga in a bit and uh. I also have some pictures and videos so uh. At least this uh will help you to plan your storage head now ill.

Show you some things about the camera. When you open it. Youll see that it starts with capture which is basically the picture, and then you slide it. You go to video and when you go to video it covers the whole screen. Then you have the slow motion option and when you have, when you press here on more, we have different options like burst: interval, which is the timer we get. The the time lapse. The filter and you can also scan qr codes with the camera, which is really cool and if we go back ill show you something uh very interesting. It has this pro feature, and here are the settings that you can adjust manually, which i consider to be a very nice photos, especially for people who are interested in photo into photography, heres the portrait mode, and we have also the panorama of the video on this Phone im using the microphone to record my voice Music, its a pretty decent, i would say for the price range of this phone, but its not so responsive as i expected, and the difference between the highlights and the lows as we can see over here is not That great neither uh focus its uh, quite okay, and this stabilization, its also quite uh, decent id say, but not so impressive. It is quite wide, which is a really good thing, but as i move it really fast, this is the result that you get with it.

This other selfie mode looks uh on this phone. I think its quite uh good in my opinion, and you have different options. This is the video, obviously its, also quite responsive, as you can see so, uh yeah, it works really well. So this is the sound quality on this phone im using the voice recorder, and i just want to mention some things about the pictures this. How uh uh panorama looks on this uh phone uh, as you can see this the its stitched quite well, but there is a massive difference between uh uh highlights and uh. The dark side is not so responsive, and this is how picture looks in uh landscape mode. The focus is a bit slow in my opinion, and also the quality is not that great its a bit laggy so more or less thats it about the phone. I hope you find this video helpful guys. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below well, i will answer.