Now. The one axis element is the fact that its only this that tilts doesnt seem like its a great idea at first until you actually use it. You can come up with some amazingly creative things because it locks the phone in one access and then allows the stabilization for when youre moving around in certain ways other than that it does have a magnetically held remote, which just pulls off its held in with magnets And when it folds down its fantastic, because when it folds down just turn this locks in place and it completely folds down in half completely compact. And if you see these ridges here, it actually allows you to place the holder over the buttons on your phone. Without actually triggering the buttons now uh youre going to see a comparison of me trying to do something slightly creative in regards to hand holding the phone and then ill switch to using this and youll see how much the stabilization actually makes a difference. Okay, now before i get into that, i just want to make a disclaimer that i received this product at no charge through the amazon fine voices program. I have no affiliation with the company thats selling the product or the manufacturer of the product, and i had no direct contact with amazon whatsoever. So with that said, lets just get into how good this bad boy is. Okay, now im going to try to do a handheld im just holding the phone, as you can see, the stabilizers still on the bench and im going to try to do a low shot and swing the camera ill swing the phone up and then bring it back To my cell so lets see how that goes.

Okay and so thats with me hand, holding the phone and now lets mount it to the chemix single access stabilizer and see how smooth the footage is. Okay, so now the phone is mounted lets see how smooth the footage is, and i actually hit the ground there. So lets try that again, and that is the difference now. Let me show you how far this actually extends in regards to the selfie stick itself. Okay, so here we have it in the handheld mode, as i call it, and once you open up the tripod legs which at the bottom im not sure you can see that theres a little divot there. So you can just stick your finger right in the center and the legs are actually reinforced. They have little arms in here to help keep it more stable, just push it up and thats uh pretty much at tripod mode. And now, if you keep going, it actually extends to that height there, so it actually is pretty good, especially if you want to be vlogging or anything like that uh i havent had any issues with it whatsoever. Its allowed me to get some creative footage out of it and thats really all there is to it its a very simple system. Um. The spring tension on here is a bit high, so you just have to be careful when youre actually mounting it. When i put my phone in, i usually spread both of these at the same time, so that im not actually adding too much tension to uh one side of the spring, because its double spring uh yeah but thats pretty much it.

I mean that is the kimik one axis image state or well: stabilizer, smartphone, gimbal, selfie, stick thing and its i mean even the legs here. Everything is metal uh. It even has a little divot in the center column here to keep it from flexing its. A very very nice piece of engineering, and so far its been absolutely fantastic. Like i said, havent had any issues. The one thing is over time. The motor on the back here may get warm, but it hasnt actually stopped working and the stabilization is butter smooth. So there you have it.