In fact, id say the galaxys dead, flip 3 is a real world Music hi, im nadine and lets review the galaxy zed flip 3.. I have been using the galaxy z3 for a few weeks now and i think its the first foldable phone that you may actually want to buy, of course, its not without its quirks. So in this review lets. Look at the things that i love about. The galaxy z3 and the things that i did not like Music frankly, a big reason why i enjoyed my time using the galaxy z3 is because its so pocketable, even with my tiny hands, i was able to hold the phone so comfortably. I was able to carry it around its the size of a compact or a coin purse, or maybe a small card holder. Samsung also has these silicon covers which come with these tiny loops that make it very easy to carry the phone around compared to the first generation flip, the galaxy z flip series secondary displays a lot more useful. It doesnt just display notifications anymore, so, besides the time date and battery percentage that you see, you can also customize shortcut widgets for weather, music, your daily schedule and all of that, the secondary display on the z53 is also four times larger than what we saw on The first generation so now it also makes a lot more sense to use that secondary display as a viewfinder Music according to samsungs website.

This new hinge is eighty percent more durable and it can withstand up to two lakh phones. To be very honest, i dont understand the chemistry of the material that samsung has used in the hinge, but i know for a fact that the durability that they were going for, they have totally achieved that. So when you unfold this device, you dont feel like the hinge or the other two sides of the phone are shaking or its wobbly at all. In fact, when you entirely unflip it, it feels like a single piece, its solid when you use it for some time. You actually forget that youre not using a regular phone, its a flip fold, but you absolutely forget that and yes, there is a soft crease but ill be honest. You dont notice it after a while when it comes to the camera, the galaxy z5 performs as good as any flagship smartphone out there. You get great daylight pictures, slow lights, night, shots macro shots. All of them are pretty damn great, especially if primarily what you use. Your phones, camera is for social media. You will not be disappointed at all. Here are some of the sample images that i shot from the galaxy z3. Music Music also enjoyed this video of me driving through this beautiful canopy road. While i shot a 4k 30 fps video using this phone and heres another hyperlapse video that i shot from this Music phone, one of the highlights of the galaxy z3 one that is also really impressive – is that this phone is water resistant.

Now the ipx8 water resistant certification on this phone is impressive because of two reasons: one that the galaxy z53 is the first foldable phone by samsung to get the certification number two, considering that iphones still like two years ago were not water resistant and a phone. Like z53, which has so many folding parts and creases that being impervious to water damage, is just impressive. In the recent maddening rains in delhi, i tested out the galaxys m53 for water damage. To be very honest, i was scared. I was almost convinced that i was going to damage the phone, but i used the phone in the rain and it was absolutely fine and now so many weeks later, ive still been using the device, and i havent noticed a single water related damager issue, Music, with The galaxy z53 samsung has made a lot of changes to the phone to make it an everyday phone and one of the really big factors in doing that is the change in price strategy for this phone. If you look at the first generation, galaxy z, flip that was priced at 1, lakh 10, 000 rupees in india. The zed flip three, however, is price starting 85 000 rupees. That is a difference of almost 20 000 rupees. This means that samsung is no longer a phone that somebody just buys, because oh i have that much money at disposal or somebody who just buys a phone out of a whim, its a phone with flagship specifications and features – and it is now also priced almost similar To other flagship smartphones on the market Music, i have never missed so many alarms in my life, like i did, while using the galaxy z3, so many nights ive woken up alarmed that my phone switched off at night.

My primary phone is an iphone 11 and even when i have 12 percent of battery or 15 battery, i know that the phone will survive through the night, especially if its on dnd and it will wake me up eight hours later, but that just does not work With the galaxy z3 in the past few weeks of using the galaxy z3 ive learned that unless the battery is 25 or more, then there are chances that the phone will switch off at night. In fact, when we started shooting this video, the galaxy z3 was at 24 of battery and right now it is at four percent. Another issue with the z53s battery is that in the first week of using the device the phone would just drain out at five percent battery. I mean the moment its at five. You dont even have a second to wait and the phone would just die down, but with adaptive battery this improved a little over the weeks. Now the phone does not switch off at five percent, but it does go from five to zero percent in under a minute. Music, the galaxys l53 also has a few heating issues when the phones battery is under 15. Just scrolling through social media also starts to heat up the top half of the phone a little bit. You can also notice that when youre gaming and i dont mean graphic heavy games, i mean something as basic as bb racing too, that heats up the device.

Why? I absolutely love the form factor of the galaxys head flip that still doesnt help with the phones one hand usability when you unflip the phone it opens into a 6.7 inch large display, so you can hold the device, but using it across is not easy at all, And i spoke about the official samsung silicon covers which come with a loop that help you in holding the phone when its unflipped, but that still doesnt help with the usability Music now apps, like cameras, messages, contacts, calendar theyre, all very well optimized for flips ui. But third party apps, like instagram twitter, google, meets they still dont feel very natural. The galaxy x3 has a dedicated setting called the flex mode which basically lets you pick or select, which particular app do you want to use in flex mode? But the issue is that with third party apps, the flex mode just pushes the entire app to the top half of the device, and the bottom half is just basically the keypad and four shortcuts, which is the control panel screenshot screen brightness and the volume control. I really feel that samsung could have done a lot more with the flex mode, especially with third party apps that are so popular, something like instagram or google docs. They could have used more functionality for the with the flex mode Music. So, coming back to what i said at the beginning of this video, the galaxy z, flip 3 is a real world phone.

Why? Because the phone now finally falls in the same price segment as other flagship phones. It comes with premium features like super amoled display, qualcomm snapdragon, triple eight 5g chipset up to 8gb ram 256gb storage, a 12 megapixel dual camera setup at the back, a 10 mp selfie camera ipx8 water resistance, basically its offering you everything a flagship phones offers and then Some, the only compromise really that you will have to make with the z3 is on the battery, so that was my review of the samsung galaxy zed slip 3. for more. Such videos subscribe to news 9 and if you have any questions, please send them in the comments below.