So the new ne 5g brings a slew of upgrades over its predecessor feels more polished and, most importantly, feels complete, quite honestly, uh the new xiaomi 11 light. Any 5g is everything that the mi 11 light should have been in the first place: hello, everyone amania from mr phone and before i tell you more about the xiaomi 11 lite, any 5g heres a small announcement about our upcoming gaming tournament. So, after the success of the first season of our valorem gaming tournament, we are coming up with season 2 and its called valo wars. Now the tournament starts october 27th and it will be live streamed only on our mr phone gaming youtube channel to know more stay tuned to mr phone on our social handles and, of course, hit that red subscribe button. If you havent already and turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest videos Music by the way ive already talked about most of the aspects of the xiaomi 11 lite any 5g in my first impressions video. So if you want to check that out, hit the card right above, but of course watch that video and then come back right here now lets continue. So, no doubt that this is a light and a nimble smartphone i mean this phone is as pocketable as it gets. It is so light that at times, even when this phone was inside my pocket, i had this constant fear of whether ive dropped the phone, but thankfully it was always there but yes, weight aside.

The soft touch. Matriar glass feels amazing to the touch the frame is polycarbonate, but since it is glossy, it looks good at just 158 grams and 6.8 mm thick. If i had to choose a phone solely for its uh design, form factor or a pocket ability without a shadow of a doubt, i would go for the xiaomi 11 lite any 5g on to the display forks – and this is a 90 hertz, 6.55 inch amoled panel – That gets sufficiently bright both indoors as well as outdoors two key strengths of the screen are that it is a 10 bit making it superior to an 8 bit panel and the other being that you get dolby vision and hdr 10 plus support here so say. If you wish to watch hdr content on netflix, well, you can on this phone because the hardware supports it serious business. I know youre innocent and all but youre not planning to pull a hit and run with my freshest cat. Are you and of course, other content? Looks amazing, in fact, if you appreciate smartphone displays youll love the one on the ne 5g for its color reproduction good contrast levels and sharpness. Overall, when it comes to multimedia consumption, the 11 light ne 5g is one of the best mid range phones around and by the way, did you notice how good the stereo speakers on this phone sound? Well, you can just go back to the netflix section and see that clip again for now lets move on the xiaomi 11 lite.

Any 5g is powered by the snapdragon 778g chipset and you get a choice of two variants here: a 6 gb ram option priced at 26, 999 rupees or you can opt for the 8gb ram option, which is priced at 28. 999 rupees storage is standard at 128. Gb on both variants and theres, expandable storage, as well, just in case a 128 gb isnt enough for you, so in terms of pricing, its job well done, but it is nothing new for xiaomi i mean the company is known for its solid and aggressive pricing, and This one here is no different, but despite the aggressive pricing, theres no compromise on the performance front, as a matter of fact, the snapdragon 778 g chipset is a very capable processor. I have already tested it on a bunch of devices and basically this soc has totally changed the landscape of how we look at performance in a mid range phone these days so in terms of day to day usage solid in my couple of weeks spent with this Phone there were no slow downs or heating issues or any sort of lags or stutter, and if you have seen a me11 light around youll clearly notice that extra boost in raw power that you get on the 11 light and e5 heat. What really left me stunned is that how smooth miui 12.5 has been coupled with the snapdragon 778g chipset opening and closing apps and navigating around the ui opening the multitasking screen or transitions and animations have been smooth.

Basically, if you have ever used the mi 11 lite, then you might know that it isnt the fastest or the smoothest phone around i mean it is decent at best, but all those speed issues performance issues have been taken care of with the 11 light ne 5g Speaking of feature, this phone was easily able to run call of duty mobile with high graphics and max frame rate. So, of course, it is capable of handling even the demanding of games pretty well, although it does get slightly warm to the touch after sustained use and coming back to the software, as i said, things have been buttery smooth. I really enjoyed using miui. Of course the best part has been the speed. But besides that, the ui is clean. There have been zero ads or spam notifications, but the major news is that xiaomi is going to give you three years of main os upgrades and four years of security updates, which is absolutely fantastic. Now one minor flag in miui 12.5 – and i might just be nitpicking here but miui doesnt – have a google discover page as you can see, which i think should have been here. But apart from this overall, the software experience on this phone gets a solid 9 on 10.. In terms of battery life, you get the same 4250 mah cell thats, also in the mi 11 lite, but because of better optimization. Maybe that is the snapdragon 778 g chipset and miui 12.

5. The endurance has been pretty good. I was easily able to last a day with this phone with around a 25 to 30 battery left by eod, sometimes on lighter days even a day and a half – and this is with about five to six hours of screen on time, which again is great charging Times are also decent, as the phone takes about 60 to 70 minutes to fully top up from zero to 100 percent. Now talking about some other miscellaneous additions. Well, theres 12 5g bands support on this phone, which makes it future proof for now theres 4g carrier aggregation and in terms of network reception and connectivity. I did not face. Any problems calls sounded loud and natural in the phones, earpiece, and i also didnt face any call drops whatsoever. Then theres, an ir blaster on this phone to control your tv or your ac, from your phone and theres a me remote app for that. That comes pre installed. This phone also has nfc something that wasnt there on the m11 lite making tap payments from your phone possible. Now the buttons on this phone offer amazing tactile feedback and the side mounted physical, fingerprint sensor is accurate and unlocks the phone in a jiffy. And finally, this phone doesnt come with a headphone jack, but xiaomi was kind enough to provide a 3.5 mm to type c. Adapter in the box now how many companies do that so lets talk about the camera? Now three lenses you are getting at the rear.

The main camera is a 64 megapixel unit, and this is coupled with an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and a 5 megapixel macro sensor on the front is a 20 megapixel camera for selfies in comparison to the mi11 light theres, not much of a difference that We see here on the new 11 light and e5g when it comes to clicking photos, i would say in good lighting, i did found the camera performance to be slightly better, but, generally speaking, images were sharp. The camera was quick to lock, focus and colors mostly were on the vibrant side, which i feel should please most of the folks out there now in dim lighting. The camera performance is decent. First of all, when it comes to dealing with colors and exposure its just that, when clicking human subjects, even with night mode turned on the camera, does seem to smoothen the skin tones. The macro camera, though, does deserve a special shout out. I think xiaomi does one of the best macro cameras in the industry. Apart from this, i found the selfie performance to be decent in good light, but it was mostly during the evenings when the front camera shines, of course, night mode and a light source around. You also has a role to play, but yeah good performance overall uh. This is the 4k 30 fps video sample that youre looking at this is the maximum. This phone can shoot, and this is what you can expect in terms of output, so yeah.

This is pretty much it im shooting uh during the golden hour. So this is how the quality looks like uh see for yourselves how the stabilization is. How does my audio sound, let me know in the comments and ill quickly show you a 1080p 30fps sample as well. So this is the 1080p 30fps video sample ill quickly, pan around and now ill start walking. So you can see the stabilization for yourself. Civilization looks good. How does my audio sound, let me know in the comments and what do you think about the overall quality of the rear facing camera when it comes to video recording uh share your thoughts with me in the comments below uh now ill quickly. Show you a selfie video sample as well shooting the front facing uh video sample on the xiaomi, 11 lite and e5e. So this is the 1080p 60fps video sample is the maxim this one can shoot from the front camera, and this is what you can expect in terms of video quality, so in terms of stabilization well, um, not great when it comes to the stabilization, but otherwise, in Terms of video quality, i think so the phone is doing a good job im shooting during the golden hour, as i already told you so yeah. This is what you can expect in terms of overall quality. Let me know what do you think about the front facing cameras performance when it comes to video recording in the comments below cheers? In a nutshell, the xiaomi 11 light and e5g finds itself in a crowded than ever mid range segment.

I mean for under 30 000 rupees theres, the real me gt master thats, the galaxy m52 theres, the motorola h20 heck. Even the newly launched gt neo2 is currently going for under 30 000 rupees, so that any 5g does seem to find itself in a tight spot. That said, if youre looking for the thinnest and lightest 5g phone, which supports 12 bands by the way, features a 10 bit display, offers a solid day to day performance and, most importantly, guarantees three years of android os upgrades from here on, i would say you can Blindly put your money on the xiaomi 11 lite any 5g. By the way, this phone is also in the running for the best designed smartphone again, nothing is finalized yet, but this one is a surely a strong contender look out for a mr phone awards coming later.