The size of smartphones themselves has been on the rise in recent years, but companies like apple like to believe theres still a market for smaller phones and not just any smaller phones but flagship ones. Im ricky for gsm arena – and this is our review of the iphone 13 mini Music. The iphone 13 mini is identical to the iphone 12 mini its practically equal in the size, and most of the design is the same. Of course, there are some changes. You will see that the cameras are now aligned in diagonal instead of vertically, and the size of the notch in the front has been slightly reduced. It might be ironic to say that this little guy is heavier and thicker, but it is compared to the 12 mini thats because of the larger battery, so cases for the 12 mini might not fit well, its still very comfortable to use since its so small. One handed use feels natural and easy not only that, but the aluminum frame with brushed paint is nicely grippy and although fingerprints do stick around, they arent too visible. This is the best user experience youll have on such a compact display and if youre, a fan of small phones youll definitely enjoy using it. Its also one of the most durable phones on the market, as various drop tests have already proven. It has a ceramic shield on the front, an aluminum frame in the middle, and it has a corning made rear panel.

The mini will have no issues at the beach or hanging by the pool. It has an ip68 dust and water resistance rating and apple went above and beyond the requirements for it. The mini can handle 30 minutes under 60 meters of water. The 13 mini has a 5.4 inch super retina xdr display the oled screen supports hdr 10 dolby vision and its bezels are as thin as the iphone 12 minis, but with a narrower notch. Unlike its bigger pro siblings, the 13 minis refresh rate stays at 60 hertz, but it does have a touch sampling rate of 120 hertz. The screen itself is great: the mini measured an excellent 831 nits of max brightness and with a pixel density of 476 ppi. It has the sharpest screen on this years: iphone lineup. It also sports apples, true tone technology and has excellent color accuracy. The 13 mini has stereo speakers theres a single bottom firing one and the earpiece doubles as a loudspeaker as well on our audio test. It had very good loudness. Audio quality was impressive too, and we can hear some bass, good, mids and pleasant highs. You definitely wont be disappointed, as it has one of the best speaker setups on the market right now: Music, Music, the 2 438 milliamp hour battery seems tiny by todays standards, but its a 10 increase. Over last year. It received a 75 hour endurance rating on our battery life tests, which isnt bad for such a small phone thats.

Actually, a 6 hour improvement over last years mini the 13 mini doesnt ship with a charge adapter. But if you use apples 20 watt charger, it gets the phone from zero to 61 percent in half an hour and a full charge took an hour and 24 minutes like the rest of apples, iphone 13 lineup. The mini has the a15 bionic chip, where it differs, is that it has four gigabytes of ram instead of the six gigabytes on the pro models. This is the fastest mobile chipset to date and its way ahead of the android competition youll definitely have plenty of power. For years to come, whats more is that the thermals worked well and the phone never got too hot to handle. It allowed the cpu to keep 74 of its max performance with sustained use, while the gpu throttled to 64 of its max performance after 20 minutes at full power. The iphone 13 mini comes pre loaded with ios 15 out of the box. One of the more noteworthy improvements arrived with notifications management. Now you have focus profiles that determine when you receive certain notifications, so you get what you need, whether youre in work mode or if youre, playing games, facetime and safari have also gotten significant upgrades, and the ui has newer design elements that are now rounder than before. Of course theres much more than that, since the software is identical across all of apples, flagships weve gone much more in depth about it in our iphone 13 video and weve, linked it down below the 13 mini sports, a 12 megapixel main camera with a bigger sensor Than last year and sensor shift stabilization, along with a 12 megapixel ultrawide camera with fixed focus, these are the same ones, youll find on the iphone 13.

So everything we said in that review still applies during the day. The main camera shoots excellent photos, theyre sharp, with a lot of detail, great contrast and low noise. The dynamic range is praise worthy too, but the way this camera renders foliage is not our favorite. The ultrawide camera shoots. Some of the widest photos. Weve seen the details were: okay contrast was great, noise was low and colors were very accurate. The dynamic range is well balanced. Here too again we werent impressed by how it handles foliage and theres. No auto focus here like on the iphone pro models. Night mode is triggered automatically in lower light photos from the main camera looked really nice exposure was balanced, contrast was great and color saturation was superb detail and sharpness were outstanding as well. The ultrawide camera also supports the auto night mode. Shots here were okay, while exposure contrast and colors looked good still, the images were soft and quite noisy, and we can only really recommend them for social media apples. Selfie camera has two field of view modes, a 12 megapixel wide one and a slightly zoomed 7 megapixel crop. The 12 megapixel selfies are fantastic with an excellent amount of detail, contrast and dynamic range here as well. The colors are very accurate. Noise was handled well, even when shooting in less than ideal light conditions. The iphone can record up to 4k video at 60 frames per second, with both cameras, all videos are digitally stabilized and they all feature expanded.

Dynamic range thanks to smart, hdr iphones, usually have excellent video quality and naturally the iphone 13 mini can capture some of the best video in the mobile business. During the day, footage is great, dynamic range is wide and colors are lively. The ultrawide is just as good and it captures some of the best footage weve seen from an ultra wide so far, theres great parity with the main camera. As far as color exposure and dynamic range are concerned, detail is great, too theres a new cinematic mode which acts like a portrait mode for videos by blurring the background behind your subject. Its currently the best implementation of this feature yet, but its far from great, especially with edge detection, the iphone 13 mini isnt, a huge jump from the 12 and the annoying notch, while smaller is still around the screen. Still doesnt have a high refresh rate and the ultra wide is only fixed focus other than that. It has a beautiful, durable and lightweight design, and it has the same excellent speakers top notch. Camera quality and powerful chipset as its siblings, simply put if youre looking for a compact flagship. This is the best one on the market and we highly recommend it.