Its just automatically adjusted very interesting effects. Uh features for this gimbal, then hyperlapse hyperlapse of the same feature, the bobbin time lapser motor left to Music, should it will be very helpful for them as well. So i think these are most of these things. You will get from this device, and i personally like this, and this one is pretty expensive, but i think uh, this device is old. If you buy this one, this is ordinance. Another good thing is like: if you have like older phone like iphone 10 or iphone 11 or like samsung, galaxy s20, or something like that, any android phone or any and oppo vivo anything. So i think from those device. You can shoot like iphone 13 pro max. So they are like iphone 13 pro max, promoting cinematographic videos for um video features. The cinematography video should depart Music foreign and please subscribe my youtube channel for my future video and hit the bell icon.