This is a vlogging setup kit for your smartphone. It includes everything a beginner needs to start their channel at just the price of 130 dollars. Upon opening the hard case, we are greeted with a cleaning cloth and a feedback card moving on. We have the phone holder, which is made up of plastic, but i can tell it is much sturdier than most of the phone holders which ive handled. It also has two knobs to control the orientation of the device and the height needed to wet your phone in theres. Also, a bunch of cool shoe mounts on it to be able to mount multiple accessories that well go over later. Personally, i prefer this knob mechanism than the spring loaded mechanism, which feels like the phone is going to fly out anytime soon. Next, you have the mini tripod, stand with a ball head, which has a good amount of weight to it, to be able to support. Most of the heavy phones and even a dslr as ive tested, the legs of the tripod can be adjusted easily with a slider theres, also an extension tube included for the tripod setup for an added height and the tube can be extended even more by twisting the Top we also have a mini handle which is made up of metal, and it has a rubber type material on it, its very comfortable to hold, and it supports the whole setup easily. They also have included a mini, led light, which has a 2 000 milliamp hour battery built in after testing the light it can be used for two hours on a single charge.

The brightness can be adjusted with a couple of buttons on the back, and it also has a usb c port for charging all of the cables that we need for the accessories are already included so thats super cool. This kit also has a 18 millimeter wide angle lens for your smartphone, which is great, even though most phones comes with a wide angle lens, comparing it to the main lens of the phone. You can see. The wide angle lens has a lot more noise and less clarity. This is why its better to use the main lens with an attachment, wide angle lens. The installation process of the lens is very simple, as you have to align the included clip onto the phones lens and just twist. The wide angle lens on it make sure the lens is appropriately aligned with the phone lens to avoid any vignetting theres. Also, a bluetooth, shutter remote included to easily record when youre, far away from your phone, the remote can be also used to take photos. Finally, the last accessory, which im very excited about is the mobile vxr 10 pro microphone. The build quality of the microphone is exquisite for such a low price, comparing it to other microphones that ive come across. I would say this performs way more better for the price theyve included, two win screens for the mic. One of it is the dead cat and the other is the phone theyve also included. Two shock mounts to easily mount the mic to any setup.

The cable needed for the mic is also included, but its important to know the label on them for the specific device. As if its used wrongly, the microphone will not work, so the cable with the smartphone label has to be used by the smartphone and the cable with the camera on it has to be used on the camera. There might be a problem in connection with certain phones, as most newer phones do not have a headphone jack to be connected to so an addition of a lightning to 3.5 millimeter part cable for the iphone or usbc to a 3.5 millimeter port cable for an android Is needed, the audio can be easily monitored. By connecting to the mic itself, i will give you guys a mic test, comparing the phones audio to the mobile vxr 10, pro okay, guys so now im using the phone xperia xe1 by itself, without any more accessories. You can hear the audio im not using any lens im, just using everything stock from the phone, so yeah, basically, okay guys. So now you can see im using my smartphone with all the mobile accessories and you can hear how much better the audio quality is and how bigger the screen got its so wide right. Okay, guys, i will leave it to you to judge the quality of the mic overall. This kit is great for youtubers and vloggers whos, just starting out on their channel. This kit includes everything that is needed for one to grow their channel, even if they upgrade to a more pricier camera in the near future.

Some of the accessories are still very usable with a dslr camera.