This was very kindly sent into me free of charge by the manufacturer. No moneys exchanged hands. They havent asked me to say anything in particular im just going to share with you my experience of using this over the past few weeks, so you can make an informed buying decision so lets get on with the review. So this is the motorola edge 20 pro, and i want to start this video by just showing you what you get inside the box now this is the outer box, if youre purchasing the edge 20 pro, which includes the ready four cable, which is basically an hdmi Cable, you get this outer box and then two inner boxes. This is the ready, four cable, just basically a usb usbc to hdmi cable. That means you can extend the use of your smartphone to a larger screen. You also get this inner box here, which has got some details on the back and then it also contains the rest of these accessories. These include some paperwork, so this is some regulatory information. We get a readme, quick start guide. This is going to guide you through getting everything up and running. You also get a usbc charging cable ill just quickly. Pull this out. Youll see that this is usbc on both ends. Youve got usbc on this end and usbc. On this end, this is used for charging the smartphone. We also get a charger now. This is going to be specific to your country, so im in the uk.

So i get a three pin uk charger with usbc on this end. If youre in another country youll get a slightly different charger to this, you also get a sim ejector for ejecting the sim tray. You also get a really nice cover. This is just like a silicon cover its going to protect your phone from sort of bumps and scratches, and then we also get, of course, the smartphone itself. Now the smartphone has got a really nice large screen. Let me just unlock this. This is a 6.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1080 by 2400 pixels. The fingerprint sensor is built into the power button, its really effective and also very, very reliable, very, very good, really nicely positioned as well. We turn this over youll, see the really nice color on the back, motorola branding and, of course, the array of cameras. Now the cameras will take up to 108 megapixel photos and also youre going to get really good quality. Video footage from this as well 4k uhd resolution video, which really does look superb now weve got six to 12 gigabytes of ram inside the smartphone, depending on which model you get. This particular one has got 12 gigabytes of ram and also 128 gigabytes of storage. Its got a snapdragon, 870 5g support as well, and a 4500 milliamp hour battery now that 4500 milliamp hour battery good enough easily for a whole days use between charges. I think for a medium user, youre going to get a day and a half between charges so lets.

Take you for a little bit of a better look around the camera on this side. Here, weve got that fingerprint sensor. Weve also got the volume rocker weve got that camera array lets. Give you a closer look at that really good cameras im going to show you some results. Ive got with this camera very shortly. This back catches the light very nicely, and it just feels like a really luxurious smartphone around on this side. Here weve got an additional button and then round on the front. Of course, weve got the display with the little tiny knockout for the front facing camera. At the top there very very tiny sort of pinhole camera really nice resolution on this screen and if we go into lets, go into camera and then we go into our photos that weve taken earlier. So these are some of the photos ive already taken, and these were taken in really poor lighting conditions, some of them with night mode and some of them in other modes. This particular one here was taken in macro mode, its a really good photo, and this one was taken with the normal lens and then weve also got some more here, some taken with the normal lens and some taken with macro and some taken in night mode between The two night mode is very effective, especially in low light situations. So you get some really good photographic results on here. You also get some really nice.

Video lets just pop into the brightness settings pop the brightness up for you. The screen does go very bright by the way, far too bright for this video demonstration, but with a bit brighter image here. Just to show you on lets just go back to that last photo again. Really nice results from the camera. I dont think youll be disappointed at all. The camera is also very responsive and also very quick to focus and take the photo. So if youre looking for some action shots, i dont think youll be disappointed. Here comes pre installed with the google suite of applications. Of course, the google play store is supported as well. These are all of the pre installed apps its got a really nice turn of speed on this gorgeous screen. Very very nice screen the fit and finish on this. It feels very nice, in the hand its a little bit slippery, but they do, of course include the silicon case and once its, in the case, its a lot more grippy. I love the placement of this fingerprint sensor and the power on button because its just the one button to worry about you havent got a find an under screen fingerprint sensor. I think theyve just done a great job overall on the design of this. Now. With regards to performance, i could show you a benchmark test, but theyre readily available online. All i will say is this feels very, very snappy and very responsive.

I think its a great smartphone and what motorola do with their smartphones is. Give you a really good specification. A really good, almost stock android experience, and yet you dont pay these premium premium flagship prices. So i think this is a very good choice if youre after a really decent android smartphone, this is the motorola edge20 pro thanks very much for watching my video. I hope you enjoyed it now if you did enjoy the video. Please do hit that like button dont forget to subscribe to my channel as well, so you dont miss out on my future videos and also check out the links underneath the video down there. Theres links down there to where you can purchase this for yourself and also link down there to the manufacturers website.