I wan na share my experience using this smartphone, which is Xiaomi, Redmi, Note 10s and can be said. This is my favorite smartphone at 2, Millions rupiah price range. Looking back, we got an option from Xiaomi, which is Xiaomi Redmi, Note 10 4G Edition, but sadly this product is discontinued because of that its hard to recommend it as Smartphone to buy because its hard to find and to replace its position. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10s is the best option for you to have Before sharing my experience. Lets take a look at its specification. First Redmi Note: 10s has 643inches AMOLED Screen. It has 1080p resolution with 409ppi Pixel Densities. This screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 For back cover and frame. It is a plastic material, even though it is a plastic Redmi. Note 10s has a IP53 certificate for dust and splash protection. Now for the internal, the chipset comes from Mediatek Helio G95 Gaming Series For internal storage. There are 3 options, 664, 6128 and 8128, and you also can choose 3 color options: Ocean Blue Onyx, Gray and Pebble White. Now for the camera. Redmi Note. 10S has 13Mp Selfie Camera and 4 cameras at the rear. It has 64Mp Main Camera, 8Mp Ultra Wide Camera, 2Mp Macro Camera and 2Mp Depth For the battery. It has 5000mAh and support 33W Fast Charging. That is quick, look specification for Redmi, Note 10s and it is a worthy smartphone to have at 2 Millions Price Range.

Now, let us look more detail start from the design. Looking at its back cover, We get good finishing with 2 tone colors For this blue color. The gradient color is nice. It makes this smartphone looks stylish minimalist. This camera design, in my opinion, is bumpless, even if you dont use a case, The camera bump is not significant. Big. The camera look also nice because there is Halo Ring Effect on Main Camera and silver camera frame. Overall, this design looks luxurious for 2 Millions Smartphone Price and to hold it is very comfortable because of good ergonomic design. This is another advantage from Redmi Note 10s, which is very comfortable for our grip. Redmi Note 10s has a curve side on left and right side till its frame. This makes our hand has a better grip and there is no extra pressure, which makes our hand grip exhausted, Not only comfortable to hold Redmi. Note 10s also provides comfort for us while watching streaming content, and yes, this is what we do most often with our smartphone. Watching YouTube Video, for example, there is no other word except awesome that I can say to you Redmi note. 10S has AMOLED Screen, which makes video looks more vibrant. The color detail will look so clearly cyrstal clear, combine with object, detail which pleasant for our eyes To make it perfect. Redmi note 10s also has stereo speaker, and it means we get dual speaker at the top and the bottom with landscape position.

The audio will sound, perfect and balance with our position at the middle Beside using this to watch content via streaming. Of course, you will use this smartphone to spend a little time to play game, and, If you ask me, Does this phone support for gaming? The answer? Yes, it does Now we are looking at in game Mobile Legend Lets check Setting Menu In here. You can choose ultra graphic now lets play Now. I have done playing Mobile Legend, It takes around 17 minutes and the warm area which I feel around here Lets check. The temperature – It is ‘.7C Next Lets play Call of Duty Mobile and first we check the setting menu. Then audio and graphic The default setting will be High Graphic and High Framerate. The Very High Graphic is available, but for this test I choose Max Frame Rate. Then lets play guys Overall, my gaming experience, which is casual and competitive, its well perform on Xiaomi Redmi, Note 10s, and there is no overheat issue. While I am using it before we move to the next session. Maybe you can spend a little time to click subscribe. So this channel can make more contents and grow, so I can provide the best content for you now lets test the camera performance. This is selfie video from Redmi Note 10s at 1080p 30Fps with indoor theme. If you plan to use this smartphone to video call using whatsapp Google Meet Zoom or other apps which depend on selfie camera, This is the frame which you will get and for audio quality.

This is the result from Xiaomi Redmi, Note 10s. So with the frame, and also my skin tone and my shirt color Both are accurate and lets test outside to see the stabilization. That is, video test from Xiaomi Redmi, Note, 10s, and the result is quite good Overall, the photo is quite good. Selfie photo is good and it can detect our face to adjust the scene brightness for nature. Photography is good without over saturation to use it on day. Time is good and night time is also good. If you ask me if this phone is worth for you, The answer is yes, of course, Redmi Note 10s offers the best and complete features at 2 Millions Price Range. We get a vibrant AMOLED screen Perfect for entertainment with stereo speaker too. Support for casual and competitive gaming Has comfortable ergonomic design, Complete camera with ultra wide, and It also has IP53 Certificate. That is the review. Video for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10s. I hope this video can provide good information for you if you plan to have it, and thank you for watching this video. If you like this video, Please help to click Subscribe, Because your subscription is the motivation source for me and please like and share this video Till we meet again at the next video.