This is the moza nano se, the moza nano ac is a selfie stick with a one axis gimbal on the top of it, and i have to say that this is a very handy device if you are going to use it with a well stabilized phone. The thing that i mean about a well stabilized phone is that uh its suggestible to use a phone with optical image stabilization and to use the moza nano sc for horizon leveling, because the yaw axis that is available on this gimbal is for the horizon. Leveling. And i have to say that i pretty much like how everything goes when im filming with my phone for the sake of the video, i have been testing this device with two different phones with redmi note, 10 pro and with oneplus 9 pro. So one of the phone is not stabilized at all, and the other phone has an optical image. Stabilization. First of all, the mozza nano sc can carry up to 250 grand phones, which is, i have to say, pretty much pretty much because not most of the phones are going to be at this weight, especially the new xiaomi phones that are extremely lightweight. So, in this case, with my oneplus 9 pro, i had no problems at all. If you are having an iphone 12 or 13 pro max, you wont be having any issue at all too. I have to say that first of all, i was a little bit skeptical about this device because uh i was thinking that im not going to use a selfie stick that much.

The other thing is that when im traveling, when im traveling to foreign countries im using only my phone, because in some of the countries im traveling only with my backpack – and i have to rely only on my phone in this case – something like the moza nano sc – Can do a very good job because it is a selfie stick. You can expand it like this, and you can use your main sensor of the camera, even for a ultra white image, because you can stretch your hand and you can film yourself. The thing that is good here is that the horizon will be level 2 because of the motor that you have in this thing. For powering the nano ac, you have one button on the left side, and also you have some lighting indicator that are going to indicate about the level of the battery that you have and while talking about the battery, this thing has 10 hours of life. So it is enough, in my opinion, and when you have to charge it, you have to know that it will take up to two and a half hours. One of my most favorite things about almost any gimbal is to have a built in tripod. So the moza nano ac has a built in tripod that you can stretch out. You can boot it on even surface and you can walk away from the phone if you want to take a selfie or something like this, and how are you going to use the shutter of the camera? It is pretty easy.

You just have to remove the remote control from the body of the selfie stick and you can use it because this remote control pairs simultaneously to their phone and to your gimbal, the remote control, has four buttons. One of this is for triggering the camera. Two are for zoom, and one of the buttons is to change the orientation of the phone, so you can go in vertical mode or in horizontal. If you want to make a tick, tock or something you can go in vertical and for youtube. You know you have to go in horizontal mode, so you can do this with a single press of the button, which is very handy, and i appreciate it. I have to say that the zoom features that it has are not one of the best, because i have been using the xiaomi phone, which is working absolutely great while zooming, but the oneplus is not working at all with the zoom features of this remote. So it depends on your phone. Maybe one of the interesting things is that you cannot change the battery of the remote control and actually you can. But it is a little bit strange for procedure, because if you want to open it up, you have to remove the back sticker. You have four bolts that you have to unscrew and to change the battery after you change the battery. You have to repair it again with the gimbal with holding these two buttons, the top and the bottom button.

Moza has a very interesting app for your smartphone and you can use it for making time lapse. You can use it for making slow motion videos for normal videos for photos also. They have some cinematic interesting mods that you can use for making stories or something like this, but i have to say that im, not a fan of third party apps. I have been using the native apps on the phone, because the quality there remains the same, and from my experience that i have with many different gimbals for smartphones, i have to say that the apps that are coming with the gimbals are ruining the quality a little Bit so thats, why im sticking with the native app of the phone overall, i have to say that ive been seeing myself using the moza nano sc more and more because it is very handy for me when im traveling and making a video only with my phone When i have to leave the phone somewhere and film myself while talking to the camera or wow, i have to make a selfie or something like this for the social media. So this is a very handy device and the best thing is that it comes at 45. Us dollars and ill leave you a link down below at the model website. So my final conclusion is that the moza nano sc is a very interesting device that can give you some options to stabilize your image to stabilize your horizon of the phone, and this is maybe the final touch of a very well stabilized phone to use.

Something like this for even horizon to look a little bit more cinematic to look a little bit better, and i have to say that i can give something like 4.5 out of 5 for this device and im taking some points because of the remote control that you Cannot recharge and no one actually tells you how to open it or something like this and overall, i think that it deserves a thumbs up from me. This device is provided by moza, but the video is not sponsored in any term and they didnt have the option to see the video before i post it. So thank you guys for watching this video. I hope you find it useful and i hope you like it if it is so smash that thumbs up button subscribe to the channel.