Today we have the vivo x70 pro and the x70 pro plus in our hands, and i would like to talk mainly about the x70 pro plus, since that these two phones are quite similar to each other. Also, this review is going to be a little different from our previous ones, because i would like to mentally focus on the phones, imaging capabilities and see how it compares to other flagship, smartphone cameras, so lets get right into it. The x70 pro plus has a 6.7 83 inch qwhd amoled display with a 2k resolution, 120 hertz, refresh rate bca p3 color space native 1 billion color support and 517 ppi, making it one of the best smartphone screens on the market inside we have a snapdragon, 888 Plus and a 4500mah battery that supports 55 watts flash charge making sure it has enough power to get you through your entire day. In terms of design, i really enjoy the look of the camera module on the back. The shiny glass panel beside the cameras, creates a more uniform look, not only making the design language more balanced, but also creating an iconic look that others will instantly recognize. That is a vivo flagship now lets get into the main part of this review. The imaging system of the phone, the x70 pro plus, has a 50 megapixel min white camera and a 48 megapixel ultra ray camera, with a built in gimbal, a 12 megapixel portrait camera and a megapixel periscope telephoto camera.

Also, we have a 32 megapixel front facing camera. When we look at the camera module right off the bat, we can see a familiar blue logo from zeiss the optics giant beside the logo on the glass panel. You can see another size even when you look at the edge of the camera module. You can see zeiss again. This proves that vivo has indeed partnered with the leading optics firm and is serious about creating one of the best imaging systems on any smartphone. So lets see how they did by comparing it to none other than the newly released iphone 13 pro max lets start with both phones mid white camera. As we can see, both phones are extremely capable in brightly lit environments when zoomed in both phones produce decent photos with enough details and contrast. However, one thing to keep in mind is that when you have a high contrast environment like these two photos, vivos camera does lose some details in shadows, as you can see here when zoomed in, in other words, both phones, mid white camera are extremely capable, meaning that Taking pictures during daytime is a piece of cake for anyone with these two phones. However, the real challenge is low light situations, and this is where the x70 pro plus shines in terms of nighttime photos. The x70 pro plus blows my iphone 13 out of the water. Even though my iphone resembles the way my eyes see the environment, i have to admit that photos from vivo are just more pleasing to look at the highlights are preserved, the shadows are lifted to show more details, and the amount of contrast is just at a sweet Spot then, how about extreme low light situations here is a video that shows you how dark the room is.

Basically my eyes, cant, barely see anything and lets see how the two bros behave. Just like the previous nighttime photos. My iphone produces images that closely resemble the environment and the photos taken by vivo. Look exactly how i wish them to look its hard to believe that this photo is taken in a room that is near complete darkness. Most importantly, we will only take 5 seconds 6 goals, while the iphone takes 10 seconds, which is extremely impressive. I think it has to do with vivos own v1 imaging chief inside and these nighttime shots prove just how powerful that cheap really is. In addition, the x70 pro plus and other x70 pros have achieved certified compliance desired team coating, meaning that it can effectively reduce ghosting street light and other image artifacts. You can see the difference here, while my iphone produces unwanted ghosting view handles it easily with the help of size decoding. At the same time, both the x70 pro plus and the iphone can shoot in raw format. Pictures vivo super raw and apples pearl wall are quite similar, not only giving you the advantages of shooting raw, but also polishing those raw files through computations. To give you the best starting point for grading. As for the result, they both produce decent photos for you to get creative during post processing other than photos. Videos are another key part of the phones image system in terms of image quality when shooting 4k videos.

I think both phones are doing very well with the iphone just a little bit better in terms of dynamic range and sharpness, as we can see at the highlights of the tables, then how about stabilization? Your walking conditions, both phones, produce stable videos with some natural shakes. However, when you start running, you will see noticeable shakes in the final videos. However, the x70 pro plus has an ultra white camera, with a built in gimbal, giving you much more stable video in comparison to the iphone. Unfortunately, this only works in 1080p at 60 frames per second, and i would love to see more recording options, since i think this will be a game changer in terms of mobile filmmaking, alright, thats, all that we have for you today. If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up if you havent subscribed to our channel already.