Lift the box open, pull the tab and lift the phone straight out of the box. We are not messing around in this video theyre calling this cloudy white, but i can describe this as an ivory white, its a nice finish. It does not pick up fingerprints, no smudges its actually a very nice design. You have the terminator style camera bump, which im still getting used to im getting acquainted to this, but i really do like the pro versions. Metal trim going all the way around and just in between the top. You have this plastic white strip im, not sure. If that is a design element or if that was required, but maybe a metal trim going all the way around would have been nicer, and this is the pro version and no doubt it does feel slightly bigger than the standard six which i am going to bring In very quickly just to do a side by side, so you can see the pro version is slightly taller. The width feels very similar. I think the pro version is actually slightly bigger in both height and width, so interesting, interesting stuff. The pixel 6 pro also has triple cameras on the back, so weve got a 50 megapixel primary 12 megapixel ultra wide, but youre. Also getting a 48 megapixel telephoto lens youve got gorilla glass protection on the back and a quick look inside the box. You will find a type c to type c.

Cable youve got a type c to usb a adapter and some paperwork, so no charging brick included in the pro version either it would have been nice if they actually gave you a power brick with the pro version. Considering its the top of the range model, but i guess they had to join the team with samsung and apple Music on the front. You have take this off a 6.7 inch, oled 120 hertz refresh 512 pixels per inch, and this is actually a quad hd plus display screen res 1440 by 3120, and you also have gorilla glass victus on top now there is a centered hole, punch camera and its Slightly upgraded than the pixel 6 version, thats an 11.1 megapixel front camera and, of course, a full screen display, but it seems like the displays are slightly different. Im gon na have to uh quickly compare this youve got slimmer, bezels on the pro version and the screen. Almost folds around the corner, just like a samsung infinity display Music, so it looks like youre getting a much more advanced and higher quality display on the pro model, and it also looks better with minimal bezels and the screen curves around the corner. So i already know which phone i want now: the pixel 6 pro is powered by googles brand new chipset, the google tencel, which is an octa core chip clocked at 2.8 gigahertz, and there is also a security. Co processor called the titan m2.

The pro version has 12 gigs of lpddr5 ram and 128 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage, quick, look at the ports at the bottom. We have a microphone type c port and a single speaker, and on this side we have volume, rocker and power button at the top of the device. There is nothing, but there is a loud speaker on the earpiece and on the other side we have a sim card tray. I quickly want to show you that its actually a single 5g sim card tray so theres, no dual sim and theres. Also, no micro, sd expansion included in the pixel 6 series. Now this phone is running android version 12 and being a google phone you can expect the latest android updates, with a minimum of five years of ongoing security updates. So the pixel 6 pro is an absolute marvel of a design, absolutely love that gorgeous display 120 hertz refresh big camera triple sensors. On the back stereo speakers, you have that powerful performance from the google tensa, which is which is probably going to compete with the snapdragon triple eight, so a lot to test and discover from the new pixel six series um. The features of these phones are vast. There are a lot of new features which i am not allowed to talk about yet so there is a lot to check out. I am no doubt going to push these phones to the limit and find out all the good and the bad and present it to you in my true to life, honest style, so stay tuned do subscribe.