While im talking about motorola edge20 pro hello, everyone youre watching vgr, india and im proud jyotkor and in todays video, we are reviewing motorola h20 pro motorola h20. Pro is the latest edition in the moto family, where the phone will cost you around rupees 36 000, which looks quite good, has a nice slim body with some amazing looking back where you will find 108 megapixel triple camera setup, where hair moto has done a really Nice work in terms of how the phone is going to look in your hands. I must say it has got a nice sturdy feeling to it. Its quite slim has nice comfortable feeling when you will carry it around, looks very classy and premium. The back of the phone looks really good. Has a nice matte finish: one can use the phone without a cover also, and if you wish to use a cover, you will get it in the box Music coming to the sides of the phone. Well, on the right side, you have the volume keys and a power button available on the left. You have a dedicated google key coming to the bottom. You have a sim tray available charging slot and speakers. One thing thats going to be missing is the 3.5 mm jack for your headphones. Well, the display is quite big. It comes with the very small little punch hole for your selfies and video calling and if you see its got a very thin bezels all over the phone, where you can have a nice video game experience as well.

So this was the overall look and feel of the phone now lets quickly get into the features and specifications of all new motorola h20. Pro lets. First start with the display of the phone. The motorola h20 pro comes with a big 6.7 inch, amoled display with hdr plus support. The panel has a 144hz refresh rate, which is among the highest at this price point. Motorola has used corning gorilla glass at the front and the back for protection while watching videos. You will have a wonderful and pleasant experience. The little notch present on the top of the selfies wont disturb your viewing angles. The colors on the display comes out really good. You get a massive screen, as you will see, that comes with a very thin bezels, which gives a really good experience. The scrolling and switching of the apps works really well. The screen is very smooth, gives you a nice feel while using it coming to the performance of the phone. The h20 pro is something that you are sorted with. The qualcomm snapdragon 870 soc is powerful enough to run almost anything you throw at it with 8gb of ram multitasking isnt an issue, and i could run multiple apps simultaneously, while switching between them, the big amoled display with its high refresh rate, is good to consume content. On motorola has set the refresh rate to auto by default, which lets the smartphone adapted, based on what youre doing you can manually, set it to 60hz or 144hz.

The h20 pros display had good viewing angles, and speaker is loud enough, which is really good and impressive. Camera is one thing that you cannot miss. You get 108 megapixel as its primary lens, which clicks really good pictures, sharp and detailed result you get when you will be clicking the pictures using h20 pro well. The phone supports triple camera setup 16, megapixel for ultra wide angle, photography and 8 megapixel for telephoto periscope. Photography also for your selfies, you get 32 megapixel as your front camera. The photos you can see are clicked from the phone and, as a result, they look really good. Daylight pictures are detailed and very much clear. In fact, pictures short from a distance have also come out very clear, while clicking only the phone will suggest you different modes with which it becomes even more convenient. While you will be clicking the pictures, even the close up shots have really come out. Well, it is crisp and very well detailed as far as the selfie is concerned here also, you will see that there is no such issue. You get good selfies, so overall, the camera is good. Just needs a bit of improvement for the night or dark mode pictures battery talking about the battery of the phone. You get 4500 mah battery, which supports 30 watt turbo fast charging, the phone with normal usage or browsing and calling will last more than a day. But if you binge watch or play games, the phone will last about a day which is also good battery doesnt drain out so easily or fast, so with a single charge, youre good to go for your daily routine.

Well, now is the time to give you the final verdict of the phone. One can easily decide to buy it for themselves if youre planning to get a new phone between 30 to 40k, a phone with such good features like motorola h20. Pro can definitely be one of your options because you get really nice display for your binge watching sessions relatively good camera for collecting those nice and special moments of your life. Future ready phone in terms of 5g, amazing processor. So a few things here and there can be ignored also if anyone in your family or friends are looking for similar features, then you can also suggest them to get motorola h20 pro well.