This is the rog phone tree, but before i get started, if youre new here, please dont forget to click the subscribe button and notification bell so without any further ado lets begin: Music, Music, wow, Music. This is the rog phone tree after four months of using this phone so far, i dont have any regrets and of course, i can still say that by far this one is still the best gaming phone that had been released. Asus had launched this flagship smartphone last july 2020. This phone has the worlds fastest qualcomm snapdragon and runs on android 10 with rog ui operating system Music. As you can see here, it is equipped with a stunning 144 hertz with 6.59 amoled display panel Music. It has 19.59 aspect ratio. This phone has a super unique design. You see the front glass is made with gorilla 6 Music Applause, Music and here at the back, it is made of gorilla glass 3 with aluminium frame now here at the back lets check on the camera. The triple camera is designed to produce super quality photos in any setting. It has a primary sensor, ultra wide sensor and new macro sensor. It includes a pro video mode as well as free zone. The front camera has 24 megapixels for high quality group or selfies and live streaming. Videos in here we have the rgb lighting rog logo. The color of the rgb light can be customized based on your preference, Music.

Beside the logo, there is a small heat vent and heatsink to dissipate the heat during those intensive gaming sessions. In here, the armory crate gives you control over the rgb lighting effects and you can monitor system temperature, cpu, speed, ram and storage another factor of this phone. It comes with two usb type c port, one at the bottom and the other one is here on the left side, which is covered with rubber, but unfortunately there is no wireless charging on this phone, maybe because they want to maintain the rog logo in the middle And one more thing you wont find any headphone jack. However, you can use a type c, audio, adapter or type c headset for audio system. It is equipped with steer your front facing speakers that promise to deliver immersive sound every time we play and, of course, with the help of dirac research technology. One of the features that i like with this phone is that here on the edge you can see the air trigger 3 system, its a new way to interact with the phone using motion sensor. This can be customized to perform different functions, although not all games are supported, annoyed Applause, Music Applause, so Music Applause, awesome. The battery of this phone is 6 000 milliamp, which is one of the largest in the market, with 30 watts. High charging support gaming can be a fashion statement and asus know how to play this game. That is why, for me, i will always find this phone fantastic Music, so thats it for today and uh.

Before i end. I know that um there are cons with this mobile, but i dont really care at all.