These are some of the most unique bands that i have ever tried now make sure you watch this video to the end cause trust me theres gon na be so many gems dropped in this video now before we get started, make sure youre following me on instagram, Because im kind of revamping it im putting a lot more content on there so make sure you check that out and follow me on instagram, if youre not already now what is wejim, we jim are these unique bands that give you stats and analysis of your workouts In real time, thats right, they developed this technology to make the bands connect with your phone, and i know that that sounds weird. If youre watching this channel, you know that im really big into resistance bands and how can you put tech in resistance bands well wii fit, has really created something unique that ive never seen in any other bands before so what they do is they use bluetooth connection And they have an app that you connect with the bands and they do by pressing this button that connects via bluetooth the setup i found to be really easy. All you have to do really is just follow the instructions now, if youre used to collecting with bluetooth headsets to your phone, its kind of going to be that same process, but youre going to do it through their app its going to have two of these little Modulators that you hit a button on and thats going to connect it now.

What i was really impressed by was their packaging. It comes in a nice box and when i opened it, it looked like something like straight out of the apple store. It was very well packaged the quality of the materials were top notch. Everything just looked super premium. It feels super premium. You can tell they put a lot of thought in the development of these bands a lot of times when i get resistance bands, its all about the bands and the handles, but the ankle straps are normally an afterthought. These ankle straps were some of the best that ive ever seen, theyre super plush and they work with the technology of the data and analytics that you get with these bands. Another thing that were kind of used to when it comes to bands is always changing a lot of different types. One of the things were used to when it comes to traditional bands, its always swapping out different bands, adding ones for higher resistance and stuff. Like that, the way that this system works is that it just uses these individual bands that are two, but you use them as a combo in most exercises. But all you have to do is just slide it up and down, and it gives you more tension or less tension, so you dont have to spend a lot of time wasting in between sets trying to get the right resistance. All you have to do is just slide it up and down and youll get that resistance that you want right there on the fly now when you receive them in, they will need to be charged.

They use a micro usb slot and its going to come with the cable and youre just going to plug it right in, and that way it can go ahead and charge up for you now. I was using these bands for probably like a month and i didnt have to recharge them at all. Now the great thing about the wii gym app is that before you exercise, you can set goals, set courses on the app with your phone during exercise, the intelligent gym resistance bands with your phone records, your motion, data and analysis, and also a great thing about it – Is that after your exercise, it will recommend courses based on that data analytics? You can also see in real time like how many calories youre burning, how much resistance youre using all that stuff is very important for you to see how the intensity level that youre going. So you can make sure you get the most out of your workout and, if youve been watching my channel for a while, i let everyone know that intensity plus consistency equals results. But how do you know that youre being consistent? A lot of that needs to be, but tracking that data you need to know what your heart rate is at. You need to know how many calories youre burning so those days when youre, having like those lulls like you, really dont, feel like working out. This is going to show you on your best day what you do, and you want to replicate that more and more and more to get those results.

So thats the great thing about having data for you: data data data data im, probably going to flip back and forth with that. A lot lets talk about all the features that these bands provide. We already know that it connects bluetooth with the app to give you real time data, but it gives you up to 65 pounds of resistance. All right. I just want to take a break to let everyone know. I know in the review – and it says, 65 pounds of resistance, but trust me. The resistance is really strong. If youre worried about this being strong enough, you dont need to worry this. One really kicked my butt now back to the video, its a natural latex. I get a lot of people on the channel asking about a natural latex, because the bands rub against their skin and some people can get irritated. So this is a natural latex, so you dont have to worry about that its ip54 certified to protect against dust and water resistance. So if youre worried about having some type of electronics with your bands, they got you covered there. So that way, you dont have to worry about your sweat or anything like that. Messing up the bands when youre working out it comes with an easy to carry bag, it only weighs 1.1 kilograms and one of the things i really enjoyed about this, because i thought that this was going to be a problem – is that it has this unique door.

Anchor and when i say unique, what were used to seeing with a traditional door anchor is that the band goes through this loop and then from there. You do your workout, so sometimes when youre trying to do like single arm exercises, depending on the length of where you have the band tied to or where you have it attached to, it can vary well. This one has a split loop on the door anchor. So you can get those results and get the benefits of the tension with just using that one band for those single arm or single leg exercises. I thought that was a brilliant, unique idea when they developed these bands. One of the things i didnt expect when i started this channel, is that i get a lot of people who send me messages saying that i dont have a door. I cant use a door anchor. What can i do and my solution was always using loop bands? Well, these will work for you, even if you dont have a door because it comes with this unique strap that you can tie anywhere and it has that split loop. So you can do those single or those double exercises on your limbs, and i thought that was also another great thing that they thought about when it comes to making these resistance bands, so you can work out anywhere whether you have a door or not. Now they have different models on amazon, but the one thats in the link in the description is the one with the most resistance.

So if youre interested in the one with the most resistance make sure you click that link, this is the one that gives you up to 65 pounds of resistance if youre, just starting out, if you are somebody whos going through physical therapy or if youre, just somebody Who wants to know the data and analytics when youre working out these bands are perfect for you? That is who these are, for. I recommend it for beginners, but i kind of do also for advanced just for that data, but you definitely want to understand how youre working out, while youre doing resistance bands. So if you already have a set and if youre an advanced user, this is really great to get that type of data for you, because i dont think theres anything out there in the market that does what these do now. Youve heard all the good things about these bands. Now what about the cost? Okay lets talk about the cost. These bands are 199 thats right, theyre, 199, and i know when it comes to resistance bands. You may be used to the cheaper ones, but you get a lot with these bands now to help you out a little bit on their amazon right now. Theyre doing 30 off im, not sure how long its going to last, but i would definitely take advantage of that. If you want to consider these bands now, i wish the cost was a little bit less, because that i think a lot of people really benefit from these bands.

I mean i understand the cost because of the value that youre getting and theres so much thought into it and ive never received any bands that are high of this quality and look this good. I mean every little thing i mean if you see all the stuff that these bands come with and how every little detail is just done perfectly theres a lot of different bands that, where theyre good at one aspect, but other things are just like an afterthought, nothing Was an afterthought with these bands so make sure you check these out so now you heard my take. I want to hear your take go ahead and leave a comment before have you ever tried these wii jim bands ive had a lot of positive things to say about them. I was very fortunate for them to send me these bands, so i could test these out and to be honest with you when they sent me the bands and they said they want to send them to me. I was just like another band boy. Was i wrong? These bands are actually pretty fantastic, so if youre a techie like me and youre into fitness, i would highly recommend that you check these out, but remember. The main thing is that you want to stay in shape so make sure you go ahead and work out. Click.