Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. So what do you actually get inside the box? Besides the tcl 20r5, you get one pretty dinky, tcl 10 watt adapter one type c, usb cable, quick, start guides, pokey, sim, pin and thats it. Just all that and the phone itself, of course uh, so no protective condom case, so the tcl 20 r5g rocks fairly standard budget design is a fully plastic frame. Of course, with a separate back and engine now back end does actually have quite a soft texture to it, which is uh, which is rather nice feels nice to clutch. But it is also very very smooth, as you can see there as well. So probably will end up slipping off the uh, the arm of your surfer, if you bung it on there im just personally, rather glad that its a matte finish on the back end of the tcl20 r5g. So it doesnt seem to pick up greasy fingerprints when youre fondling the thing and pretty easy to wipe down. You do have a rear, mounted fingerprint sensor on this thing as well, which is increasingly rare in 2021. It tends to be edge mounted or an in display fingerprint sensor, but seems to be well positioned ever so slightly indented, so you can sort of fumble around and find it with your fingertip without having to look every time and that camera chassis does poke a little Bit out of that back end of the tcl20 r5g as well, something enough to cause a bit of wobble when the things line flat on a desk and youre poking and putting that screen.

Now. This is a 6.52 inch blower as well and fairly thick bezel surrounding that display. So it is a bit of a hand, filler thats for sure quite a chunky monkey as well and got a decent heft to it. Youve got a choice of two colors with the tcl20 r5g. This is the uh, not particularly exciting, granite gray model. But if you look at the box, you can also pick it up in lazarite blue. What is lazarite well im, glad that you asked lazarite is a tectosilicate mineral, with sulfate sulfur and chloride, thats according to good old wikipedia cheers wiki, and if you have a bit of a squint inside the sim tray as well. Youll see the space for two sims at the same time, otherwise that second sim slot can also be used for micro, sd memory cards to expand the storage, so tcl, 20 or 5g all set up good to go, and what weve got running on here is android. 11, of course, good old, reliable uh, but it has been rejigged somewhat with tcls own launcher, which is imaginatively titled, the tcl ui 3.0. So, on the surface, it does look a lot like stock android and you do have your google discover feed right there when you want it, you can drag down the notifications bar from anywhere youll notice that this has a lot of extra toggles uh thrown in there, Which you dont get in standard android likes of mini notification, one handed modes that one handed mode definitely does come in very handy indeed uh, certainly if you want to reach up anywhere near the top end of your apps and other shenanigans youll spy as well.

If we go into the apps tray, it is all ordered by uh categories or communication media utilities. If youre not a fan of that, you can quickly and easily rearrange it just back into alphabetical order. Youll probably notice that theres a lot of stuff that comes pre installed on here, ive downloaded a few bits of my own, like disney, plus and deezer, but with the tcl ui launcher. Youve got a second browser for some reason. You get crap where, like and facebook chucked on there, and some of these apps, like the smart manager, are perfectly fine. They do help to clear out some of the uh, the memory cache and some of the storage as well. If youve got lots of crap that youve downloaded and then forgotten about, if you jump into the tcl 20 or 5g settings its mostly stock android stuff, but with a few additions of tcls on so, if you dive into advanced features, for instance, you once again got That one handed mode youve got a screen recorder tool. Youve got a remote, lock featuring case. You have to lose your device. Youve got the game mode as well, which i will touch on in a bit and apparently the tcl 20r5 g is android. Enterprise recommended as well, which basically means that tcl guaranteed youll get a couple of major updates on this thing and also timely security patches, not sure exactly how many uh android updates you can expect, but id be very surprised, but didnt get android 12 uh towards the End of this year, probably start of next year actually and then android 13 after that, as well lets see the power button and the volume rocker here on the tcl 20 r5d do feel like theyre watched a little bit too close to the center id prefer.

They were slightly further up and slightly better separated, as well, especially considering the fingerprint sensor was actually quite far up that back end, but the good news is you dont even need to touch the power button. You can just basically finger that sensor and, as you can see there youre straight into your desktops. That really is remarkably quick for a smartphone under 200 pounds very impressive indeed, and you do also have a face and lock feature which you can use as well. Just swipe up itll scan for your mug and again straight in so that 6.52 inch ips display is really not bad at all for a sub 200 pound budget smartphone its full hd plus resolution, so reasonably crisp visuals, despite the fact its a good old size. Even pretty small text is nice and legible. You wont notice any real pixelation or anything like that going on go. I think it little nipple notch poking its way ever so slightly into that screen, as you can see, theyre quite quaint uh in a world of selfie orifices, but it doesnt intrude too far when you do decide to get a big old, full screen netflix session on The go and yeah you wont exactly be bawled over by vibrant vivids slap you in the face colors when youre you know, kicking back with some animation bit of anime action or whatever, but the colors arent muted, either. So again, its perfectly acceptable budget view and experience.

Now, if you jump on into the next vision app, this does offer a small selection of display settings that you can tinker around with the likes of an eye, comfort mode. You can play with the the color temperature as well, and you do also have the image enhancement and video enhancement features as well, which is supposed to improve the the sharpness, the contrast of any really low res images i cant personally see. I know its much of a difference when i switch those on seems to be a reasonably bright panel as well. No trouble seeing it outdoors on that maximum level, where its supposed to hit around 500 nits and youve also got a smart refresh over rate mode as well, where you can automatically have it cycling between 60 and 90 hertz, depending on what youre up to now on To audio – and it is just a mono speaker setup here on the tcl 20 r5g – you can get serial speaker smartphones at this sort of price point, but lets bump up the volume see if its actually okay youve got a textured finish on that back end, which Should help with grip, it doesnt seem to slide around in my palms, which is always good. Uh yeah got ta, see it, unfortunately, that sound quality is for one of a better word, utter pants, just really tinny and distorted uh when you sort of bump up anywhere near that maximum volume which isnt particularly powerful anyways youll, definitely 100 want to be relying on A bit of headphone action, youve got headphone jack.

There thank christ on the tcl, 20 r5g and bluetooth support, as well as for your performance. Well, that comes courtesy of a mediatek dimensi 700 chipset, its a popular budget, friendly 5g uh platform, because it comes with a built in 5g modem and so far touchwood everything seems reasonably smooth here on the tcl20 r5d catching a little jutter here and there. But exactly what you would expect for a sub 200 pound budget phone, no real shocks or surprises at all when it comes to the benchmarking, as you can see, theyre pretty standard geekbench scores for the dimensionally 700 and as always, just going to quickly test out the Gaming chops here on the tcl 20 r5g, with a good bit of call of duty action. You have the game box uh, which basically just helps to collect all of your games together in one nifty space. Youve got a couple of bonus. Gaming features like blocking notifications quickly and easily youve got your game turbo mode as well, and certainly if you just want to do a bit simple gaming on like psychology, mobile pub g uh things like that, then the tcl, 20 or 5g will do the job. Absolutely fine youre more limited to the more sort of medium detail, settings and frame rates, but certainly the frame rate stayed consistent. I didnt notice any judders or any serious performance issues while i was uh playing and the tcl20 r5d stayed nice and cool as well, which isnt surprising, because the mediatech that mentally 700 is nice and energy.

Efficient youve got 180 hertz touch sampling support here, as well as every pork and swipes certainly instantly registered. No worries on that front. So yeah again, if you want to do a bit like gaming on the side, itll do the job and no issues with connectivity either, because youve got that 5g support. Thats actually spread across both sims as well. Thanks to the dimensionally 700 and you shouldnt have a problem with battery life here on the tcl, 20 or 5g, either youve got a 4500mah capacity cell crammed inside this gorgeous granite gray chassis, and i should keep it going all day long because certainly ive been playing On it for a good two and a half hours now, you know streaming media bit gaming, all of that good stuff and its only trickled down about sort of 15. In that time, its definitely helped along again by the fact that youve got that energy efficient platform running the show, because theres tcl blower in the fastest when it comes to recharge and theres. Only 15 watt fast charge support and you do only actually get a 10 watt adapter bundled in the box, so youre gon na have to provide your own adapter. If you want to maximize the charging speeds and last up that triple lens rear camera slapped here on the back of the tcl20 r5g dont, get too excited by the fact that its three lenses, because one is a two megapixel depth sensor.

The other is a two megapixel macro uh, but its a 13 megapixel primary shooter well be concentrating on and like a lot of budget smartphone rivals from the likes of xiaomi, oppo, poco, etc. You get an absolutely feature laden uh camera ui, here lots of different modes and stuff to play around with and probably spend most of your time in good old, auto mode of course, but so far the shutter speed seems nice and nippy and the focus seems reliable. You dont have an ultra wide angle, a shooter that you can swap to, unfortunately, which a lot of budget rivals do offer these days, but youve got all the usual filter. Shenanigans youve got the google lens stuff and you cant swap to a portrait mode as well, which just allows you to add a nice bokeh style background effect to really help your subject to stand out using that depth sensor and photo quality with that 13 megapixel primary Sensor pretty much what you would expect from the tcl 20 r5g definitely want to be shooting against any bright skies or anything like that, because high contrast, this thing, aint, really a fan of youll, expect seeing like a bit of saturation and all that again shooting in Low light as well, you can expect some noise and grin to creep in quite suddenly and theres no dedicated nightboard on this thing, to uh to help compensate in low light and for your movie options as well.

Well, youre pretty limited as far as this goes, because youre stuck at basically 1080p full hd at 30 frames per second theres, no 60 fps option theres, definitely no 4k resolution. And if you are into your selfies well, you can expect pretty basic results from the 8 megapixel selfie shooter here on the tcl 20 r5g as well. Nothing particularly outstanding there, just simple shareable shots its pretty much. What youre limited to dont think ill be sharing that little beauty there, though its one of the many reasons i dont bother with instagram, so there you have it in a nutshell: tcl 20r 5g 179 quid hit in the uk late october, one of the most affordable 5G smartphones out there doesnt do anything particularly new or fresh or original or exciting. Indeed, but it looks like a solid all round blower, if youre just after something that can you know, handle a good bit media stream and maybe a bit of light gaming, its the most demanding sort of tasks, and apart from that just an all around dependable effort. Hopefully, touchwood will do the job. So what do you reckon about the tcl 2005g? Be greater your thoughts down in the comments below? Please do poke subscribe and ding the notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week.