So, of course, with good looks. Asus has also packed some solid hardware, which it does sort of positions. The 2021, as in book 14 as a formidable ultrabook in the suburb, one lakh rupees price segment, but how do the positives stack up when it comes to the real world performance? Hello? Everyone amani here from mr phone and before we get going heres a soft reminder about our upcoming gaming tournament called well awards, which will be live streamed starting october 27th only on the mr phone gaming youtube channel. So what are you waiting for register if you havent already details are in the description below now the moment you take the asus zenbook 2021 ryzen edition in your hands. You realize how thin light portable and premium this machine is, and, along with the good looks. This laptop also features a solid build thanks to a metal construction which comes with us military grade standard for protection against bumps and drops youll also find sharp chamfers on this laptop, which, admittedly do add up to the character. But honestly, i did end up getting accidentally hurt once or twice so do be cautious of that. If you buy this otherwise, i also found the ergo lift hinge. Yes, thats. What asus calls it on the zenbook 2021 to be firm enough? It does give the laptop a slight angle for a comfortable typing experience just the way i would like it and, of course it also helps in better heat flow and thermals, not to mention.

It is also very easy to lift the lid with just one finger, so that is great on the outside. The lid features a brushed metal finish with an off center asus logo at the bottom is where you find the stereo speakers by herman garden on the inside youll, see that the bezels on the zenbook 2021 are quite slim and the laptop has a screen to body Ratio of 90 percent, which is good for authentication, theres windows, hello, which unlocks the laptop in a jiffy theres, also an edge to edge keyboard along with a white trackpad which comes with a virtual number pad overall, when it comes to the design. Well, asus has done an excellent job with the zenbook 14 2021. I mean this laptop weighs only about 1.2 kilograms or measures under 15 millimeters in thickness, which makes it extremely portable, so definitely a good job over the design and build now lets talk about the display. So this right here is a 14 inch, full hd ips led display, which offers 100 srgb coverage and, as i earlier mentioned, 90 screen to body ratio youre getting here, which means slim bezels. Now, in terms of brightness, you only get up to 250 nits, but for the most part, this shouldnt be an issue since the panel gets ample bright indoors and is actually very pleasing when it comes to content consumption. Even the viewing angles for that matter are pretty wide, so that is great.

So, yes, i did like the color reproduction on the zenbook 14 here, although i wont call it the most accurate, but again, as i said, for content consumption, it is a good panel. Of course, the credit goes to the optimization and the ips panel that you get here now lets talk about the performance. So this is the zenbook 14 um 425 ua and it is powered by the 1.8 gigahertz ryzen 7 5700u chipset, coupled with amd radeon, r7 graphics. Theres also a trimmed down version with the ryzen 5 5500u chipset that comes with 8gb ram. Now this machine has 16gb of lpddr4xram, coupled with 512gb of nvme pcie 3.0 ssd storage for connectivity. There is a wi fi, 6 plus dual band bluetooth, 5.0. In terms of io theres, an hdmi 2.1 port, along with two usb 3.2 gen, 2 type c ports that support external display and power delivery. This is on the left on. The right is where you find the traditional usb 3.2 gen, 2 type, a port along with a micro sd card reader. So when it comes to the port selection, the laptop is well equipped. Of course, i would have loved to see a full sized sd card reader here, but even the micro sd card reader does the job, although not having the 3.5 mm. Headphone jack is kind of a bummer, but asus does give you uh this adapter. This is a 3.5 millimeters to type c uh dongle that you get inside the box, so this is great, but definitely not denying that the headphone jack should have been there now quickly, showing you guys, the cinebench r23 scores and the read and write speeds of this Machine you can pause your screens right now, so in terms of day to day use.

This is a solid machine, guys havent, actually faced any performance issues or slow downs or lags honestly multitasking has been great ram. Management has also been good. In fact, even when you are running multiple things at once, the laptop does not heat, which is good and, despite this being a 60 hertz panel, the screen response time is great, that is, while youre navigating around the ui or scrolling through web pages. Things are very smooth, of course, the software here that is windows 10, has been very responsive and, on top theres also the my asus app that lets you customize a bunch of settings, so say. If you want to change your display profile, you can do it through. My asus app, then you can also tweak power and performance related things, the connectivity and so on. The zenbook 14 2021 was also able to handle some light, video editing and photo editing as well, although when it comes to hardcore gaming, well, i dont expect much here. That is not this laptops forte. As for the keyboard and track pad. Well, as you can see, it is an edge to edge a backlit chiclet keyboard with a 1.4 mm key travel, so key spacing is pretty decent. Even the travel is great, although i did find it to be on the mushier side when you hit the keys but overall good keyboard for typing no major issues here. The trackpad as well is wide and i found it to be accurate.

It supports the windows. Precision drivers theres also virtual number pad that can be enabled by simple tap in the top right corner. Now this is a staple of asus laptops for quite some time now so good to see that and of course it works flawlessly so guys right now, im recording from the webcam of the asus zenbook 14 2021 ryzen edition. This is a 720p camera that you get on this laptop. There are two mics one on either side and theres the kind of output you can expect. Whenever you do. Your uh video calls to say conference calls ive also turned on the ai noise cancellation feature uh through the my asus app. So let me know how does my audio sound and what do you think about the overall output? Let me know in the comments in terms of endurance theres, a four cell, a 67 watt hour battery with support for 65 watt fast charging via the supply charger and by fast charging. I mean i usually found this laptop to be around the 80 mark in an hour of charging. Now in my usage, where i do a lot of writing, watch youtube videos do web browsing and do video calls and some photo editing. Well, i was easily able to last about seven to eight hours on a single charge and i was getting this result consistently. Now your mileage might vary, but, as per my experience, if you usually, you know, use your laptop for work purposes that does not involve.

You know hard hitting stuff such as video, editing or gaming. I think so. You should easily be able to last at least eight hours on a single charger with this laptop, so the asus zenbook 14, a um 425 ui, is priced around 95 000 rupees. That is the ryzen 7 model and the ryzen 5 model can be bought for around 80 000 rupees. So first im going to talk about cons and, according to me, i felt that a headphone jack should have been here and if i have to be very picky, then a higher refresh rate screen would also have been great, but otherwise for its price. Youre. Getting a good looking laptop thats premium portable and offers good day to day performance, i would say, if youre looking for a thin and light laptop, that is not a macbook air. I think the asus zenbook 14, a 2021 ryzen edition – is a solid pick, and that was my review of the asus zenbook 14 2021 ryzen edition. So guys share all your thoughts and queries in the comments below, as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.