So just want to do a quick little unboxing. You can see whats included in the box, the ohm 4 magnetic phone, clamp storage, pouch power, cable grip, tripod magnetic ring, holder, wrist, strap and the manuals, of course fresh isnt that the best when its fresh, like this just like i almost dont, want to open it. Its so fresh anyway, so lets get to it so um i was reading online. This is actually my first gimbal never had one before and they were saying that um i use uh, i use a oneplus 8t and they were saying online that uh the uh om5. May have some uh state stabilization issues with android and um motor noise, so this one had really really good reviews. So i thought you know what just to be safe would be a good idea to go with this one funny how its an unboxing video, but i dont, know how to open the box Laughter anyway. Just bear with seal me. Perfect, very nice, very nice presentation, as you guys, can see the graphics very nice presentation really like it lets see inside okay, i guess heres, where the manual is very, very nice. Very, very nicely done. So we got some instructions here. The alignment guide weve got the ohm magnet. I guess this is the pouch which looks really good. A wrist strap as well. Very high quality very nicely done. Okay, very nicely done im, really not familiar with this company, its actually my first product ive ever bought from them and weve got the manuals and some good stuff extra spare magnet yeah.

Okay lets just keep everything nice and organized as well. I mean even just from picking it up wow, that is quality that is really really good. Quality. Good quality metal got this nice sort of rubberized coating and they run it all the way around. As you can see, thats really really really going to protect your phone. Really good starting to be glad i got this got the uh, the sticker rubber there, wow, yep, thats magnetized all right got the tripod nice good quality, because good quality plastic, very good quality. Of course, the charging cable and now for the star of the show wow. Almost instantly just picking it up out of the box, you could tell that this is a quality piece of equipment wow. Oh, my goodness, my ever glad egg wow am i ever glad i got this ill – have to read the instructions in order to use it effectively and properly, but i mean just quality i mean you could just you could feel that theres theres, obviously weight here and The handle i mean just just touching it you can see from the plastic, they chose to use just a really really really good quality product. I mean you could just you could just tell you could just tell i mean i havent even used it yet, and i can already i mean its the little things right, just kind of wow and thats a full usb plug too to charge.

That is great, and i mean if you just really look like its its the little things in when they design quality products that really make the make or break the product, and you could just i could just tell just by you know i mean the reviews. Cant cant be wrong with such a great rating. I think the uh global worldwide was 4.5 on google out of 5, which is i mean over 4 000 reviews kind of speaks for itself, but yeah cant wait to try this out so yeah. So this is my unboxing and build quality review on the dji um om4 or osmo 4, and, as you can see here in the box, you can get the app for this product on the google play store or the apple store, really really great, build quality, great Material quality, thanks for watching guys, hope you found value in the video and if you did, please dont hesitate to like and subscribe to my channel im going to be turning on the camera now pretty much all the time im just going to be filming what im Already doing im a computer technologist for the last 20 years and im going to try and take you guys on the journey and and on the adventure. The daily adventure with me so stay tuned and hope you found value. You guys have yourself a great day.