If you are here for the very first time. Thank you so much for clicking on this video and to all my returning subscribers viewers. Thank you all so much for always coming back. I love you all. So in todays video i am going to be setting up the boya bym1 lavalier microphone and i will just get right into it, because i dont really want to waste much time in doing this. So this is the pack when you buy the microphone and inside it. We have the manual that gives you the direction on what to do and whatnot so right. Here we have the carrier bag. Where you put your microphone after, you might have opened it from the pack. Yes and right here we have the microphone itself. The wire is so long, so you can work with it with ease, and this right here that i am showing you is the microphone. Yes, thats, the microphone itself. So this boyan mic comes with the 3.5 mm connector to connect the microphone to your smartphone camera and other device for recording its a universal lavalier microphone thats, why you can connect it to different recording device and right here we have the battery lr44 battery. You can get this anywhere the series watch right here. We have this connector for a larger audio jack. We have the clothes clip to attach the microphone to your clothes, and then we have the squishy foam windscreen its to avoid noise.

Music. So right here is the microphone and were going to take the foam windscreen to place over the microphone very gently. You need to be gentle with it and then you take the clothes clip and place it directly under the windscreen following any direction. You want it to be either by the right or by the left, and then you clip it on right beneath the foam windscreen, as you can see in the video yes, so in case you want to remove it. Just gently hold down the microphone and hold down your clothes clip and then remove the clip gently. So this demonstration right here is how you attach the microphone onto your clothes, very simple and easy. So let us insert the battery to insert the battery. All you need to do is to take the power pack. I am going to show you right now. Take this power pack and unscrew it Music unscrew, the power pack. Yes were doing that then! Yes, this is the power pack im, showing you then take the battery and make sure that the plus sign written on the battery this plus sign is boldly retained. Make sure it faces this string that i am showing you this string. It is also written plus a minus on the power pack make sure that the battery faces that direction. That is, when you get it right so battery all fixed up is inserted. So we need to get this working okay to get this microphone working.

We need to close this power pack. I had a little bit of challenge because i was only tightening up one side of the power pack. All you need to do is just make sure you tighten up both sides together. That is when you get it right, as you can see in the video right here, i am showing you the power settings. This is where you get to switch it to smartphone or camera, while recording with your device. So if youre recording with your smartphone, you just need to leave the switch at off or smartphone. But if youre recording with your camera, just switch it back up to camera and then you get it to work or if youre recording with any other device just leave. It on camera. Another thing is when using this microphone with your smartphone, you do not need to insert the battery. This microphone can actually work without inserting the battery, while using your smartphone until you get a camera thats when you actually need to insert the battery and then get the microphone working. So now we have the microphone all set up, and this is our boya mic setup. So we are going to test this out now, so this voice over, i have been recording with just my normal smartphone and the internal audio that comes with it. So right now i am filming with the boyar microphone and this is how we sound using the mic. Yay and that will be all for the boyar bym1 lavalier microphone setup.

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