Why i ordered this right here, man, this is going to be the taurus slim fit. So, yes, i went to amazon grab this because i was on the quest to look for some of the slimmest cases for the iphone 13 pro that i enjoy and that still kind of work with magsafe. So here i can came across the taurus slim fit now stay tuned to the channel, because i will be reviewing the thinnest cases for the iphone 13 pro, and i hope you guys enjoyed that man, because some people dont really like running broken cases on their phone And this is that video will be for you, and this case right here is for you. So here it is man taurus, simple, but unique, uh slim fit. It has warranty free quality products worldwide, happy users, 10 years plus of concentration, so lets go ahead and get into it and for dramatic of purposes. I put it back in the packaging because i was running this on my phone for a few days and i really really really really really like this case and what they have going on over there taurus when it comes to this. So here it is man. This is going to be the slim fit from taurus for the 13 pro. So, as you can see hard plastic style case very thin, you got one of those cases. You already know when you see that thats just one of those pop one cases that you get but very very thin case, but lets just go ahead and slap it on.

You see the material that you get nothing on the inside, no fill. No anything like that. Thats what you get when it comes to these super super thin cases, so lets go ahead and pop the case on the phone right here and here it is lets, go ahead and take a look on that sierra blue 13. Pro now, even with the case being very, very thin, i got to point this out that you still get some nice camera protection thats going to be clutch right there, especially when youre talking about running these super extreme thin cases years before they wouldnt protect the camera. But now they do and thats also a very good look so coming along the sides of it. As you see, the top is completely closed. Looking on that sides, even – and this is what i like about this case – because some of the extremely thin cases doesnt have cutouts for you, but you know they have just cutouts for your buttons. They dont have raise buttons and when you have those cutouts, the buttons can be kind of flush with the case and it just doesnt make for a good experience when youre pressing them. But this right here has a very nice and tactile experience when pressing those buttons. Man, just a very good feeling getting to that new toggle switch is not hard at all very nice and tactile buttons. They do have slits. So if youre, one of the people who care about debris and stuff like that, getting inside your phone through the button slits there it is, they do have slits thats open.

Take a look at the cutouts on the bottom, absolutely spot on. As you can see, they have those slits on the bottom. That base is thats thats. What allows the case to be snapped on because it is so thin power button also very tactile as well. One thing we dont get is any branding up here, which is cool. I know a lot of you dont, like branding when it comes to cases. So if youre worried about that, you dont get any branding up here and take a look at that lay on tail protection lets just go ahead and basically say it its basically non existent man. This is a thin case, so you really not get that much. Lay on tail protection when i put it down on the face, i really cant tell you if its sitting on the actual case or not or the phone, but once again this is for my minimalist. These are for people who dont really have the dropsies, who dont have the oopsies and im pretty careful with their phone, but they just want some type of bump aka scratch protection when it comes to this not drop protection, but more so on the scratch protection side. So there it is when it comes to that not much when it comes to that late on the tail protection now lets go ahead and check out the fit of it and once that case is snapped on it snaps on there, you dont really get that same Snap on the bottom, its more like a thud but its still up there and i dont feel like you, have to really give a lot of pressure to pull off on its own.

I would like more of a satisfying besides just that little just air pocket kind of sucking on to the phone, but i ran it for a few days im, not just careful when it comes to my cases. I dont im not saying i throw them around, but i never felt this pop out while ive never took it out my phone one time, and this was out over the case. So you know what im saying it never popped out of the case on the phone. I still dont know if that came out right, but you get what im putting down all right so overall, the fit as pretty good. We dont really have to go around the top and the bottom, because its very snug in there chicken like this it doesnt wiggle. It doesnt move, and i know all my ocd people got crazy right there. I put all those fingerprints on it, but nothing moves on the inside. It seems very stable. Everything is basically good. The tolerances are very tight on the case. Nothing seems to flex or bend. You can kind of see that let me cut the screen off. You can kind of see that sierra blue frame a little bit as it goes around it because its so thin and just the way its cut on the phone nice nice slim case right here. Man. Definitely probably one of my top slim cases out there now. No, this does not have mag safe magnets built inside the case, but its so thin put it on magsafe.

It still works just fine with magsafe, now its not very strong, but you can feel those magnets grab just a little bit. You can feel that friction in those magnets that still allow it to grab on to magsafe. So if you do want to use this case with magsafe, you can, but just you might have to be just a little bit more. You know concerning when youre putting it on magsafe, because the magsafe case like snaps on to the madness this one, you kind of just it hugs it a little bit, but it does find the magnets. So i would still say, is semi magsafe compatible. I think it still works with the my mount. My car mounts to have mag safe is just not as super sturdy, but it works it snaps up there. I dont know. If i go over a hard speed bump, it might go flying off, but it is a thing so but uh this is it man? How does it feel in your hands? It feels very good to think about this material, which is weird because this really i dont know what kind of wizardry they did with this material in the back, because its a soft filler material, but it doesnt, show a bunch of smudges like it is very like Smudge proof man, i really like the back of this material like it. Just really does a good and im putting my grubby hands all on it and just look how it looks.

You can barely see a little bit right there, but and you can just wipe them off real, quick and its absolutely gone, so the material that they use on the back of it is pretty good. Is it kind of you know? Is it a little slippery? I mean it could be, but i feel like it has enough grip. This case could have took it to take it to the next level if they added some subtle grips here or just make this us. Can you put like a subtle texture on the back of this case? Oh, my god, and if they were able to put magsafe magnets in here, i probably would not take this case off my phone im just being 100 with you, because i really enjoy what taurus did with this case. So here it is. This is going to be the slim fit for the 13 pro absolutely amazing case. This will be in probably my top 10 cases. My finished cases i dont know if theyre going to be a top ill. Just probably do the thinnest cases, because some people dont like a lot of protection, and i tend to not do as many thin protection because i like to protect my phone, but the more, i think about it. Im home every single day. I dont really take my phone outside a lot and if i do thats fine, its usually in my pocket because im paying attention to my family of why im being out but the thing about it is when im home.

I find myself wanting more of a thin protection and thats what cases like this has to offer. So, once again, this is going to be the torah slim fit im, not 100 sure if they come in different colors. But if so, the link is down in the description man go check yourself out one, but you already know do all the youtube youtube things man hit the comment. Button comment down below hit the like button, hit the subscribe button and turn that bell on.