I think this is my flex today im going to make a review for this phone Music. This is a samsung galaxy a82s and its already a 5g Music, oh Music. This year august this year, 2021, and what i like, the most super happy super uh fingerprint look thats. How fast i can go. Music. Music. Okay is Music, Music, resistance, Music. So look at the design. I really like the the camera at the back and also the color. I like the little mint color pink green color. Music Music is um Music, um, Music, Music. You keep Music, as i was scrolling it and and like discovering whats what it has, or i dont mention. So that is not just this Music, so that is the front camera Music, its to the reviews: Music, Music, Music. What Music, Music Music! Look like that: Music! Music and the screen is a wide screen. Okay, super wide screen so ill show you how it works. So if your white wing is it looks like this its affordable for a mid range point, i am really happy is uh improvement. My this time is super octa core or super nina, so it was a beginning, thats, really really fun and battery life. Excellent. One thing that the moon banks, havent Music, until nighttime and, like i said i am a heavy uh user of a phone. So, like browsing videos watching videos, editing whats up video call like name it, so my phone is always busy the whole day, yeah thats, the review for today this is recommended.

I am totally recommending this. I am rating it like 9 out of 10. Music apps, clear boys. Did you call clear and video call all the apps is working? All the pictures is working battery life and, of course, Music. If you dont really want to spend so much money, you go for this um money, wise yeah. This one is totally recommended and thats it for today. Thank you very much for watching bye, Music, Music, like that Music, Music, Music, everything, Music, so Music, Music, Music Applause.