.. Welcome to the new vlog of Ghummakkad Guruji. I have bought one smartphone from Flipkart Big Billion Days. This is Realme C11 In todays video Ill show you the Unboxing of thisphone. I already did the unboxing of this phone, but we will do it again, So guys …. This is the box of Realme C11. You can see and In front of the box, you can see. Realme C11 badging C11 is written here On the lower side. 2021 is written, and here is Realmes logo. On the right hand, side Realme, C11, 2021 is written On the backside. Realme C11 specifications are written On the left hand, side realme c11 is written and now lets open this box Now Im unboxing it Im keeping it aside to this cover After opening this box. The first thing which you will get is the Sim Ejector Tool. You can see this and some papers, you will get User Manual, Safety Guide and Warranty Card Lets. Keep this aside. The next thing which you will get is a Realme C11 phone. This is the main thing. Look at This. Keep this aside for some minutes. The next thing, which will get is Power Adaptor and one USB to Micro, USB cable. The rating of this adaptor is 5V 2Amp. I think you can see These all things you will get into this box And guys …. You will not get Back Cover in this box. Now Lets talk about Phone Here. It is Lets start with the backside of this phone.

You will get this type of look at the backside. This phone comes with one Rear Camera, which is 8MP. Also one LED Flash On the lower side. You can see Realmes Logo and speaker grill. If you see this phone at some angle, you will get to see one pattern, Maybe youre unable to see in this video which gives it a more stylish look On the front side. Youll get one Front Camera which is 5MP and on the lower side you get 3.5mm audio jack and Micro, USB Port. On the right hand, side you get Power ON OFF Button and Volume Rocker. On the left side. You get SIM Tray In this smartphone youll get Hybrid SIM Slot Two SIM Card and One Memory Card, which is a very good thing at this price and now lets talk about display. The screen size is 6.5inches. You get HD in cell LCD Display Lets start this smartphone, you can see the display. The display is really good. Performance is smooth and guys. This is 4GB and 64GB Variant means 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage, which is a really good thing in this price And guys …. One thing which can disappoint you, Realme C11 doesnt have a Fingerprint Sensor, But you will get Face Unlock Option. The best thing is you dont get any Spam apps Unnecessary apps you get most of Google apps. This smartphone comes in two color, Blue and Grey. I bought Grey color. Let me adjust the camera setting.

You can see here that Out of 64GB 53.90GB Storage is free. This phone comes with 5000mah Battery and Octa Core 1.6GHz Processor, So guys this is all about our todays video. If your budget is under 8000rs, then Realme C11 might be the best option for you. If you like, this, video Do Like and Share And Dont forget to subscribe to my channel, We will meet soon in the next vlog. Take Care, …, Bye, …