I am nick your host home to the lamest taste remember to please subscribe and follow on uh twitch and subscribe like and comment on youtube. Uh follow my instagrams at vinodcask and biogas comics and you know thank you guys. So much for uh supporting the channel if youre watching this on any platform at any time, uh we are doing a my second manga review. I just did the first, and this is the second. This is on a series called in another world with my smartphone. This series originally started as a light novel series i think theres about like 17 16 – maybe 18 volumes of light novels out, but at the moment there is only three volumes of manga uh. This is the manga adam adaptation of in another world Music. With my smartphone um, like kingdom of z, i picked this stuff up uh. I picked the first two volumes up at a barnes and noble uh loved the first two series, the first two volumes and decided hey. I got ta do this. I need this. I want this um to remember yeah, so this is done by uh kado, kawa, kadukawa comics, kataka kato, kama, im, terrible with fancy stuff from uh in japanese, in amer in english um, but its also put out by yen press. I have a ton of yen press books, love the end press um. These are just really theyre, theyre simplistic, so theyre ones where, like the spines and other stuff connect to make this like big, like like theyre gon na, be these thick.

These thick spines have these artwork and they look cool next to each other. These look cool next to each other, but it looks more like a book or like a video game or something theyre very like you have little images of characters up here. You have the comic publisher, you, you have the comic distributor, the publisher, the volume number uh. This is all the credit information and then the title takes up the entire thing. I like how theyre like muted colors theyre, like not too in your face um, but with that getting get being said. Uh. This is art by soto story by pata, yora, petno, patiora, patyura, fuyahara, um basic premise is um: god accidentally sent uh a lightning bolt down to earth and killed this like 16 year old kid right. That is, he 16. 15.. This 15 year old kid right, uh kills him. Whatever feels terrible about it. Uh books opens up. First volume opens up with uh god apologizing to this kid and saying i cant bring you back to life but like i could put your body and spirit in another world um. So you know you can continue living there uh. I cant put you back. You know to your family, your friends and everything, and this kid just like yeah sure, whatever we dont really know a lot about his his human past life um, but clearly he wasnt that mad about leaving. Oh, the coaster is stuck.

He wasnt that upset about leaving um, basically took it with the attitude that well theres. Nothing i can do might as well continue living somewhere else, um, which i guess um. So god is like oh im, gon na boost all your attributes and and your life and all these different abilities ill make sure that youre fine and you get to have whatever wish you want hes like oh, can i can i take my smartphone um. You know 15 year old boy, sure um but hes in this world, its kind of like a mixture between current, like, like almost medieval. How do what do they say? They? He gives it uh. He says it thats. All i want to see i dont remember, but he says its like a certain like old time period of of earth, like its kind of in that vein, but its kind of like a video game. The way things are laid out with guilds and adventure, quests and ranking and stuff uh, its really entertaining, and in the first volume he meets uh all three of his main partners in crime um. These two sisters that can use magic, different types of magic. He finds out about all these different types of magic finds out, but he can do magic and then his abilities from god allow him to do any style, magic, any type of magic. Any spell he wants. Uh one does no magic. One has like three other types: uh, and then they meet this girl right here, its like a from, like their version of japan, thats able to do.

You know, shes, like a swordsman and stuff uh and im pretty sure in this. They go on a quest to bring a letter to someone and save yeah, and then they save uh, the niece and brother of the king of this big kingdom and thats. Basically, this uh second volume basically takes you up after that, how um Music, what theyre doing afterwards going on more adventures, uh using more magic going on a bunch of quests and leveling up um Music to take on some ancient uh thing and then uh. At the end, it finds out that the king was poisoned and uh uh toyo toya toiwa, i cant think of it. You cant say these names um reading him its so much different, uh. Basically, oh ill fix him whatever and ill figure out. You know who did it and uh had run into these diplomats from another country uh this like beast world, this beastland uh had saved them or helped the girl find her sister and then shes being accused, and she he clears her and the third um third volume. He finds who did it? Uh accuses them of doing it, figures it out, exposes them uh, and then the daughter of the king uh wants to now marry him theyre, like 15 in in 15 and 16, 15 and 14 and shes, like i, you know well get married in six years, but I want to like just weird just some weird: i dont know they get a cat, but the cats, actually a giant beast lion.

Thats like this king of all, summoned creatures. It is so like cutesy, but also like theres, some really like brutal parts like the action and the fight scenes are like really really good. Uh drawn really well and like kind of have like costs and like stakes to them, like you feel like. Oh, like theyre, not gon na, be able to do this, and then you realize oh, he has the ability to do whatever he wants. He doesnt figure out what he needs to do to win the situation and then they do it uh and then basically the end. You have all these people training whatever, so you have the two sisters, the samurai girl and his future wife and all these other guilds. All these other, like groups of guild people, are mad at him because hes this guy walking around with all these girls – and i always think its funny, because theyre like adults getting mad at these, like 15 16 year olds, just running around trying to be adventurers. Uh im very excited for volume, four to be coming out. They have not announced volume 5 same thing with kingdom z, no volume 5 has been announced, but im very excited for when it does very excited to read volume, or i know for a fact. This is gon na continue for a long time, not sure about kingdom of z, which i just reviewed earlier. You can check it out on the channel kingdom, z, review, awesome book, um, not sure how long thats gon na go, because they havent announced volume five, and this is based off of a light novel that already has 18 volumes around there like 1670.

I think 17 and 18 are on pre order, but theres almost 20 volumes of light novels, so theres plenty of material to adapt in the manga. So this series could go on for a really long time and im excited about that, because the volumes arent too big theyre theyre, probably on the smaller scale of the average manga volume uh. This is a kingdom of z, and this is here whats kingdom disease. On top and uh in another world is on the bottom, you can see theres theres, like a difference in this in the thickness uh. This is a little bit longer, but its also a little bit. You know just a flatter. I dont know uh artwork. Here is really good, um again uh. I like dark tones and kingdom of z that bring out detail, but here they kind of try to light everything up like lightening out lighten everything up um. To give you details, i like it. I like the the character designs. I enjoy the way theyre doing this. I really enjoy the packaging of how the back has of each volume has a smartphone with a character with their like statistics like the first one starts with incoming call from god. Second, one you know has the main character. Then it has the girls im, assuming that, like the samurai chick will be next and then the queen, the princess, will be next um, which is really cool that if they do get married, the main character will end up being royalty.

Uh. We really cool, really interesting. Um i cant wait to see what happens with this series im very excited to get into the series uh and be on the lookout um probably later this week for another three volume review of zom 100 uh. This is volume three i am almost about to start. It actually i havent started it, but i finished volumes one and two this week, uh and im gon na read volume. Three uh volume four is on the way out, um very excited. This is another zombie manga. So cant wait to do a review on that with you guys. I also will be having a review once i start and finish reading this, the mgk hotel, diablo trade paperback very excited about this as well um. Let me show you some art here very interesting, very excited about that love the packaging on it by the way uh. With that being said, this is the vinyl casket. Thank you for watching. I am nick the host. This is the home, chilling mistakes and remember to stay lame.