I think thats, how you pronounce it. This is their s97 pro model. So this is the box it comes in inside. We have a little tool which youre going to use to open up. Some of the ports charging brick type c, a little strap for the phone and the actual cable uh inside. We have a little instruction guide on how to use the rangefinder. It also comes with an extra screen protector, theres already one on my phone. When i got it user manual and a little kit to put on that screen protector, so moving on to the phone, so this is the phone here. It is on the bigger side um, but it has a huge battery. So that makes up for that uh. We have the sd card and sim card slot here we have two buttons here up and down, and then we have the power switch here, as well as the volume up and volume down so ill. Let it boot up uh. It is running android 11. So you can get all the apps from like the app store and whatnot um does come with eight gigs of ram and um 128 of memory uh. Let me try to show you a little bit of cameras. Uh. It does have four cameras. I dont recall what order theyre in uh but theres a portrait, the main camera wide angle and a macro, and then we have uh the flash here. The charging port is going to be down here at the bottom and, like i said, the tool im going to use to open the sd slot here.

So we have the sd spot and then the sim card – and one last thing i forgot to mention uh – was that it does come with a fingerprint reader here to unlock it so open it up and hit the finger place here and there we go place. Your finger on there and it opens it up. Um lets see one more thing. I can show you the cameras, so we have uh the video uh this uhd and we have photo uh. We have macro if youre looking at things a little closer and then a couple of other options here, like night mode, pro mode portrait, gif, panoram panorama and whatnot, but thats pretty much it just a quick um, unboxing and demo of the phone. Oh one last thing i forgot to mention is the rangefinder. The rangefinder is up here. I really havent played with it much yet um, but it is located here all right.