The google pixel six now, whilst most other smartphone brands, go crazy with nearly 20 different smartphone models each year. Google keeps it simple with the pixel series, so we have the google pixel 6 and we have the google pixel 6 pro. So my pixel 6 pro video will be dropped straight after this one, and i can tell you right now: you certainly dont want to miss it. So without any further ado lets get this box open all right on three one. Two three wow all im doing right now is checking out that camera bump. I have mixed feelings, part of me, doesnt like it. It sticks out strangely, but another part of me is curious and wants a closer look. So lets just lift this phone straight out of the box and take a closer look at this contraption on the back of the phone Music Music wow, its actually quite a big smartphone, its almost completely squared out. But thankfully you do have a slight curve to each corner. Now it does feel like a big pixel xl phone, but i believe this year there is not going to be an excel, so we only have the pixel 6, which i have in my hands, and we have the pixel 6 pro now im wondering if the pixel 6, is this big? How big is the pro version going to be okay, so im just going to place the phone to the side for the moment and check out the contents of the box? So first thing to mention: there is no power, brick in the box.

I guess google has now joined team apple and samsung. Let me guess: saving the environment, so yeah were getting a usb type c to type c cable, a type c to usb a adapter and some paperwork which were never going to read. Quick question to google im wondering if i could swap this paperwork for a power brick. It seems that you can save quite a few trees in the process and that would be quite good for the environment too. So, coming back to the pixel six, we have two cameras on the back 50 megapixel primary and a 12 megapixel ultra wide. Now, even without testing the cameras. Pixel has built a reputation on producing the best looking photos on a smartphone to date, and that is thanks to pixels image processing, which is basically second to none. Now until now, weve only seen smaller 12 megapixel sensors, but look what team pixel has done. 50 megapixel primary and a 12 megapixel ultra wide. I cant wait to get this out and start testing the cameras. The back of the phone is made from gorilla glass finished in this grayish black color. They are calling this stormy black and you can feel a very nice comforting, metal frame going all the way around the phone. So no doubt this phone feels premium in the hands but be aware. Stormy black does pick up a few smudges and fingerprints here and there not a problem if you put a case on it, but dont expect a case included in the box.

So are you ready to see the front of the phone? I certainly am so lets peel back the sticker and check out that beautiful display. So you are looking at a 6.4 inch, oled 90 hertz display with 411 pixels per inch. This is a full hd plus display with gorilla glass victus on top. Furthermore, for the very first time, the pixel is powered by googles own chipset, the google tensor, which is an octa core clocked at 2.8 gigahertz, and you also have something called the titan m2 security co processor, and i can tell you right now, its a very powerful Chipset, but what i really want to know is: will it challenge the snapdragon 8. so be interesting to see how it performs under pressure, especially with long gaming sessions? So you will find out a lot more about this phone in my full review coming soon now. This phone also has 8 gigs of lp ddr5 ram and gigs of ufs 3.1 storage. Now, if we have a quick look at the ports, the bottom, you have a microphone type c port and a single speaker on the side. We have volume, rocker and power button and at the top of the phone, weve got nothing. But there is a loudspeaker on the earpiece and on this side we do have a sim card tray and its a single 5g nano sim tray, and there is no micro sd card expansion available in this phone.

Now. The pixel 6 is running googles, latest android, 12 and being a google phone. You can expect the latest and greatest android updates coming in the first instance and covering you for a minimum of five years. Now there is a centered hole, punch camera, thats, a 8 megapixel front camera and i can see some bezels going all the way around so pretty decent. Looking phone nice large display youre getting stereo speakers big primary 50 megapixel sensor on the back. We have a powerful new chipset to play with. This is my first look at the pixel 6 and i can tell you right now. This phone looks and feels very nice in the hands. The camera bump is something i do need to get used to, and i definitely have to pick up a brand new case for this phone to keep it all pristine. So my sim card is certainly going in this phone im going to daily drive the hell out of this phone until im ready to bring you my honest breakdown on how good the pixel 6 really is, along with camera test gaming tests. That is all i was allowed to show you in this video, but from what i can tell you, this phone does look like a treat its made really well very well designed. I think you are going to get a power and performance on par with this snapdragon triple eight, so stay tuned subscribe. If you havent already smash the like button.

Google pixel 6 pro video coming up next, so get ready for that.