This is jd. Your gadget review friend were continuing to review and compare devices, and you can check these updates on our twitter community at gadget. Rev. Now, phones are now being used for vlogging filmmaking and using it for creating youtube contents, and everyone is guilty and proud. At the same time, phones are easy to use. It is convenient, cheaper, pocketable and really shoots good 4k videos. Now to be able to step up your content creation game using your mobile phone, you need to have accessories like monopod, gimbal or even better. A metal cage today is a sponsored video from movo. This is their sbr5 metal, smartphone cage, and although they sent this, this will be an independent review from gadget rev. Now we will unbox it review it and test it in real life. Hey dont forget to subscribe. My friend lets go. You will see the video parts on the upper right corner of your screen. Lets unbox this in front of the box. You will see the model, the image of the rig and the mobile branding on top. You will see a note to activate two year warranty of your smartphone rig. If you have any technical issue, you can contact their technical support. I scanned it and went to facebook customer support. You can also type the link on your browser. Great support. To begin with. Now that its out of the way lets open the box, the package contains a lanyard.

This is useful to protect the rig in your smartphone, making sure its always securely tied in your hand. Next is the rotating smartphone holder with two cold shoe on both sides and guide for proper angle, although its plastic, but i think its durable enough for any situations, the screw on the back adjusts the angle of the smartphone, whether landscape or portrait. And lastly, the metal rig: this is a solid aluminum, same material used for professional setup and cinematic filming, although its metal, it is surprisingly light. The rubbers on both sides will give you a good hand. Grip just got me thinking, since the rotating smartphone holder is detachable. You can use this trick in the future. If you decide to go for a mirrorless camera vlogging, it will work so were buying this for smartphone and future use for more advanced shooting. Now lets go back to the smartphone. Okay. Now lets try to assemble the pieces, so you will see how it works. First, you have to screw the metal rig into the rotating smartphone holder make sure its tightly fit, so it wont wobble. This is how it should look when you put those two pieces together. Lets add the wrist strap and you can tie it on any of the sides. It doesnt matter. If youre right handed or lefty, the smartphone holder will fit any smartphone sizes. So whatever you got im pretty sure it will fit this rig. I got a small iphone.

13 mini the medium sized google pixel 4 xl and the large xiaomi poco f3 lets try to attach these phones, so you can see Music now for the nitty gritty questions. Will the smartphone buttons get in the way of the holder? I notice a little bit of gap on the holder, so it will securely fit the phone without touching the buttons great design. Next is orientation. The screw at the back can be easily adjusted to your need, whether youre a youtube creator like me that needs landscape mode or portrait for tech talkers. What do you call them? Tick, tock creators. You can easily switch this rig from landscape to portrait and vice versa. Theres also a guide to make sure the angle of shooting is right. I love the detailed stuff like this. They put an effort. Creating this rig next is screw threads. You can almost attach anything here like anything. It has 1 4 inch and 3 8 inch thread, and i think the top also has the extra tool called shoe mount, so many accessories you can attach to this rig. You can attach this rig to a tripod and you can easily attach anything like your lights. Your microphone, maybe an extra phone shooting a wide angle and while the other is close up, and so many things, its a one rig fits all so were here outside, and i wanted to show you my vlogging setup. So this is my phone im using a samsung s10e.

I have the rode video mic and i have the metal cage. It looks really professional when youre using it. The only problem i have since this is an independent uh review is, if im using a wide angle lens, and i would show i would show this to you – if youre using a regular lens, then its its okay. But if you want once you switch to the to the wide angle, if you would see your hands on the side, you can maneuver the uh, you can maneuver the phone, you can put it in reverse, but the problem there is, you would only see half of The screen, so those are the things that i see when im actually testing and reviewing the uh the rig. So going back to my point: if youre using a wide angle lens, you either need to hold it somewhere else or put it backwards, but the only issue is you only see half of the screen? Nothing is perfect. Just one honest thing: i noticed which you can adjust the rotating part to slide back and forth. So you can use this not just for youtube creation, but also for shorts and tech. Talk because you can use it on portrait mode and you can really stabilize the phone and not holding it. Awkward Music were using the cage for portrait mode suitable for shorts and tech talk and, as you can see, this is really stable because im holding it in both hands im actually vlogging right now, and you would see the output on the phone.

I would show it to you Applause Music, so this is what it looks like using the rig. It is super stable and we will try to run to see the stabilization Music. I will try to pan using the rig. So what is gadget revolution? A meta smartphone cage for phone content creators. The answer is yes. Definitely, if you want to step up your game and get monetized, you have to upgrade your phone vlogging at some point, and that would only be possible if you have a rig that you can attach other gears. Metal rigs will also serve as a protection. In case of accidental drops, it will save that one thing that makes your content creation works, which is your phone gimbals, are somehow redundant, because most of the phones today has built in stabilization, whether its eis or ois, electronic or optical. You just need to complement it by making sure youre holding the phone the right way. A smartphone metal cage is a must have for every phone creators if filmmakers are using it for their cameras, you need it. If you enjoy this video consider subscribing were posting videos of gadget, reviews, comparisons, photography, gears and tips. The goal of this channel is to review and compare devices as simple as possible, concise and friendly dont forget to drop your comment like and share.