2021 is the year that photobook smartphones are getting mainstream again at least thats the case for some smartphones and there we have the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, which was just released a couple months ago, and there are definitely a bunch of things that i love about. It, but also some things that i just simply hate so stay tuned and lets start the review. The galaxy z53 is extremely small. It fits in every pocket in every jeans and even in your shirt pocket. If you have a shirt on which i obviously dont now you really have to get used to the size since i sometimes had to fit in that. I forgot my phone at home since i couldnt feel it in my pocket. The phone really feels high quality. It has an aluminum case and gorilla glass, vectors and one thing that really feels awkward. That is, that this phone is even foldable, even if its underwater and yes, it is water resistant up to 1.5 meters. For about 30 minutes, you can get a z53 in four different colors. Now you can get it in this dark green color, which i have right here. You can get it in black cream or in violet. The camera and the other display are now in a black box and design wise. I just love this little smartphone. It kind of reminds me of the google pixel 2 xl. Maybe i can blend in a picture of it over here in the corner.

The island display is quite big with 1.9 inches and a resolution by 260 by 512 pixel. You can even add widgets to this. Like an alarm, you can read your notifications, time and date, of course, your music, a voice recorder or even the weather. Well, you cannot reply to messages, but at least you get to read the message and as a little bonus, the nfc payment even works. While your phone is closed now, overall, you could say that you dont need to open up the z53 as often as the previous models anymore, and i hope in near future. You get even more features without having to open that one. You could kind of say that its like a smart watch that is glued to your phone. Now, as for some specs, we get a 6.7 inch, almost display, which has an unusual long side. If you compare it to the width of it. Now we used to get a 60hz display, but now samsung upgraded that all the way up to the full 120 ltpo display – and i got ta tell you. It looks amazing. Now, since we have a foldable display, we can really see a clear line in the middle of the display after a while youre getting used to it, and you wont see it that often anymore, but you can definitely feel it every time you touch it. I mean i couldnt get used to it, but it doesnt bother me either.

I think its more like a preference thing if you can live with it or not. Now we all know by now that we have a very compact phone if we fold it up, but its just more of a fancy feature, and this one has so much more to offer like taking selfies and videos. Call friends or you can even watch videos in the upper half of the display, its actually something that i like doing, and i do it quite often now, as for the display service, we have a plastic foil that is 80 more durable. If you get scratches, it is very easy for something to replace it and you do not get as many fingerprints anymore. Now hardware wise. We get the full package. Now we have the snapdragon 888 eight gigabytes of ram and gigs of ufs 3.1 storage with an option to upgrade it all the way up to 256.. Now, of course, we have 5g as well. The performance is great. If you compare it to the previous models, it runs super smoothly, with 120 hertz and even shorter loading times. You can even use two apps at the same time and they are perfectly separated to the foldable screen line and with the software you can even create app pairs for simultaneous use. Samsung one ui helps you with navigating on this huge screen, but sometimes you will still need a second hand for help. Now. As for the cameras, we get the same one as in the s21, which are again the same as in the s20, which are again the same that we get with the older flip model.

So really not the greatest and the newest ones. But since we have a newer processor pictures are sharper, we get a better night mode and a better dynamic, but overall not that amazing and not too big of an upgrade. If you compared to the older models, we get two lenses, a normal one and an auto wide angle. With 12 megapixel, i took a few cool pictures with this camera and they really look. Amazing colors are vivid and you cannot complain about the cameras. Of course, you can take videos as well with a maximum of 4k and 60fps. Now, if you compare the camera to other models in the same price range, we will definitely get more for our money, especially if we talk about the zoom since the flip 3. Really doesnt have one the selfie camera is okayish, but the cool thing right here is that you can use the auto display for that as well, which is awesome all in all. The z53 has some decent cameras and you can take some good snaps with it, but its definitely some room for improvement. Now. As for the battery life, this phone has 3 300 million per hours and the fact that we have a 120hz display and the snapdragon processor 888, the battery life really isnt. That overwhelming i mean i dont want to lie to you guys, but you should get around three to four hours of effective display time, and i know something wanted to put all the good stuff in this phone like the 120 hertz.

But if you would cut it down to 90, that would have done the trick and we had a better battery life. Also charging the phone takes life forever. It takes about two hours to fully charge it, and the phone really gets hot now really depends on how much youre using it and how often youre using it. But four hours of display time gets me through the day. So what do i think about the samsung galaxy c flip 3 and something did a whole lot to make this phone awesome. It is more durable, it is very fast. It looks nice and it comes at a price of 1050 euros, but if you look it from another perspective, its more like a smaller version of the s21 with less battery life, no real zoom and the samsung galaxy s21 costs like 200 euros less. So you got to think twice before you buy that one and folks thats already for the video. I hope you like it. If you did smash the like button and subscribe to my channel. I know i normally do smartwatch reviews, but every now and then i will throw in some other reviews like earbuds and a smartphone.