This is a phone that i absolutely love and slightly dislike. Why do i love it because its a great phone? Why do i dislike it because its such a great phone that its very hard to review it in a very concise manner, so in this video ill, try and explain how good or slightly bad the vivo x70 pro plus is and who exactly this phone is for And should you really be paying the premium of about 80 000 for this one well lets talk about it. This is one from gdr and lets get started. Music all right, so lets start off with the design. Here i mean just looking at it. It just looks super unique right and theyre, both good and bad things about it. Obviously this thing looks very good and the in hand feel of this is very very premium like you hold it, and you know that youre holding a premium device, but that is not all things good, i mean take the back panel, for instance, this thing feels very Premium and has zero fingerprints, but if your hands are slightly wet, i mean lets, say youre trying to use this phone under the rain. Yes, it does have eye protection, but at the same time this thing will attract a lot of fingerprints in that sense. Speaking of fingerprints, that glass kind of thing right next to the camera module, i mean it does have the design aesthetics to it, but it just attracts fingerprints.

Like anything and its i mean it just makes you want to or need to carry a cleaning cloth with you at almost all the time. Also, speaking about the camera module, i mean ill get to the camera prowess in just a bit, but from a design perspective. This thing definitely is very top heavy, so using it is not as easy as you would expect. The good part here is that vivo does supply a very good case right in the box, its plastic, but definitely better than tpu cases, and it also adds a bit of texture to the back. Now, like i said, this is ip68 rated and using it under the rain wasnt an issue whatsoever. Now there isnt any 3.5 mm headphone jack here, but vivo does supply type c earphones inside the box and theyre great now speaking of things that are great. This thing also comes with a very great haptic motor i mean typing experience, or just normal browsing and navigating through menus is so so good on this. The vibration is very well refined and its the closest thing that ive experienced to the iphones. Now one thing that i want to highlight is that gamers might feel that the vibration on this thing is a little bit too soft. I mean they cant really feel the gun fires. In the background, everything – and i get that i completely get that, but i think you also need to understand that this thing is not for gamers for gamers.

If like. If you want a gaming phone, you can spend way too less and get better options and offer better gaming performance. This thing is for camera enthusiasts and camera enthusiasts. Only now we all know that there are smartphones out there that just add different lenses to their camera setup and just to just make it sound big in numbers like okay, we have a triple camera setup. We have a quad camera setup. Its not like vivo does not do that on their budget offerings. But this thing right here is pure pure camera. You get a 50 megapixel primary sensor and eight megapixel periscope lens a 12 megapixel telescopic lens and a 48 megapixel ultra white sensor. The best part here is that all of those four sensors have ois, not one, not two. All of them have ois. In fact, the ultra white sensor even has gimbal ois, which is even better. As for selfies, you had a 32 megapixel selfie shooter, and i mean, as far as results go its not bad its the typical vivo selfie, which, despite having a big sensor, it does end up in some softer results. But of course the highlight here are the massive rear camera setup and they worked very well. I mean you get excellent shots. Hdr here works exceptionally well and the colors are produced damn good. The images are quite detailed thanks to the raw processing plus pixel winning that happens now. As for the ultrawide sensor, yes, there is a slight fisheye effect, but the details here are very good, and the best part here is that there is no shift in the color profile when shifting from primary sensors to the ultrawide sensor, even in low light.

The x70 pro produces excellent shots. The night mode works very well and the fact that the sensors come with ys makes shooting night mode shots very easy, because it is able to eliminate all the slight shakes that your normal hand would have now. One thing to highlight here is that all the lenses on the body are custom made by zeiss, and the german lens mega has also supplied its proprietary bokeh system, theres, also special coating here that reduces lens flare now, in my opinion, this zeiss partnership with vivo is Far better than any of the other previous partnerships that weve seen like oneplus with hasselblad or even huawei, with leica. All of those were great partnerships and definitely have helped in software tuning. But here the hardware has been custom made by his eyes for this phone, and i mean the results definitely show that theres also custom size more than the camera, which really enhances and has very good colors on the shots now speaking of custom modes, the best part Here is that, yes, the camera definitely has plenty of modes, but this thing also has a pro video mode. I mean yes, weve, seen pro photography modes previously on other smartphones. This thing has a pro video mode, and i think this is the most advanced pro video mode on a camera smartphone that ive seen in recent times. I mean when you talk about the android world. You can compare the x70 pro plus with the likes of lumi11.

Ultra other galaxy s21 ultra, but in my personal opinion i think the x70 pro plus is a clear winner, especially thanks to that pro video mode. Now i wont be dwelling into much details, because that is a video in itself. If youd like to see a dedicated camera review of the x70 problems, let me know in the comments down below but in a nutshell, its definitely one of the best. I have to say one of the best because yes, its a controversial statement but yeah its definitely one of the best camera setups on an android phone. If not the best now complementing the camera, we have the flagship, snapdragon triple eight plus processor, yes, its the plus variant, not the normal snapdragon triple eight. Although the difference between both the chipsets is not much, i mean the snapdragon 8 plus only has a slightly higher clock, speed on one of the cores and thats it. Everything else remains the same so while technically in benchmarks, this thing does perform better. It still heats up like the snapdragon triple eight, so yeah, if youre using it for gaming. Like i said this is not a gaming phone, this thing is going to heat up like anything. The thermals on this thing are not that good, but i think the snapdragon 38 plus is a very important chipset here, because once again, it aids very well in the photographic or even the videographic needs of this phone. This thing can handle 8k footage.

30 fps. No issues whatsoever and 4k 60 also on this phone is super crisp, so yeah coming back to the camera part. The performance is next level. The snapdragon triplet plus really helps in keeping this phone great and the camera performance of this exceptionally great all right. Moving along lets talk about the display for a bit youre, getting an ltpu, amoled quad hd panel here with a refresh rate of 120 hertz and a sampling rate of 300 hertz. I mean definitely its a flagship panel here, and the screen is something that definitely is something i like to use here and thanks to the curved panel, you dont really notice the bezels. Anyway, though, the top and chin are a bit bold here now. This thing can get super bright and outdoor usage is not an issue at all here. As for content, consumption, wideband l1 is here. Videos do play in hd content. The panel does support hdr content, so yeah everything else is great here now, if youre serious about content consumption, this thing also comes with the stereo setup and the audio experience here is damn good and, like i said this thing also comes with type c earphones in The box, so you can use them if you want a bit more of a private listening experience. As far as the software is concerned, you do get fun touch os, which might not look the most premium os out there, but take my word for it.

It is definitely one of the most improved skins that weve seen in recent times. I do not mind using that here, but one slide complaint that i have actually two slide companies that i have one for an 80 000 phone. This thing comes with a massive amount of bloatware that is not acceptable at all like seriously. For that amount of money, this thing should not be coming with goodwill, the kind of load where that this thing knows it so yeah. That is something that vivo needs to address. Another thing that the company needs to address is that right now were in october, but uh. This thing still has the security patch of august. I can understand if vivo is not giving security updates for your budget devices, but if you launch a flagship device thats supposed to be your best product, if youre not focusing or giving enough attention to your best product. That really is not a good statement right. So i mean its not like: vivo has said that there will be no software upgrade to under 12 or anything. Obviously, this thing will get updated to android 12, but it would be nice to see some software patches security patches every now and then now. As far as battery backup goes, this thing comes with a 4500 mah battery, which already on paper, sounds a little bit low for a device that packs in so much great horsepower and power, hungry horsepower and yeah.

I mean it shows for a normal user. You might be able to get by a normal day of usage, but obviously this is not for a normal user if youre someone whos just using this to flaunt sure thats right, but for the target audience whos going to be extensively using the camera. On this thing, uh, you can expect somewhere around four to five hours of screen on time on this thing, which is not bad but uh. The good part here is that this thing does come with 55 watts of flash charge or whatever we want to call that, and i mean it can go from 0 to 100 in just 42 minutes, so thats great. So no it was there. Another thing thats worth mentioning is that this thing also supports wireless charging up to 50 watts, although thats a different charger, and we do not have a word on its india pricing or availability. Yet i cant really comment on that. So bottom line, who is the vivo x70 pro plus for well vivo, is not a name that most people associate with premiumness. So i am not sure how many business folks would want to buy this to flaunt in front of their colleagues and work circle. I mean thats where iphones and samsung still wins. Xiaomi could not do that and i dont see vivo doing that with just one phone right now its going to be a gradual process. I mean this is definitely a great first step into the premium segment by vivo, but i do not see them literally capturing the premium market just like that.

However, if we talk about camera enthusiasts people who literally rely on their smartphones for shooting videos, i think this is, in my opinion and sincerely my own opinion. The best camera android smartphone in the market ive used the mi 11 ultra ive used the samsung galaxy s21. Ultra theyre, both amazing phones and surely there are certain areas where both of those phones perform better than this thing, but as an overall package, i still feel that the vivo x70 pro plus offers the best camera experience in the android world and well. That was it.