is the vivo Y33s worth buying. Well lets find out for the unboxing experience. Yes, the smartphone, oh my god, it feels light. It comes in two colors mid day dream and mirror black. Now back to the box. It comes with the same ejector tool, a tpu case, quick style guide, information and warranty cards, earphones, usb type c, cable and an 18 watts fast charger. Now, for the charging time, it took two hours: nine minutes to charge this smartphone to 100 percent thats, not bad. Considering that the samsung galaxy a22 took two hours 17 minutes to charge and for the redmi 10, it took two hours several minutes. So looking at the numbers of the vivo y3s, the charging time is not bad now for the good quality. What can i say its? A strong smartphone i can do that because the way on the frame are made from plastic now taking a look at the rear, as i said earlier, its made from plastic and it has a mirror finish that attracts fingerprints and smudges whats. Even worse is the mirror. Finish, might look good, but it scratches easily. Luckily, this smartphone comes with a tpu case now moving to the frame of this smartphone, its made from plastic as well. It is eight millimeter thick and that makes holding this smartphone a pleasure. As for the display, it doesnt have any branded damage resistant glass like corning, gorilla, glass or dragon trail glass, and as for water resistance, it doesnt have an ip rating.

I did. However, i noticed a gasket attached to the seam, a memory card tray. The gasket is there to prevent water from entering the smartphone. I did a little aqua test and the smartphone survived. Now i carry out this test so that you dont have to so. Please do not submit your smartphone in water intentionally for the external features at the bottom. It comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack, a mic, a usb type c port and a mono speaker on the left side. Theres, nothing at the top is where the dual sim and memory cartridge are located. Moving to the right side is where the volume keys and the power slash. Fingerprint scanner is located the fingerprint scanner isnt the fastest out there, but it is accurate. The vivo Y33s also has the face unlock feature and its not the fastest out there, but its accurate, and it works well in the dark. Now, taking a look at the rail of the y33s, it has three cameras and one of them will blow you away When we get to the camera section of this video now moving to the front, it has a 16 megapixel selfie camera in this teardrop design. With no led flashlight, it uses the display as its fill lights. Now speaking about the display, the vivo y3s comes with a 6.5 inch ips lcd panel. It has a resolution of 1080 by 2408 pixels, sadly, its a 60 hertz display, so no fast and smooth scrolling, like we see in other smartphones, which is a bummer, but the good thing is the viewing angles are good on this smartphone and watching content is equally Good now, to show you just how good the ips lcd panel is in terms of quality, i kept it side by side with the poco x3 pro and they looked identical now.

Consuming content on youtube is great on this smartphone, but for netflix users. This device does not support hdr contents, so youre not going to get those deep, blacks and high contrasts now diving into the display settings. It has screen color where you can change the color mode and temperature, which is a plus for the brightest. Well, when i measured it, it had a reading of 372 nits, which is bright enough to be used outdoor, but you will struggle under direct sunlight and now for performance. The vivo y33s comes with the mediatek helio g80 processor, its a 12 nanometer gaming chipset. That offers boosted clock speed, making the smartphone snappy now checking out the performance of the vivo y3s using synthetic benchmark, apps like antutu. It produces a score of 178k, it should be scoring higher, but for some reason the gpu score is at zero for geekbench it had a single core score of 376 at a multi core score of 1265. for multitasking. The vivo white at 3s comes with 4 gigabytes of ram or 8 gigabytes of ram. The one i have over here comes with 4 gigabytes of ram, or, should i say, 5 gigabyte of ram with this smartphone. You can use up to 1 gigabyte of the phone storage for extended ram. So with the 4 gigabyte of ram version, you actually get 5 gigabytes of ram for the gamers out there. Gaming on the vivo y3s is average. It run pubg on hd, graphics and high frame rates.

The gameplay was okay, but i didnt enjoy because im used to playing pubg with smartphones, with a higher display, refresh rate, and also i kept on blocking the mono speaker for call of duty. It played the game at medium, graphics and high frame rates. The gameplay was smooth and the smartphone didnt get hot. The vivo y33s was also able to play one of the most demanding games on mobile phone and thats gaming impact. It played it at the lowest graphics. Second, for the operating system, the vivo y33s is running android 11 with fun touch os 11.1. You get no ads on this smartphone and minimal bloatware, which is great as for future android. Software updates well theres, no word from vivo. If the smartphone will be getting android 12. for the cameras, the vivo y33s comes with a 16 megapixel front facing camera pictures on the front. Camera are a bit soft, but in a properly lit environment they actually take very good pictures. Portrait shots. On the other hand, look good as well. My only complaint with the front facing camera is when you zoom in you, realize that the 16 megapixel camera lacks details, but zoomed out the picture looks good whats up guys so heres a video from the front facing camera of the vivo in 1080p, 30 frames per. Second, no video stabilization. So what do you guys think about the video on audio quality coming out from the 1080p camera on the vivo Y33s? Now, moving to the rear cameras, the vivo white 3s comes with a 50 megapixel main camera, a 2 megapixel depth camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera.

The 50 megapixel main camera is impressive. Dynamic range is on point as long as you turn on hdr portal. Shots are sharp and it does a good job in separating the subject from the background. But as you can see, dynamic range surface in portrait mode with the blown highlights for the 2 megapixel micro camera. Well, its just there to be honest and the night photos using the 50 megapixel camera is also decent as well, so guys well switch to the rear camera of the vivo y33s. Its shooting in 1080p 30 frames per second, unfortunately no 4k. Here but guess what it has incredible: video stabilization and let me just run and show you how stable the footage is so right now, im running and, as you can see, the footage is stable. So what do you guys think about the video on audio quality? Coming up from the vivo white s3s powering the vivo white 3s is a 5 000 milliamp battery and that would easily last the entire day for the charging time. Well, it took two hours: nine minutes to charge this smartphone from zero to one hundred percent heres. A detailed breakdown of the charging time if youre interested in looking at that figure one feature the vivo y33 has asked, is reverse charging and you can use it to charge your earbuds or even another smartphone. If you have the right cable for my finite thoughts, where the vivo white a3r shines is with the 50 megapixel main camera, it takes very good pictures.

The battery life is good on this smartphone and it will easily last the entire day plus it has reverse charging. The display quality is good for an ips lcd panel, but the lack of a high refresh rate will turn some people off the front. Camera does take good pictures, but its a bit soft, the mono speaker sounds okay, but i wish it came with dual stereo speakers if you want to see a comparison between the vivo y33s, the redmi 10 and the samsung galaxy a22. Let me know in the comment section below thank you for taking the time to watch this video click on this icon over here to subscribe to this channel. Thank you for watching once again, and i will see you guys soon.