I just want to do this now. I just i just got to do this because i dont do this so im going to do this. This is what this is a vlogger. This is how vloggers be and its like, hey everybody. Look at me. Look at me look at me and then look at its kind of weird eh, youre filming yourself and you look at yourself. At the same time, i i dont know i just like to look down the barrel. Whats cracking everybody its your boy, andy burrar, handyandy from handyandymedia.com today, im going to be doing a review of this bad boy right here, its the dji osmo mobile, 5 or om5. For short, this is a smartphone gimbal stabilizer. Basically, it gives you smooth videos and photos with your smartphone. So if you are a content creator or you just want to create better home videos with your kids youve come to the right place so without further ado, get your popcorn ready and cue that intro Music. So lets go ahead and start with the design of the osmo mobile 5 om5. For short, of course, this is the fifth iteration of this gimbal stabilizer from dji and theyve made a lot of cool improvements. Number one look at how portable this is: it wont fit in your pocket, but its pretty darn close. You know its going to have no problem sitting in your purse. Your handbag, your backpack, your camera bag, but it is super small and portable.

You dont need a case to put it in. You can just drop this in the only question i have is: how long can this handle wear and tear, because my other um gimbal stabilizer, i beat the crap out of that. I dont even use it anymore. It can barely like hand, i dont know what i did to it, but i i wasnt gentle lets, put it that way. Well, this one its got a cool design, its very easy to open up and to put your smartphone in. It also comes with this little tripod that you can screw onto the bottom. This is really important, because not only can you hold this, but you could actually make it stationary and then um do some filming. Now it comes with this smartphone holder, and this i really like, because some of the gimbals that youll see on the market have it built in this one actually detaches, because it connects via magnets and its a very, very strong magnet. I might add heres the thing about these gimbals okay ive been using them for a while and to get the best use. You really got to get this holder on perfectly, so you want it nice and center, and it almost has this little slot here. I know you can barely see it, but it has this little slot that accommodates for the buttons that youll see on most smartphones. Speaking of most smartphones, it should fit the majority of smartphones on the market if its a little small.

They have this little adapter that you can use to make it fit, but for the most part, i think you know, depending on, if you have a samsung google phone, uh iphone youre not going to have any issues once you get the holder on, it will connect Via magnets and its actually got a slot here to make sure that it goes into the right place, so theres only really one way it can sit on it. Super strong magnet, youre, not gon na have youre, not gon na, have to worry that your phones gon na, fall off it and crack um its basically super secure. The only way its gon na come off is, if you manually, pull it off now. What makes this uh gimbal stabilizer different from any other ones, especially the ones from osmo, is this check it out its got a built, in extension, pole also known as a selfie stick, so let me show you how it works. Let me go ahead and turn it on the power button is on the left side, so ill just touch that and this thing is going to get into position so now its ready to go so say, youre, someone like me, youre filming videos, and you want to Film, a video of yourself using the front facing camera. You could actually put this on a flat surface, adjust the extension rod to get your height just right. So you dont put boxes underneath or anything like that and then get the right angle and then youre good to go in terms of the controls you can see on the front.

You have several. You have this joystick, which allows you to adjust the directions of left right and up and down hope. You can see that you also have the record button, so this works in conjunction with the dji memo app and inside that app that your smartphone will pair via bluetooth and all of these functions will then work inside that app heres. The thing if you like using the native camera app, you can still use it with this stabilizer, this gimbal stabilizer, but youre not going to get the control functions. So you have to manually press it. Youll still get smooth videos, but youre not going to get the controls theres also a rotate button on the bottom over here, and that does two things. It will switch between the front facing camera and the rear facing camera, of course, inside the memo app. But what check this out man? This is my favorite feature. You double tap it and check it out. It goes into the different orientation now its in landscape. I want portrait bam just like that watch it. I guess just i got ta. Do it again hold on im just gon na old school bam? Just like that, so i really like that button. Thats, probably my favorite button on here and again, even in landscape mode. If you see i can move with the joystick left and right up and down heres the thing folks, you know me im always honest with yall.

I took this out into the park. I was trying to film some videos and i was really excited about this. Joystick im, like oh yeah, this, what a great way you know get nice smooth pans and everything like that: nah, because its a digital pen and what i noticed it goes way too fast inside the memo app. You can change it to slow it down, but its still not like its, not smooth its not like. You know all my filmmaking buddies if they saw me like trying to make a little pan like this theyre gon na, be like. Oh, you know its a little choppy little jaggedy its, not its, not like an analog smooth. You almost want it so its like pressure sensitive. So if you press it harder, go faster and you press it slower, go slower, but im just going to be honest with you, its probably the joystick as much as i like it. Its probably not something im going to use all the time, especially when im recording videos, because i cant get the smoothness that i would want id. Probably just do it with my hand, to be honest with you youre going to have better luck. If you use your hand rather than the joystick on the back, you also have this little trigger button. This helps to if say, yeah you mess up the orientation with the joystick. Let me see if i can show you right now: double tap it and it will straighten it out, so it that is really nice heres the rent, and i want you to get ready im im just gon na forewarn.

You a rant is about to ensue, because one thing that i learned and ive learned this with a lot of products over the years, and let me just show you when i take off this tripod mount and im gon na drop. This selfie stick move this underneath check out. Look what im doing if you notice im holding with my left hand, why? Because im a southpaw, im lefty and this thing is not designed for left, handed use. Why you ask because way on the other side, is your zoom slider? This is a slider to have the digital zoom to go in and out. You also have the power button which will change. If you press it once you can change from photos to videos. So you got two very, very, very important functions that if youre a lefty you cant use because your fingers cant access it. You got to use your thumb and youre gon na go way around over here and its very awkward. Basically, when i was in the park trying to get my my film on, i couldnt use the digital zoom, because i cant get access to it. With my left hand, i hear what youre right behind people are like. Oh just use it with your right hand, now problem solved. This is freaking awkward, okay, im a hard left. Okay, some people are like emmy, dexterious and stuff. Not when it comes to my head. I cant be filming like this its like.

If i told you here. Oh youre right handed right with your left hand, youre gon na, be like no man. I want to write with my right hand, so this is a huge pain for me because theres a lot to like in this smartphone gimbal. I really like the fact that you has a selfie stick. I like the fact that its really easy to change the orientations, but i can. How am i supposed to use this if i cant access the digital zoom, like its like a couple of features that you just cant get that said, that said, just doing it with my hand just moving it around. It was very stable and i also noticed that the motor does a really good job of keeping the phone nice and level theres. Even in the settings you can get like diagonal lines and stuff, so you can make sure your orientation is good. So everything is nice and straight because, if theres nothing that drives me crazy, its like a crooked video, and i do it all the time – i i admit i make mistakes, but that helps. But the fact is, and im really struggling with this – is that you cant use it as if youre a left hander now, if youre a right, hander youre a content, creator, youre gon na love, this its gon na be so easy to use. But again, how did in dji yeah? Are you telling me, like 10 of people are left handed? If you look in the creative fields, that percentage goes up left handed.

People are known to be very, very creative, guess, whats, a creative field, filmmaking youre telling me at dji all these people. Nobody was like yo. Ah, this is really hard to use with my left hand, or they just dont care about us. I hope its, not the latter, because im gon na get really pissed off about that, but ive seen this with power tools, ive seen this with so many different things and i grew up. You know people make fun of me like oh youre, so awkward with that thats, because im holding it with the opposite way and yelled. Okay, i apologize for this rant. I just get really angry when i see products that arent designed for left handed now what they could have done, what they should have done. What they ought to do with the om 6 is keep this design its cool but put the slider on here as well, and then maybe inside the dji memo app you can switch, which ones do you want to activate? You want the slider. You want your zoom slider on the left side or right side, and you can disable it or make extra buttons or customize your buttons do something. The fact is folks, if youre lefty youre not going to be able to use the digital zoom unless you got like the biggest hands ever youre freaking shaquille oneal here – and you can just like move your thumb back without like compromising the way that youre holding everything.

Because right now, the way it is it is very awkward and it just bugs me, because i do like this. I this is way better than the freaking gimbal stabilizer that i had been using in the past that i pretty much broke that i never use anymore because its all crooked, like i can make some good videos with this. If, if this had it on the other side, i swear to god, i would use this almost every day. Itd be like the back of my hand, people would like wow man. You make the best shots. Like look at you just like youre, like in the zone. You can just just not a problem, but the fact is the fact that i dont have digital zoom, which is the digital zoom, is not great in itself, but just a little bit above the push. Just a little push push a little bit out thats. All i want to do, and you know what you cant do it if youre left handed so that really pisses me off folks. It really really pisses me off dji holla at me. Okay, you need some help. Holla at your boy ill come to china ill sit in your r d room ill. Tell you. You obviously have group thing problems. Nobody you got theres got to be somebody whos left handed that didnt even mention it. What you think im going to have to use my right hand? No, i want to use it my left hand white again, sorry guys.

I obviously i need therapy for being left handed im, so pissed off im actually happy im left handed man. I should have been a boxer, ive been a southpaw, knocking people out, but im a tech reviewer, and i keep getting products that are made for right, handed people. That said again, if you are right handed your content creator, this is something you definitely want to check out. The selfie stick is a great addition, even if youre, not a narcissist, and you dont walk around like a vlogger and and make videos going. Look at me like this hold on. I just want to do this now. I just i just got to do this because i dont do this so im going to do this. This is what this is a vlogger. This is how vloggers be and its like. Hey everybody look at me. Look at me, look at me and then look at its kind of weird eh, youre filming yourself and you look at yourself. At the same time, i i dont know i just like to look down the barrel. You know one of my earlier producers. He always used to tell me he goes andy man. You got ta smile more when youre on camera. He goes just pretend. When youre looking down the barrel its a pretty girl. He goes then, obviously youre going to start smiling and i do that to this day. But if i have to look at my face, how am i going to smile if im looking at my own face, but these v loggers? They figured it out and im telling you if you are a vlogger youre right handed youre a content creator.

You want smooth videos youre going to love this theres even shock guys have active tracker or active tracking 4.0. So you can just like make a square of your face. You can put this on a tripod, you can start walking around and it will follow you, which is another feature that i really like, but the fact that i cant use the side on the zoom folks. I will not be using this for the foreseeable future, because i need something that works with a left handed person, but 90 of yall are right handed, so you probably dont even care, but the net flanders of the world. You know who you be. You know what your strugglings are, all your life, that is it so im just gon na have to i dont know, maybe ill just use it for the you know, nice smooth videos – maybe i wont even use these buttons ill, just use the native camera app and Just have it as just a nice smooth, gimbal stabilizer without the buttons, because obviously dji did not think about us, lefties, the creative ones, the special and we the chosen ones. In my opinion, folks, i apologize for the rant. Okay. Obviously i got a lot. I need some therapy or something like that, but i just want to tell you guys the truth. If youre a lefty, you probably want to stay away from this. If youre right handed narcissistic, selfie, v, logger youre going to freaking love this thats, what i can tell you anyways, i hope you like this review of the dji om5, the osmo mobile 5 gimbal smartphone stabilizer, if you like, this review, smash that like button, if you Got a comment: leave it below and of course, subscribe to this channel if youre new here im a crazy tech, handyman.

Okay, i say whatever comes from my heart: comes out of my mouth comes onto the internet once again, folks, my name is andy. Burrar handyandy from handyandymedia.