. This is the motorola moto e7i power and ive been using this smartphone for about two weeks now and im so excited to share, saying you guys la hot non experience go super gamete on smartphone at all. Pero bhagavatam start informing you guys. Now we have an ongoing xiaomi, smartwatch, giveaway and, of course, gusto homogenous is sponsored on video nathan today and call up philippines discuss nothing later on very helpful applications. Ninety pesos and we have only one variance smartphone at all: two gigabytes of ram plus 32 gigabytes of internal storage, motorola flagship store, salazada, obviously in the unboxing smartphone accessories. Smartphone later on now check the national accessories. Ejector pin our documentations. We have here our 10 watt power, brick at good news and high usb type scenario, adding charging cable. And lastly, we have here our three wired earphones, so ebik sabihin, meron headphone, a power is very 2018 or 2019 men show out dated for me non color effects or yuma gradient design and textured finish to makita, not in some of budget smartphones this year and still Cool guys, smartphones back panel, i made from plastic material patina into hanyang frame, but it dont display nothing to sahara. I go on a monster glass. This is a right hand, side, nothing smartphone and it in google assistant button, and then we have here our volume rockers at cyberbunny, toyon, apping power and black button. The tournaments are bottom part, shampoo and detail microphone, usb c port, the left hand side the monitoring device.

It meron tayon is slots micro, sd card or isa. Nano sim, nandito young atting rear mounted fingerprint scanner named motorola logo action. Adding peel shaped camera module at good news, guys very affordable, nintendo smartphone. I might be Music Music for the display. We have 6.52 inch of hd plus ips lcd display nds kai tanaka 720p young acting resolution data starting display mapping, young acting text and icons delete a very visible hindi in sharp pixelated foreign Music, Music smartphone. I android 10 go edition, your android go edition guys. I trimmed down version: android paradise, smartphone, 2 gigabytes, Music, speaking of essential applications only introduced in a very helpful android application application phone number at social media accounts. This is very helpful. Para makai was ties among scammers at chambre, para hindi, recorder and call up, for example, pediment meet an uncle recorder. Namco apparently proof of verbal abuse against us in you guys in user interface, then call up profile, and then we have here our dial pad. That may not handle a search among your contacts as well as three billion plus numbers and places in called up the tournaments at young acting black list. Of course, google play store and libre again. Thank you. So much call of philippines for sponsoring our todays video page. That is a chipset now smartphone at all: unisoc sc9863a chipset, with two gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of internal storage; chambray, india, machado, not expecting power, full multitasking, smartphone, two gigabytes of ram at manchester or graphic intensive games that did not download nathans a google play Store katula nang, gang deno, canyon, graphics at hindi, pixelated, atolarin experience, logs or anything Applause, Music Applause, rear cameras and the toyo, adding 13 megapixels main camera, a 2 megapixels macro lens, a temporary tournament setup and adding front camera and 5 megapixels quality.

13 megapixels rear camera. A very budget level coolants at detail and adding indoor shots at your outdoor shots. I imagine quality at indigenous dynamic range, Music, packaging, the satin front, camera 5, two days and nine hours with six percent remaining battery charge to be honest charger from 12 to 100 percent. Now fully charged 2 hours and 40 minutes, Music, 5 000 for your social media, online classes or web browsing battery performance, dapat, billy, hinton, smartphone, a heavy user or heavy gamer. The helmet certain applications na hindi supported nang division power, full uncanny ram. Thank you.