Now, ive never really got involved or really actually understood the rugged smartphone market. So, when doogie reached out with their v10, i thought that i would take a look see what its all about and exactly who a rugged smartphone is actually for so lets. Take a look, and if you couldnt tell by the title of this video and that intro, this video is sponsored by the doogie v10 and all links going to be down in the description bar below on the surface. The v10 sounds a little crazy, with its specs youve got an 8 000 milliamp hour battery with the option to use the device as a power bank large screen and software, that wouldnt be out of place on a premium mid ranger. Is it the newest, android flagship on the market? Well, no, but is it for a very specific person with very specific needs, yes and kind of no, so starting off with the unboxing, and the first thing we have is a little unusual, its actually a tool. This is used to get into the sim card tray and the cover for the usbc connector on the bottom. Next up, we have a lanyard which could be attached to the v10 for that extra secure around the wrist look. You then have a usb c to c cable, which is also very durable and strong, a little bit like the device itself, and that goes into the usbc wall charger, which is a fast charger at 33 watts.

Now, while the charger is a fast charger, it does have to power an 8 500 milliamp hour battery, but more on that later, and then of course, you do have a manual with all the specs and information about the device itself. You also get a screen protector included with screen protector and accessory pack with everything in it that you need from the dust removal stickers to the alcohol wipes for easy installation. It still blows my mind that more budget devices these days do come with a ton of extra accessories in terms of screen, protectors and cases. Now, yes, you dont need a case for the v10, but to have a screen protector is a really nice thing to add, and it does also come with a built in screen protector straight out of the box. So youve got one as a backup. Now, on to the device itself and its no secret that rugged smartphones arent the most premium, looking devices in the world and again the v10 is no exception. It is very thick and weighs a ton. It comes in at 340 grams, which is two and a half pixel fives. Also, the thickness of the device is 16.1 millimeters which again comparing it to the pixel five that comes in at eight millimeters, so its pretty much double youre gon na be getting with a standard premium smartphone from 2021.. Most of the devices made up of a very durable, strong rubber material and you do have metal rails on the side and the screen itself is going to be covered in corning gridder glass.

3.. Now, while this isnt the newest version of grid of glass, it does come with a lip right around the whole edge of the screen. So if you are going to be putting it face down the actual screen itself, isnt going to be touching the surface its on also around back, you have the triple camera layout, the place for the lanyard and also the speaker itself. Now the speakers arent necessarily the best thing in the world. You dont have stereo speakers or anything, and this one is on the back of the device. So if youre going to place it down flat on a table, for example, then it is going to lose pretty much all of its sound quality, but it is quite loud. Yes, it can lose some clarity at higher volumes, but lets do a very quick, sound test. Music on the right of the device, you have your volume up and down power button and the fingerprint reader. Now, while it reads okay, the sensor is actually a little bit low for that fingerprint scanner. Now, what this means is, if you are just picking up the device or even just holding it in your hand, for example, even if you hold it like this, it sometimes registers this here as a misread, and if you get 10 of those youre going to have To enter your password straight away, so it would be nice if it was moved up ever so slightly or even integrated with the power button.

But again youve got some choice. There the left hand side of the device holds the sim card tray, which is fully weather. Sealed and then you do have a multi function, button which can be customized to your liking and its also got a nice texture to it as well. And, lastly, then down the bottom, you have a usbc connector and again this does have a door around it. To keep in that water resistance and okay, yes, its, not the most convenient thing you need to plug it in really quickly, but again, for it to be protected fully water and dust resistant ive not really got any complaints and again, if you are out and about If youre on a building site or just going outdoors, then this is going to come in really handy and you dont need to worry about it at all. The screen is a 6.3 inch, ips lcd with a resolution of 1560×720. Now the viewing angles – arent necessarily the best thing in the world. If you do have it off axis, because it is going to be that ips panel display it is going to lose some of the color and also some of the contrast and overall brightness. But if youre looking at it, heads on its actually a pretty good display, if youre watching some full screen, video or even any streaming service, for example, or just in general, navigating around the ui, its actually quite bright and quite colorful, now yes, outdoor viewing could definitely Be a little bit better and its a shame.

It isnt the brightest screen out there because it is made for outdoors, but overall, its a nice panel, nice colors and some pretty good contrast to it as well. Now thats the design and screen out the way hows. The actual performance now most people know that with a rugged smartphone thats one of the downsides, the performance, isnt necessarily great, along with the camera, but just in general, the phone feels very sluggish. It doesnt have the newest version of android and its got maybe a skin. On it, like the cat phones, for example, so again, what are we working with here with the v10? Well, it actually surprised me quite a lot inside you have the mediatek dimensi 700 processor clocked at 2.2, gigahertz 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigs of storage, which can be extended up to 256 gigs of storage with the built in micro sd card, which again is On the same side, youre going to have the sim card tray, so if you want to have two sim cards or one sim card and one sd card, youve got the option to do so. So, overall, the performance is good. Now, yes, its not amazing – and i use the word good because its kind of middle of the road in regards to the price to performance ratio that youre going to be getting on the v10 its fast enough for day to day tasks alongside some light. Gaming. Modern titles like call of duty, mobile and asphalt 8 work great here with lower settings and the frame rate itself can dip ever so slightly, but pretty much solid at 30 frames.

A second and just navigating the os is also pretty fluid. The screen itself is locked to 60 hertz, which i really had to get used to coming from the 90 hertz and above on other devices. Now, while theres not necessarily a lot of competition, the v10 is probably the fastest smoothest and most fluid rugged phone ive actually seen now on to the second part of a rugged phone that normally comes in very weak and isnt very good. That is the cameras. So here we have a triple setup with a 48 megapixel main sensor: 8 megapixel wide angle and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. So, while yes, it is 10k a triple camera setup youve only got two cameras that are going to be used on the daily. The depth sensor is only there to capture depth information for things like portrait mode and things, but as well see on some of the examples. I wouldnt necessarily call it portrait mode, its more of a sort of blur bokeh sort of effect around the edge of the photo. Now there is actually a fourth sensor around the back and thats for the infrared thats built in now. This can be used on people to check their temperature or just on objects. However, doogie does state to not use it for medical reasons, its just there to gauge some of the temperature of certain things. If you do need to use it in a pinch to check your own temperature, you can actually place it directly in your forehead to see exactly what your temperature is going to be.

But you can also use it just in general to see how hot or cold things are around the house, its, maybe a bit of a gimmick but nice to see. Nonetheless, now, while the photos and videos dont look bad ill, let you guys be the judge of exactly how good the quality is. Now keep in mind, though, that this is a rugged smartphone, so its probably mainly going to be used for reference photos or videos of site work, for example, and not necessarily for those really super high quality landscape, shots and portrait mode photos. So thats definitely something to keep in mind: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. And lastly, then we have the battery life, which is absolutely incredible, but then again, with an 8 500 milliamp hour battery its kind of expected, so youre going to be getting around 27 hours of battery standby time, 15 hours of music and video playback and around 16 Hours of gaming, you also get wireless charging built in, but thats going to take a while to get to that 100 charge. Now you can also use the phone as a power bank for other devices. Using a wired connection – and like i mentioned you do get a 33 watt hour charger in the actual box itself. So getting from zero to 100 is quoted on doogies website as being around an hour to an hour and a half with getting a 40 charge in around 30 minutes and thats gon na.

Do it guys for this video on the doogie v10 and one of my first rugged smartphone experiences overall, what you get in the packaging itself, with the phone lanyard wall, charger, usbc, cable, screen protector and all those other accessories? I think the value for money is definitely there and for a certain person. I think this is one of the best rugged phones available on the market currently, but it also throws in some other features that people wont necessarily be expecting for this type of device. Like a good camera system, battery that literally lasts for days and fast and also responsive software, so if you guys enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up down below if youve got any questions or comments, let me know in the comment section below Or on twitter, at copper, vs glass, if youre not already subscribed nows a great time to do so. I want you to hit that subscribe. Button turn on notifications, so youre notified anytime. I post a new video here on the channel im, michael from copper, vs glass.