First, up youve got googles fresh new tensor chipset, with its built in isp for faster and more energy. Efficient image, processing and google has also completely overhauled the camera hardware for the pixel 6 series as well. So you got a 50 megapixel primary sensor, thats two and a half times bigger than that of the pixel 5. So google is no longer relying just on software smarts for those really nice looking low light shots and thats all on top of a bevy of new features for shooting and editing great, looking picks on the go now ive been testing both pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro model as well side by side for over a week now to see if these really are the best camera phones of 2021, so heres, my full camera review and comparison and for more on pixel 6 series and for the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers now. First, a shout out to googles camera ui, which packs quite a lot in but manages to still keep things as simple and streamlined as possible. Weve also got a couple of great privacy related features baked straight into android 12.. So youll notice that when any app starts using the camera, you will get a little notification flash up top as well as a green dot. That appears full time in that top right corner. Just so youre aware, on top of that inside the camera, app youve also got a shortcut to either save your photos to your gallery as usual or ill stash them away in a password protected, secure folder, which is definitely handy for those more private picks.

Now the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pros 50 megapixel primary shooter boasts optical image stabilization and it can spaff out impressively natural looking photos. Basically, any time of day, google has spent a lot of time making sure that those pixel phones can capture accurate, colors and skin tones in any kind of light, rather than boosting them to make scenes. Look artificially vibrant, so yeah, my pasty, mug looks just as colorless in our test shots as it does in real life. The pixel 6 phones do occasionally struggle with close ups, as the depth of field seems quite narrow, so you are best shooting at a bit of a distance from your subject, although that depth of field effect does at least help your subject to really stand out, even Without swap into the portrait mode, which does zoom in hard but still produces fantastic photos, even if it struggles with more manic, hair, kids and pets usually come out well with minimal motion blur, even when they wont rudy well keep still. Unless the lighten is a bit more ambient, the night sight feature now automatically activates whenever the lighting is a bit crap, but you can turn off that setting, if you want to personally, though i just left it on, because it makes a proper impact. My test photos here are stunningly close to what i saw with my own peepers, including those colors high contrast. Shots are also effectively captured. I thought the detail levels arent as strong as some of the competition out there, like those galaxy s21 blowers.

Now one of the fresh new camera features that google has chucked into the pixel 6 series of smartphones is the motion mode. Although i got ta say this definitely feels like a total gimmick and im not really sure how many people will actually bother with it. Action pan adds an aesthetic blur to the background for moving subjects, while keeping them mostly sharp, although if your subject is running by other humans, theyll have the same effect applied to them more often than not, sometimes with decidedly freaky consequences. Youve also got a long exposure mode chucked in there as well, which is handy if you want to take a snap of a waterfall or cars moving at night, that sort of shenanigans. At any point, you can quickly switch to the pixel 6 or pixel 6 pros 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens. If you need to fit more into frame, and the good news is that this shooter can still produce natural, looking picks for the majority of situations with reduced edge distortion compared with many rivals only when i was indoors, then i noticed that colors appeared a little bit Warmer now on the standard, pixel 6 phone – you dont have a dedicated telephoto shooter, but you cant still jump to two times: digital zoom, with a quick tap and by pinching in you can boost that all the way up to seven times digital zoom. At the two times zoom level, your pixel will still look clean and sharp, but anything over that ends up being rather fuzzy and a bit pants.

However, in its first major deviation, the pixel 6 pro serves up a proper billy big bollocks 48 megapixel telephoto shooter with four times optical zoom. So if you want to snap away from afar, this is a huge improvement at the maximum 20 times super res zoom. Things are once again quite grainy, but at four time zoom you will get impressive detail packed into every pick and things do stay quite crisp up to around the sort of 8 to 10 times zoom level. Now both pixel 6 phones can shoot up to 4k resolution. Video at either 30 or 60 frames per second youve got hdr smarts baked in there, and you dont have to manually activate it either. Unlike with most rivals, the pixel 6 can automatically capture good. Looking footage when there is strong contrast, audio comes through clear colors. Once again appear natural and stabilization is beautifully smooth, even at top resolution, even in quite ambient light. The results are often decent, not completely crippled by grain. You could also swap between all of those rear lenses on the fly, as you shoot for a proper bit of flexibility. The standard pixel 6 sports, an 8 megapixel selfie cam, and this does a perfectly decent job. As long as the conditions are alright low light. Snaps can look rather grainy when viewed back on a big screen, though, while taunts arent, quite as accurately captured and any motion often causes blurry picks. But if the lightning is respectable, things look much brighter and sharper and while the pixel 6 pro upgrades, the selfie came to an 11.

1 megapixel selfie shooter with a slightly wider angle for cramming more heads or background action. The actual quality is basically the same as the pixel 6., although the pixel 6 pro can shoot video at a mighty 4k resolution using that front facing selfie cam, unlike the standard pixel 6, which tops off at full hd resolution. So if youre into a bit of vlogging, then you might be more tempted by the pro now, if you want to edit your picks on the fly to share online or whatever, then one of the other fresh new features that google has chucked into the pixel 6 Series of smartphones is the magic eraser tool and its pretty freaking wonderful. This clever wii feature can automatically identify any stragglers bombing your shot and then get rid of them in a jiffy and with quite remarkable results as well. Certainly a lot better than similar features. Ive seen on other smartphones, although it cant work miracles. If you do have someone right there imposing in your shots, then the background is going to look a bit. Janky youll have things like shadows and stuff still to contend with. Youve also got full manual control as well, so you can poke any stuff that doesnt, please you and poof off it buggers. So all right, theres, my full thoughts on the pixel 6 and pixel 6 port camera tech have to test them for just over a week. Now and as you can see, the main advantage of that port is that telephoto shooter, if youre not too bothered about that youll, be perfectly happy with the standard pixel 6, which can spaff out great looking photos in pretty much any conditions.

The selfie shooters arent. Quite as impressive as sadly so, if youre a selfie aficionado, you might want to look at elsewhere, but theyre, absolutely fine for your simple everyday shareable shots.