So google is really trying to make a splash in the market with these google pixels and im not really surprised, honestly, weve known that google, they just werent quite as good at marketing in the past and theyve, really gotten it together this year, because weve seen a Ton of leaks and now were seeing a lot of people getting these google pixels and thats google really just being smart. They want to be really good at marketing and they just didnt market these phones. They really came with a ton of improvements on these google pixels and one of the most incredible things of all that were really seeing right now, its just the prices on these google pixels. You see the google pixel 6 pro a lot of us expected it to release at 1049., but no, it did not it released at 899, so think about the competitors out there right think about the iphone 13 pro max. Think about that galaxy, s21 ultra and both are phenomenal phones, but this google pixel 6 pro is not only a phenomenal phone but its also much cheaper than those rivals. So this google pixel 6 pro it is a interesting phone and honestly, i think its one of the best phones weve seen in quite a long time. Im gon na give you some cons about this phone, but they really did a great job with the marketing with the price and they did an even better job on the design.

Now that is a controversial thing for me to say, because some people really dont, like the design of this phone ive got the black version here, and you can see here this big camera bump all the way across the back and some people hate that. But for me i just like something fresh. I think weve seen a lot of phones that look so similar and its really refreshing to see a phone that just looks different and it looks really cool. I think when you put a case on it as well, so i really like this, and i also like that – the camera bump, if you put this phone on a table, its gon na lean the phone up ever so nicely and youre not gon na – have to Worry about your phone rattling around whenever its on a table. This phone also has gorilla glass victus on the back and the front of the phone as well, and so does the google pixel six and thats whats. So incredible again about this lineup. You have a lot of these same features coming to the google pixel 6. and i will let you know in this review: whats different between the pixel 6 and this pixel 6 pro. But this pixel 6 pro has a great design overall and if you look at the bottom, youll see two speakers here. Youll also have a speaker as well on the top of the phone thats really difficult to see, but you will see a speaker there and you have on the side of the phone, your power button, your up and down on your volume.

I know some of you are going to be disappointed that they dont have like an accented power button on this phone. That is a little bit different and they did get rid of from the google pixel 5. The fingerprint sensor on the back and you have a in screen fingerprint reader, which does work very very well by the way. Now this phone does weigh 210 grams and i normally dont measure things in grams. But a lot of you do and if you look at this phone and compare it to something like the iphone 13 pro max, that phone weighs 240 grams. So this is 30 grams lighter and i did the math its roughly 13 lighter than the iphone 13 pro max. So this is pretty good. This phone does feel good in the hands and it does not feel too heavy, which is very important for a lot of people out there. All right now lets talk about the display, so if you see on the front of this phone, you do have this little little camera up here and you have a 6.7 inch screen now. This is a curved display, so it is curved. Some of you are not going to like that, and some of you really like the idea of putting a tempered glass on your phone, and i completely get that so the google pixel 6, the regular version for 5.99. It does not have a curved glass, so thats.

One thing you do need to keep in mind now another difference between the regular google pixel 6 and this pixel 6 pro is the refresh rate. So this does have a 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate and for those of you who dont really care about that, let me just say: scrolling on this phone is very smooth, so if youre scrolling through different content on your phone youre going to notice man, this is Super super smooth and it makes the phone just feel so good with performance. Now the regular google pixel 6. It has a 90 hertz refresh rate, so its still going to be very, very smooth, so the scrolling on the google pixel 6. It wont be quite as smooth as this google pixel 6 pro, but its going to be pretty darn close and a lot of you probably wont even notice now. The resolution on this phone is absolutely amazing, its a 3120 by a 1440 resolution. So almost everything on this phone looks amazing. The screen is absolutely gorgeous. Everything about this phone is really flagship level and the compromises youre going to see are going to be very, very minor. The display is great. The performance is great theres, so much thats great about this phone, but one compromise that they did make with this phone is in the brightness level. Now i cant confirm this. Okay, because i dont have some knit tester. I cant test the nits on the screen myself, but i havent seen a lot of info on it, but i have heard that it has 500 nits of brightness and 800 nits of peak brightness.

Okay. Now, when i look at that, i say: okay, thats, pretty darn good, that is good brightness, but its not quite as good as something like the galaxy s21 ultra, at least from what im seeing and researching so far now lets talk about performance for a second, because A lot of you were wondering: hey: how is this new google processor going to perform because both the google pixel 6 and the google pixel 6 pro they both have that new tensor processor? So a lot of you when you see this phone youre going to wonder hey. How is this going to perform under day to day use, and you need to know that this phone is very very fast now? This phone is claimed by google to be 80 percent faster than the google pixel 5. 80 faster than the google pixel. 5 is actually what flagship phones are like today, so this phone it has flagship performance and thats. The main thing you need to take away from this okay, this is very, very fast performance. I didnt have any hiccups or any lag on really anything, and this phone has 12 gigabytes of ram the pixel 6 pro and the regular google pixel 6. It has 8 gigabytes of ram, so theres not a lot of compromise. Honestly, if you get the regular google pixel 6, i think its a great value, but this phone is really just trying to give you the best of the best, and i think whats incredible about that is theyre doing it at that lower price point compared to all The other flagships – it has 128 gigabytes of storage in this device and again you can upgrade that and get higher tier models.

But whenever i think about all this right – and i think about the performance and the display and how good the design is on this phone im in love with this google pixel 6 and the google pixel 6 pro now for you, you might be thinking im just Going to like be a crazy fan boy and everything, okay and ive got to say, ive criticized a lot of android products on my channel thats. Really what i do. I did also criticize chromebooks and i do criticize chromebooks on my channel, because sometimes there are some devices that just arent up to par with this phone. It doesnt have a lot of issues, at least so far in my week of testing now i know all of those things they sound amazing and they sound very, very exciting, but that excitement continues and i know a lot of you want to know about the camera And check the timestamps in the description were going to get there, but the battery life is also incredible on this device as well. This has a 5003 milliamp battery. All im gon na say is this: battery is gon na last, almost every single person, through every day, its one of the best battery life, so youre gon na see in an android phone. Now i havent done a side side by side test or anything with the s21 ultra, but i would be very curious to see who wins. But honestly, i think this google pixel 6 pro would have better battery life than even the s21 ultra, but its very, very good im, not saying its better than the iphone 13 pro max.

I really have no idea which phone would have better battery life, but it doesnt really matter in a sense, because this phones, just gon na, have incredible battery life anyway, and i dont think even your heavy users are going to have to worry about having to stick. This on a charger all day right, this has a phenomenal battery inside this phone and by the way the google pixel 6, its around 4 600 milliamps. I think its just a little bit more so that phone has great battery life too. All right lets talk about cameras, i know thats what all of you are wanting to think about and talk about, because we know google has not really upgraded their cameras in a long time and yes, google has had amazing amazing photos that theyve taken in their previous Google pixel phones, but a lot of that was just software related right. They didnt upgrade the hardware in their cameras and for the first time in a long time we have upgraded hardware in the cameras for google pixel phones, so the google pixel 6 pro again. It has three cameras, and one of those is a 50 megapixel wide camera. It also has a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera and again the regular google pixel 6. It has both of those cameras but theres, one more lens that you get in this google pixel 6. Pro – and that is a 48 megapixel telephoto lens and these cameras do not disappoint.

I took a lot of portraits and very bad lighting of my family when i took these portraits im telling you. These are incredible because if you compare them to something like the google pixel 4, for example, youre going to see huge differences and again im not going to take pictures in perfect conditions right, so you could see all the perfect photos. I want you to also see what this phone is like in real life. So a lot of these photos im showing on the screen. They are just pictures i took throughout the day in good lighting and bad lighting, whatever the case – and these are some of the best photos ive ever seen out of any smartphone. I would definitely say this is going to have the best camera out there and i know thats a little bit of personal preference. Some of you might prefer the iphone 13 pro max, and you know what that is just fine, but in reality i really think this is going to be the best camera on a smartphone and thats. Really, no surprise. I dont think we really need to say a lot, no matter what lens i used, i got really great photos. Now there are some extra camera modes on this phone that are awesome as well for one you can remove someone from the background, if theyre just popping into your shot and theres some random, stranger, okay, so they do have a way to do that through the software Theres also a motion mode so that if people are moving all the time or maybe youre filming like a sport where people are constantly flying back and forth on a court or something you could still get some good photos and theres a lot of great things that This camera does a lot of it.

Is software related? Now, if you go to video, you do have 4k 60 frames per second on this outer lens. It looks like the front. Camera can just do 4k and 30 frames per second, so thats, one minor again a minor con that youre gon na see and thats really the theme of this phone. There are a couple minor cons, whether its with brightness or maybe you want 4k 60 frames per. Second, in the front, camera now theres other things that are really awesome about this phone too, so they did upgrade the charging speed to about 30 watts. So thats a good thing again, you will have to buy an actual brick. It doesnt come with a charger in the box at least the brick part. 30 watts should be good enough, and at least it is upgraded over previous models. This phone also can share its power with other devices so that wireless powershare feature it really does come in handy because if you have your watch, for example, or your earbuds, and you want to charge them, maybe youre going on an airplane, and you forgot your charger. You could just use your phone in that situation, so there are a lot of good use cases for that feature. Im really glad they have it. This phone is also dust and water resistant. It is ip68 certified. If you were wondering this phone does come with 5g and millimeter wave support well, one thing that is very interesting to note is that the google pixel 6 at least the regular unlocked version.

It does not come with millimeter wave support. Now from my research ive. Seen that the verizon or att versions will, but they also cost 100 more for the regular google pixel 6 and at that point, youre only 200 away from just getting the google pixel 6 pro anyway. Now the last thing i really want to talk about with this phone: it is the software because thats, a very important part of the experience. Now weve heard that this phone is gon na come with five years of updates. Well, we do need to clarify that and say that this phone will have five years of security updates and its gon na have three big operating system updates. That is a little bit of a disappointment for some of us who wanted a little bit better software support on the android side, but at least we do get those security updates. Now we do need to talk about the software a little more, because google has actually added some extra features to this google pixel and im sure some of those will trickle down to other google pixel phones. But these features are amazing for one. The speech recognition on this phone is unbelievable. So if i go to text someone and im texting my wife – and i say hey, how are you doing im doing great? What youre going to find out is its going to automatically add punctuation for me, and i tried that on my google pixel 4.

Of course, it did not add punctuation for me, and that is something that a lot of us are used to that has changed, and that is an amazing feature on this phone. So if you do call a business, the google pixel will tell you what the average hold time is and not only that it will actually tell you what the whole time is normally on other days. So if youre wondering hey whats the whole time like on friday, because the whole time is an hour right now, the pixel will give you that information whenever youre calling and then when you actually decide to place that call, it will actually read you out the prompts. So when it says press one for english, it will read it out for you and youre, not gon na have to worry about missing a prompt again, and all of these features are really really incredible and i really wish more smartphones really had these all right. So if were going to summarize this whole review, ive said a lot of positive things. So, overall, if were looking at this phone, it does have an amazing display with a great resolution. This phone has great performance, some of the best performance out of any android phone. I havent had any overheating issues, at least for now in my testing, so that is a very good thing. This phone also has a very, very great camera. In fact, i would say its the best camera thats out there on any smartphone, including the iphone thats.

Just a guess, i havent done a side by side comparison, but im really telling you. The camera is phenomenal on this phone and its also incredible that the google pixel 6 will give you two of those lenses anyway. So youre gon na get a great experience on the regular google pixel six as well. Its got again phenomenal battery life. I would say this is going to have one of the best batteries out of any android phone. There might be a couple that barely beat it, but its going to be one of the best batteries again in a android and its got great haptics great speakers. So what are the cons? What are the negatives – and i havent mentioned a lot and thats, because there just arent a lot okay, i wish this phone would get a little bit brighter and im not saying that its not bright, but compared to something like the s21 ultra that just pushes it To the moon with brightness, i wish this phone could do the same and just give us a little bit more brightness. I also wish this phone didnt have curved glass. I just dont like it, and i know some people will its a cool design thing, but realistically its just harder to protect – and i think some of you might just want a smaller phone. This is a big phone, its 6.7 inches im glad it is lighter than phones like the 13 pro max, but it is still pretty big.

Some of you might prefer something like the regular google pixel 6, because it is a little bit smaller. You could see here this phone can get some fingerprints on it, so there are some negatives to this phone, so you might be wondering, should you buy this google pixel 6 pro and is it worth the money? Is it the best android phone out there ill? Just simply say it, i think this is the best android smartphone thats out today and considering its retailing much lower than some other smartphones out there. I definitely think it is worth buying, but is it the best value out there and should all of you buy it and honestly, i would say its not the best value. I think the regular google pixel 6 will be the best value. So i would say and im just guessing here, because i havent reviewed the google pixel 6. Yet i plan to in the future on my channel but im guessing that the google pixel 6 will be an ever so slightly better value. By about this much not by much, but i think it will be a little bit of a better value and i think your average person that cant afford a google pixel 6 pro. I think those people should probably just get a google pixel 6 and, if youre looking for the best of the best, i think the s21 ultra is right. There i think, its close, but i would give the edge to the google pixel 6 pro as the king of all android smartphones.

Its the best smartphone thats out today, in my opinion, leave a comment below if you think the same, and thank you all so much for watching this video. I appreciate it give me a like if you can use those links in the description. If you are interested in purchasing anything and by the way, i hope you all have a phenomenal day and a phenomenal week.